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CONTENTdm Collection Customization Form

CONTENTdm Collection Customization Form

To customize the colors of your CONTENTdm collection, please fill out the form below. The form results will be sent to the CARLI office and a ticket will be created in CARLI's tracking system. All colors need to be in hexadecimal format (i.e. #000000 will be black).

If you want to publish the collection, or update the Topics/Media types/Summary information for an already-published collection, complete the Publication Form.

You may also wish to consider other Collection Homepage Customization Opportunities.

The collection alias includes your three letter institution code, an underscore, and several additional characters, such as uic_cop or sie_plants. It can be found as part of the URL when you view your collection online or can be found in your collection's configuration information in CONTENTdm Web Administration.
Use the same colors as this existing collection (provide collection's alias). If you are using the same colors as an existing collection, please enter "x" in all boxes #1-7 below. The colors for those options will be copied from the existing collection indicated above.

ContentDM example home page

Header background color (header is the space between the gray CARLI Digital Collections menu at the top of each page and the top menu; header is shown in white in example image above.)
Color for the text of the title of the collection
Color for the text within the top menu, e.g. "Collection home", "Browse collection", etc.
Menu background color
Border line color for the "In this collection" section.
(OPTIONAL now; can be included later on the Request to Publish form; required before collection will be published) In the box above, you can enter the text that will appear on the collection’s home page. You may provide the text/information with HTML or other formatting coded in. If you choose to code your own collection home page, please note that CARLI Staff will enter you code EXACTLY as you have specified. Problems with or changes to that code are the responsibility of the institution. If you would like to display an image, please provide the URL to an image that is hosted on your own server or the URL to an image in your collection. CARLI does not host individual images for collection home pages on our server.