Best Practices: Library Notice Distribution

In order to provide the quickest transmission, to reduce paper usage, and to maintain patron confidentiality; whenever possible, libraries should use email to distribute overdue, recall, or other types of notices to patrons.

Best Practices: Placing Recalls on Local Items in the Voyager Circulation Module

Placing a recall on a local item in Voyager’s Circulation module can sometimes be problematic.  Inconsistent results have been reported with both Administrative recalls and Title-level recalls.  An example: placing a title-level recall not only places the recall on the item record you are in, it also places a HOLD on the other copy(ies) of the title.  For this reason, we recommend the following:

  1. Do not place a recall with the “Library Administrative Request” option  checked.
  2. Always choose the Copy-level option (not the Title-level)

Best Practices: Monograph ILL Options for I-SHARE Members

We consider this document to be a Best Practices guide on monograph requesting that is meant to help I-SHARE members in formulating their local ILL practices.

Best Practices: Blocking and Expiring Patron Records


There are times when patron records need to be blocked from further transactions. There are times when patrons leave institutions and their records need to be de-activated. The recommendations in this document pertain to a library’s management of their own patrons’ HOME records.


The following recommendations have been developed for workflows when you need either to block a problem patron record or expire a record when a patron leaves your institution.

I-SHARE Fines and Fine Notice Policy

Waiving Fines

I-SHARE library staff will waive any fine owed, with the exception of fines/fees for lost items, by another institution’s patron up to the amount of $4.99 per item. This policy is intended to prevent borrowers from being blocked due to small billing amounts and to prevent libraries from sending bills for small charges.

Notice Generation

I-SHARE libraries will set a $5.00 minimum balance on notices for fineable Universal Borrowing patron types.

WebVoyage Holdings Record Display Configuration

Fields in WebVoyage Holdings Display as configured in displayh.cfg of the I-Share Local Default WebVoyage

WebVoyage "More Like This" View Definition

Fields in WebVoyage Single-Record Full View as configured in display3.cfg of the I-Share Local Default WebVoyage

WebVoyage Brief View Definition

Fields in WebVoyage Single-Record Brief View as configured in display2.cfg of the I-Share Local Default WebVoyage

WebVoyage Full View Definition

Single-Record Full View as configured in display1.cfg of the I-Share Local Default WebVoyage

Voyager Field Weighting for Relevance Ranking in I-Share Library Catalogs

(Adopted from field weighting developed at the University of Pennsylvania; Approved by the ILCSO Voyager Implementation Steering Committee. Revised by the ILCSO Users Advisory Committee OPAC Customization Task Force, based on suggestions from the IUAG Database Reindexing Task Force, March 25, 2003.)

Fields not listed receive the default weight of 100 points.

Strategies for Retrieving Translations through WebVoyage

Revised December 2005

About these strategies

No single strategy for retrieving translations is perfect. We have numbered the strategies in this document according to our opinion of the balance between the likelihood of their success and the effort they will require. If the first search you try fails, try another.

Strategy #1

Search for the author of the original work. (This information will usually be in the 100 field of the MARC bibliographic record for the translation. The 100 field is indexed for author searching.) Example:

Limits in the I-Share Implementation of WebVoyage

Limit Type Label (I-Share Vocabulary) Limit Type (Voyager Vocabulary) MARC Record Element Used Limit Definitions
More Limits
Language Language bib 008, fixed field for language Three-letter language codes, in three sequences:
1. English
2. eight non-English languages most commonly represented in I-Share library catalogs

Hyperlinking in the Full Record Display

The following fields are hyperlinked from the full record display:

Call No.: 
All call numbers’ hyperlinks will perform a Call Number Browse search

100 xx hyperlink will perform a Name Browse search on subfields abcd
110 xx hyperlink will perform a Name Browse search on subfield abc

111 xx hyperlink will perform a Name Browse search on subfield a

VuFind Holdings Record Display Configuration

Fields in VuFind Holdings Display for local VuFind catalogs and the I-Share union catalog - 1/9/2012

Formats in VuFind

Format facets and the icons that display on the VuFind Results Page.

VuFind Record Page

Fields that display at the top of the VuFind Record Page, as configured in record-html.xsl

I-Share via Z39.50

To connect to I-Share from a Z39.50 client, you will need the following information:

Links from FirstSearch to I-Share WebVoyage Library Catalogs

To modify your links from FirstSearch to holdings data in your Voyager catalog

  1. Point your browser to http://firstsearch.oclc.org/admin. Sign on with your FirstSearch username and password. Usernames take the form ###-###-###.

    (If you have lost track of your username or password, contact the ILLINET OCLC Office at 217-785-1532.)