Alma and Primo VE Project updates: Week of 4/8/2019

For a collated list, please review the Weekly highlights of the Alma and Primo VE project page.

Highlights: Week of 4/8/2019

  • CARLI Office Staff:
    • Reviewed and validated the Vanguard libraries' Voyager Migration Forms, then forwarded completed forms to Ex Libris for next steps. Final migration forms for the Vanguard data load are due Tuesday 4/16.
    • Held calls with the Vanguard libraries to discuss their e-resource cataloging practices and ran reports that looked for the libraries' e-resource bib records by location and other criteria. These report files will be used by Ex Libris in the Alma P2E (print to electronic) process. The P2E process will establish these records as e-resources in Alma so that they can be managed in ways more appropriate to e-resources than physical materials.
    • Discussed with Ex Libris the options for building the Network Zone's consortial catalog. CARLI and Ex Libris will begin tests using the record set available from CARLI's Universal Catalog (UC).
    • Investigated which record sets currently loaded in the CARLI ResDB (Resource Database) can be activated consortially from within the Alma Community Zone as opposed to loading them in the Network Zone. Those record sets include HathiTrust, JSTOR Open Access, Open Textbook Network's Open Textbook Library, CARLI's Ebook Central Perpetual and DDA titles.
  • Vanguard Libraries:
    • Completed their Voyager Migration drafts and Primo VE setup worksheets. Final Voyager Migration forms for the Vanguard data load are due Tuesday 4/16.
    • Met with CARLI staff to discuss their e-resource cataloging practices for Alma P2E (print to electronic) migration form preparation.
    • Watched Resource Management and Alma Collaborative Networks Fundamentals training and completed exercises using the Alma/Primo VE sandboxes for hands-on exercises.
  • Your library can:
    • Review the Patron Record Purge documentation, and contact CARLI support with any questions about the process and your library's data. Before migration, we strongly recommend purging expired patrons that have no current activity. Running multiple patron record purges would be ideal (as soon as possible to remove long-expired records, and again closer to migration to remove more-recently expired records).
    • Continue working on the Pre-Migration Database Maintenance page's prioritized data cleanup projects, starting with the "Critical" projects. All Critical projects must completed by the end of August 2019.
    • Review the CARLI Alma & Primo VE webpage and Frequently Asked Questions.

As always, you can contact with any comments or questions.