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Patron Driven Acquisitions: EBL eBook PDA Pilot Project


In 2012, the CARLI Board of Directors designated up to $500,000 to proceed with an eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions (also know as Demand Driven Acquisitions) Pilot Project. After issuing a Request for Information (RFI), CARLI selected EBL as the vendor for the eBook PDA program. The project will go live in May 2014.

The pilot project includes humanities and social science titles from the following publishers:

Bloomsbury Academic; CABI; Diplomica; Edinburgh University Press; Guilford Publications, Inc.; Indiana University Press; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; John Benjamins Publishing Company; McFarland Publishers; McGraw-Hill International UK; Morgan & Claypool Publishers; Princeton University Press; Sage Publications; SAGE Publications, Inc.; University of California Press; University of North Carolina Press; Wiley; Zed Books, Ltd.

The pilot project includes all CARLI Governing Member libraries. All eBooks purchased during the pilot project will be available to all CARLI Governing Member libraries.

Statistics for the purchased titles may be found HERE.


In February 2014, EBL staff sent emails to all CARLI Governing Members requesting information that is needed in order to authenticate your patrons for access to eBooks through EBL. If you have responded to EBL, your patrons will be able to click through from the bibliographic record in I-Share to the eBook. If your institution has not yet completed the EBL authentication process for this project, your library’s patrons will not be able to view anything more than the bib records for these materials. The steps your patrons will need to take to authenticate their access will vary based on whether the patron is on or off campus, what proxy service you use (if any), and whether the patron has logged into EBL previously or not.

If you are using a method of authentication that creates user accounts on the EBL site, there is no restrictions on user names; however, passwords must be at least 8 characters and must include at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number.

If you need to have the EBL authentication setup information resent to you, send a request to .

Access: MARC records or Direct URL

URL for Access

All Governing Members may use the direct URL for these materials at:

For I-Share members who use VuFind as your main public interface

CARLI has received approximately 29,000 MARC records from EBL for the eBooks in this program. CARLI has enhanced these records, both to improve data quality and to add hybrid RDA elements.

Similar to HathiTrust records, CARLI staff will load the EBL records centrally in our Voyager consortial resource database (what we call “RESdb”), and make these records visible in both your local VuFind and in the I-Share union catalog. There is no need to file a request with CARLI these records be added to your Voyager database. Again, you must complete the authentication setup process with EBL to be able to click through from the bib records to the eBook content.

Unlike the HathiTrust records, which VuFind allows you to include or exclude from your search, EBL eBook records will always be included in VuFind search results if they match your search criteria. In the VuFind interface to your local catalog, if there are EBL records in your result set, you’ll see the location facet “EBL (eBook Library)” among the facet options on the Results page.

EBL PDA records will not be searchable via WebVoyáge or the VuFind mobile interface.

For I-Share participants who use a third-party discovery layer to which you send bib records

Since CARLI will not be loading EBL eBook PDA records into your local Voyager database, they will not be included with records that CARLI exports and sends to your discovery vendor. You can obtain the CARLI-edited records that CARLI loaded into VuFind’s Resource database and send them directly to your vendor by contacting CARLI at .

For CARLI Governing members that are not I-Share participants

You may choose to receive MARC records and deletes directly from EBL through their monthly emails, or or you may obtain the CARLI-edited records and to load them into your catalog. CARLI edits improved records and added RDA hybrid elements. To obtain these records, please contact .

Alternately, you may decide not to load MARC records into your catalog at all (this may be the best option if you participate in a shared catalog with non-CARLI libraries). In this case you may direct your patrons to the CARLI EBL eBook project directly at this url:

For CARLI Governing members that Use WorldCat Local or WorldCat Discovery

You may choose to activate the CARLI EBL record collection, and receive MARC records for that collection, through the WorldShare Collection Manager.

Using WorldShare Collection Manager for CARLI EBL Records

How to Use the EBL Website

EBL has created a LibGuides on using their site:

EBL staff presented a webinar, "Using the EBL eBook Service," for CARLI members on August 6th. The slides for the webinar are available for library use only:

Aug. 8, 2014 EBL Webinar Slides


If your library has a current EBL or ebrary project, EBL can de-duplicate your library’s project against CARLI’s titles. This can save your local funds for purchasing only materials that are NOT offered by CARLI.

If your library has a current PDA Program with another vendor, CARLI can share with you a title list on which you may use to deduplicate your records. To obtain this list, please contact:

YBP Customers who use GobiTween

CARLI will work with YBP to load our eBook holdings into GOBI at least three times a year. This is done by sending a file of the e-ISBNs from CARLI EBL PDA titles to YBP. Doing so will ensure that GobiTween displays CARLI’s holdings on bib records for titles from this project. If your acquisitions librarians use GobiTween, these holdings will help you avoid purchasing titles that CARLI already offers.

Preview and Loan Length

There is no limit on the number of users who may use a book simultaneously. Users may view titles for five minutes in a 24-hour period before a prompt appears to request a loan.

Ebooks will have a 7 day “loan” period.

Users may view content online, download it, or print it.

CARLI will purchase titles after 3 short loans.

Course Reserves

Consortially purchased eBooks should not be used for local Course Reserves.

EBL considers all CARLI Governing Members to be "Authorized Sites." As "Authorized Sites," Governing Members may purchase eBooks for local use for Course Reserves. Please email CARLI Support at for more information.