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Configuring OCLC Connexion Browser for Export to Alma

OCLC Connexion is a service available to all OCLC member libraries that have a cataloging subscription, which includes all I-Share member libraries. Connexion is available via both a web browser and a desktop-based client, and is one of several options for transferring records from WorldCat to Alma. Instructions for exporting are covered separately.

Note: OCLC has announced that support for Connexion Browser will end April 30, 2024. Libraries are encouraged to adopt either the Connexion Client or Record Manager before that time.

The following instructions cover the settings needed to export bibliographic records from WorldCat to the CARLI Network Zone using the Connexion web browser method. For many libraries, this will be a one-time setup process per account authorization. If you will be using Connexion Browser to export to a different Alma repository--such as your institution zone or one of the premium sandboxes--you will use different values for the Host Name, ID, and Password, and you will need to change settings back in order to export to the Network Zone.

  1. Connect to Connexion Browser at the OCLC Services Login page, then select Connexion under Metadata Services.
  2. Enter your cataloging credentials (e.g., an account that looks like 100-###-###), then click Logon.
    An image of the Connexion Browser login screen at
  3. Click General.
  4. Click Admin.
  5. Click Export Options.
    An image of OCLC Connexion Browser's admin options screen.
  6. Enter settings as documented below to configure export to the CARLI Network Zone. 
    Settings to configure Connexion Browser for export to the CARLI Network Zone
    Setting Value
    Flagged Bibliographic Record Export Format MARC
    Export Destination Export to a TCP/IP Connection
    Export File Name not needed for TCP/IP export
    Export File Type Individual
    Fields to Delete on Export institution preference 
    Validate Exported Records: Bibliographic Record Full
    Validate Exported Records: Authority Record None
    Mark for Export and Save Record Off
    TCP/IP Connection Options: Host Name:
    TCP/IP Connection Options: Port Number 5500
    TCP/IP Host Settings: Permanent Connection unchecked
    TCP/IP Host Settings: Notify Host before Disconnect checked
    TCP/IP Timeouts and Retries: Timeout 90
    TCP/IP Timeouts and Retries: Retries 3
    TCP/IP Timeouts and Retries: Delay 0
    TCP/IP Local System User Information: Send Logon ID checked
    TCP/IP Local System User Information: Logon ID 01CARLI_NETWORK
    TCP/IP Local System User Information: Password  
    TCP/IP Local System User Information: Send User ID unchecked
    TCP/IP Local System User Information: User ID blank
  7. Click Save My Default to retain these preferences. If making temporary changes, select Save for Session.
    An image of export options settings for Connexion Browser to transfer records to the CARLI network zone.