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Show Menu Links on Primo VE Services Pages

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December 17, 2020

Objective: Display Menu Links on Primo VE Service pages when the user is brought to Primo VE through OpenURLs from a vendor or database site.  By default, users that arrive in Primo VE this way will see a page without the familiar top Menu Links.  This CSS code will insert the Menu Links.

Before After
pvemenulinks_1.png pvemenulinks_2.png

How to accomplish this: Please review the steps for working with the customization package and its files on the main Shared CSS and JavaScript Solutions page.  The solution requires the following custom CSS code be added to the /VIEW_CODE/css/custom1.css file:

/* Show Main Menu links on Services Page */

prm-topbar .isDeposit, prm-topbar .isServicePage, prm-topbar .isSummonOverAlma {display: inline;}

Download a text file with this custom CSS for easy copying and pasting into your local custom1.css file.


Special thanks to the SUNY Libraries Consortium for their public FAQ post with this solution.