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Alma Configuration Form Guide Updates

A list of the updates made to the I-Share Customized Alma Configuration Form Guide

 Last Updated 9/16/2019

  • Chapter 1 p. 12  Tab Order  Tab Order Updated (v. 2)
  • Chapter 1 p. 12  Tab Order Added in "Libraries" Tab (v. 3)
  • Chapter 1 p. 12 Tab Order Corrected Order of Tab Completion 9/6/2019 (v. 4)
  • Chapter 3 p. 22  Fulfillment Tab: Overdue & Lost Rules Apply Change to CARLI Required value: Leave blank 9/6/2019 (v. 4)
  • Chapter 3 p. 24 Fulfillment Tab: Item is on Hold Shelf for another Patron. Change to CARLI Required Value: BLOCK. 9/13/2019 (v. 6)
  • Chapter 10 p. 45  Policies, TOU & Rules Tab: Types of Loan Descriptions of Types of Loans added 9/6/2019 (v. 4)
  • Chapter 10 p. 48  Policies, TOU & Rules Tab: Closed Library Due Date Management I-Share Library choice; FORWARD_END_DAY (most common) 9/6/2019 (v. 4)
  • Chapter 10 p. 48 Policies, TOU & Rules Tab: Closed Library Due Date Management I-Share Library Choice, can be configured on a policy by policy basis 9/13/2019 (v. 6)
    • For day, week, month, term loans: FORWARD_END_DAY most common.
    • For hourly or minute-based loans (most often used for reserves):
      • BACK – move the due time to the end of the previous day. For example, a 4-hour loan is checked out to a patron 1 hour before closing. The item will be due at closing that day.
      • FORWARD – Move the due time to the beginning of the next open day. For example, a 4-hour loan is checked out to a patron 1 hour before closing. The item will be due at the beginning of the next open day.
  • Chapter 13 p. 79 General Tab: overdue_at_lost_loan ​Update: I-Share Library choice; Default value: True. Most common Choice: True 9/13/2019 (v.6)
    • CARLI has recently learned that this is not analogous to Voyager’s Max Fine functionality.
    • An overdue fine continues to accrue until it is applied. Once it is applied, it stops accruing.
    • (The Overdue Fine amount is determined in the Policies TOU & Rules tab, Column 17: Overdue Fine Amount and Column 18: Overdue Fine Period; Chapter 10 p 46)
      • If this parameter is set to TRUE, the overdue fine is applied when the loan is marked as Lost and, therefore, stops accruing.
      • If this parameter is set to FALSE, the overdue fine is not applied when the loan is marked as Lost and, therefore, continues to accrue. In this case, if the lost loan is returned, the accrued fine is applied.  
  • Chapter 14 p. 83 Primo VE Configuration Tab: Home Page Customization Logo 9/16/2019 (v. 7)  Resolution of image: 72ppi.
  • Chapter 14 p. 84 Primo VE Configuration Tab: Ebsco Search Credentials 9/12/2019 (v. 5) 

    CARLI Recommended value: Provide your EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT) credentials and Database codes

    The EBSCO plug-in enables Primo to query and receive results from the EBSCOhost API. Specify your username and password provided by EBSCO in order to access this service. In the Databases field, enter a list of EBSCO short name databases to which you subscribe.

    Provide your library’s EBSCOhost Integration Toolkit (EIT) login and password.  If you do not currently have this information, your EBSCO representative can provide it or configure it, if necessary.  For more information on EIT logins visit the EBSCO page on the topic.  The User Name should be in the format: customerID.groupID.profileID, where the customerID typically starts with lowercase “s” and is followed by numbers, the groupID is likely “main”, and the profileID is likely “eitws”.  For example: s123456.main.eitws.

    EBSCO has a list of the database names so you can find the appropriate short names for the databases your institution subscribes to.

    For example: rlh, ah1,

    For more information, refer to Defining a Third-Party Index in the Ex Libris Primo VE online documentation.

    List the codes for any EBSCOhost databases that you subscribe to either via CARLI or on your own. DO NOT include EBSCOhost databases that are part of the package CARLI purchases for all members as these will be activated in the Network Zone. The following EBSCOhost databases will be activated in the NZ:

Database Name Database Code