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Primo VE Digital Repository Tab for CARLI Digital Collections Users

I-Share libraries that also have collections within CARLI Digital Collections (CDC) can use the following information to help fill in their Alma Configuration Form - Primo VE Digital Repository tab to set up an external resource if they would like items from CARLI Digital Collections to appear as search results in their Primo VE instance. Please note that the following recommendations will configure all items from all published collections with CDC to be visible in Primo. VE. This is the only option available on the Alma Configuration Form, but if a library wants to include only their collections from within CDC, the configuration can be adjusted in Alma later. CARLI recommends that if you will want to include your own CDC collections later, you should configure the Primo VE - Digital Repository tab for all of CDC on the Configuration Form to save time and effort in setting this up in Alma.

First section of the Primo VE - Digital Repository tab

"If you are Primo VE customer (not other discovery system such as Primo or Summon), fill in this tab."

NOTES FROM CARLI ABOUT THIS SECTION: All I-Share libraries are Primo VE customers.

Digital Repository Response
Are you planning on upgrading this repository before, during, or just after your Primo implementation?  No
What is the name of the repository? CARLI Digital Collections
What format is the data in? Dublin Core
Select your repository’s software system (i.e. CONTENTdm, DSpace, BePress, Fedora, etc). CONTENTdm
How many records does this repository contain? 635,000+
Provide the OAI URL of the repository.
Provide the URL of an item level record.
Provide login credentials for this repository. Enter N/A if not applicable. N/A

Second section of the Primo VE - Digital Repository tab

"Map your DC resource types to Primo resource types:"

NOTES FROM CARLI ABOUT THIS SECTION: Each collection within CARLI Digital Collections is required to have a Type field that is mapped to DC:Type. CARLI strongly encourages the use of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Type Vocabulary for this field; however, it is not a CARLI metadata requirement to use the DCMI Type vocabulary, so your own collections might be mapped differently if you have not used DCMI Type. We have mapped the following types according to the DCMI Type Vocabulary.

From DC Resource Type (dc:type / dcterms:type) To Primo Resource Type
Sound Audio
  Conference Proceeding
  Archival Material
  Book Chapter
Collection Collection
  Legal Document
  Reference Entry
Dataset Research Dataset
  Statistical Data Set
  Technical Report
  Newspaper Article
Text Text Resource
  Government Document
Image Image
MovingImage Video