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Alma Local Extensions for Local, Copy-Specific Details

In Alma's consortial environment, bibliographic records are shared between the Network Zone (NZ) and each library's Institution Zone (IZ). The shared bibliographic record should contain descriptive metadata and authorized access points that apply to all copies of the work described. Individual I-Share libraries may add local description pertaining to their copies using designated local extensions, which are bibliographic MARC tags that are assigned to store and display metadata at the institution level. Libraries may also choose to record local data in holding records.

Ex Libris allows libraries to designate tags in the following ranges as local extensions: 09X, 59X, 69X, 77X, 78X, and 950-999. CARLI will be establishing some of these tags with consortial definitions for consistency in application, indexing, and reporting. Other tags will be left to libraries for their own needs.

The following table identifies the tags and their current definitions. As I-Share libraries become more comfortable with Alma, CARLI may establish additional fields as local extensions with a common consortial definition.

Tag or Tag Range May Define Use Common Definition (as of 8/16/2019)
09X Libraries Call numbers
59X Libraries Local Notes
69X Libraries Local Subject Added Entries
900-949 Ex Libris Used by Ex Libris during Migration
950-955 Libraries  
956 OCLC BF&S Local Electronic Location and Access*
957 CARLI Course Reserve for Migration
958 CARLI Original Owning Library for Migration
959 CARLI Voyager Bibliographic Record ID for Migration
960-999 Libraries  

*Provisionally selected by CARLI to follow the existing 956 format, as there may be a need to store bibliographic level URLs in local records without making these URLs visible to all libraries in the Network Zone.

Neither Ex Libris nor OCLC requires that we continue to use any local extensions in the same manner as identified by Bibliographic Formats and Standards. OCLC allows libraries to use 9XX fields for any local needs in their own databases. Some 9XX fields that are retained in OCLC master records may be deleted from local catalog records without issue.

Alma bibliographic metadata may be mapped into other fields for export or publishing to different services.

Last updated 8/16/2019