E-Resources Vendor Proposal

Offering products through CARLI to member libraries requires a signed license agreement and the completion of all State of Illinois required documents and processes.  Because of the time-intensive nature of the procurement process, it is expected that all products offered by CARLI will meet thresholds established by the Commercial Products Committee.  These are:

  • A minimum of a 25% discount off of list price
  • Anticipated total annual consortial savings of at least $10,000
  • Participation by at least 10% of the membership (12 institutions or approximately 52,000 students)

All vendors doing business with CARLI should utilize the CARLI Standard License Agreement format for license agreements, including all current State of Illinois certifications.

To assist in the review of the proposal, please provide the following information about the product being offered:


If you have indicated that some or all of the content is available from more than one source, please provide specific information below (i.e., title lists) to explain from which sources the content is provided. The current procurement environment in Illinois requires that any product available from more than one source (i.e., publisher, university press, commercial vendor) receive special review.

CARLI currently has contracts that were awarded to EBSCO, Ovid, Oxford University Press and ProQuest as a result of a rigorous competitive bid process. These four contracts have optional renewal years through June 30, 2025.

If any of the proposed content is available from one of these four commercial vendors, the only option for CARLI licensing is through these vendors. If this is the case, please contact these vendors directly regarding the possibility of marketing the product to CARLI. A new proposal for this product cannot be considered until the current third party database contracts come to an end (June 30, 2025).

A complete list of the products currently being offered by CARLI and their vendor sources.