E-Resources Webinars

Usage Statistics for Electronic Resources: Beyond the Alphabet Soup Webinar

This pre- symposium webinar covers the basics of usage statistics in electronic resources. Topics include a brief history, definitions, and standards as well as a discussion of the issues involved in interpreting statistics gathered. The session will also address why it is valuable to collect this data and what can explain the variations in usage data which may be seen during the year or related to the subject matter. This webinar is intended to introduce concepts that will be covered more fully in the E-resources Usage Statistics  symposium presented on March 25, 2013.  

Presented by: Denise D. Green, Associate Professor, Electronic Resources/Technical Services Coordinator & Research/Instruction Librarian, Millikin University

Reviewing your FY04-CY16 E-Resources Selections in CARLI’s Legacy System

The “Reviewing your FY04-CY16 E-Resources Selections in CARLI’s Legacy System” Webinar, originally titled “Selection System 101: Everything you need to know to work with the CARLI Selection System” covers the basics of navigating within the legacy system and the e-resources that are were available to the libraries there, allowing libraries to review past e-resource selections from the Fiscal Year 2004 cycle through Calendar Year 2016 . The tutorial runs best using the Firefox, Chrome or Safari internet browsers. ~ 14 minutes

E-Resources Licensing Webinar Series

Have you ever wondered about how to read a license agreement being offered to you by a vendor? What agreement language could create problems when your patrons use the products you are licensing? How to talk to vendors to get what you need in a license agreement? What are other libraries doing to manage all of their licensing information? How and when are products included in CARLI licenses and what information resources are available to your library about these products? This webinar series will address all of these questions and more.

These sessions are designed to meet the needs of librarians new to the licensing process as well as those that have been at this for a while and are looking for new information.

Introduction to License Agreement Review

Becky Albitz, Electronic Resources and Copyright Librarian at Pennsylvania State University discusses how to review license agreements, particularly focusing on clauses which can be problematic and how to evaluate and address these. Recorded on April 19, 2011. ~2 hours

Sample License

Copyright and Licensing

Although fair use of copyrighted materials is statutorily provided for by the U.S. Copyright Act, that right can easily be signed away in a contract such as a license agreement for electronic content. In this session, Christine Ross, Director of Collections and Research Services and Scholarly Communications Officer at the University of Illinois at Springfield, will show participants what to look for when negotiating license agreements and how to best protect the fair use rights of their library’s patrons. Recorded on April 26, 2011.  ~1 hour 10 minutes

Contracting Your Copyrights 

License Negotiation–Strategies and Tactics

Becky Albitz, Electronic Resources and Copyright Librarian at Pennsylvania State University, discusses strategies for planning and conducting your license negotiations to ensure the best price and most advantageous usage terms for your library. Recorded on May 3, 2011. ~1 hour 40 minutes

Sample License
Marked-Up Sample License

Panel Discussion: Addressing Licensing Workflow Challenges

A panel of librarians from various institutions will discuss how they manage the challenges of the licensing workflow.  Drawing from their own experiences, the panel will address topics including use of homegrown and commercial ERMs and other tools that have contributed to successful management strategies in their libraries. Recorded on May 10, 2011. ~1 hour 10 minutes

CARLI Licensing Program

Cindy Clennon, CARLI Director of Electronic Resources will discuss CARLI’s licensing process, including how products are selected for licensing, the negotiation process and the license-related information resources available to CARLI libraries. Recorded on May 17, 2011. ~1 hour