E-Resources Webinars

Introduction to CARLI's E-Resources Brokering Program

Presentation on the basics of CARLI's E-Resources Brokering program recorded on January 13, 2021.  This webinar covered the basics of CARLI's licensing and a big picture view of CARLI's two selection cylces.  It also provided a brief overview of statistics and trends gathered from the calendar and fiscal year 2021 cycles. ~1 hour

Reviewing your FY04-CY16 E-Resources Selections in CARLI’s Legacy System

The “Reviewing your FY04-CY16 E-Resources Selections in CARLI’s Legacy System” Webinar, originally titled “Selection System 101: Everything you need to know to work with the CARLI Selection System” covers the basics of navigating within the legacy system and the e-resources that are were available to the libraries there, allowing libraries to review past e-resource selections from the Fiscal Year 2004 cycle through Calendar Year 2016 . The tutorial runs best using the Firefox, Chrome or Safari internet browsers. ~ 14 minutes