Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: June 11, 2018 (draft)

Conference Call

Members attending: Mackenzie Salisbury (SAIC), Colleen Bannon (Midwestern), Larissa Garcia (Northern), Christina Heady (SIU), April Purcell Levy (Columbia), Marielle McNeal (North Park)
Members and staff absent: Amy Hall (National-Lewis), Molly Mansfield (Dominican), Matt Olsen (Millikin)
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell
Staff absent: Lorna Engels


  • Showcase debrief
    • Overall great!
    • Changing the showcase to be more than just lesson plans?: to include projects, curriculum, handouts
      • Have the showcase include something concrete but not limited to lesson plans?
      • Practical?
    • Survey result take-aways
      • People liked the practicalness
      • Divided on the panel
    • Future interests
      • Working with Online Students
      • Assessment
      • Training the Trainer
      • Failing Up
      • Course designer
    • Panel session write-up
      • April to add her notes to the Google drive; Matt to edit and finalize with his notes.
  • Annual Report


  • New committee chair(s):
    • Marielle McNeal
    • Mackenzie Salisbury

Tasks Assigned

  • April will upload her notes on the Showcase Panel to the Google Drive; Matt will review and edit in relation to his notes.
  • Lorna/Debbie will send the survey to shedule the first in-person meeting for the FY19 Committee.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • The first meeting for the FY2019 Committee will be determined via suvey in July.