CARLI News October 26, 2022

CARLI Counts Cohort 4 Application Deadline Extended

We are excited to announce that there will be a CARLI Counts Cohort 4 in 2023! Institutions with both program newcomers and alumni are encouraged to apply.

Program details, including the Cohort 4 Library Application Form and a sample Individual Information Form can be found on the CARLI Counts information page. If you are interested in attending, please submit your Library Application Form by December 16 (deadline extended.) Once your institution is accepted, you will be emailed an Individual Information Form to complete by January 9, 2023. 

For more information and answers to any questions you might have, join us for a Zoom session, "CARLI Counts Cohort 4: What It's All About, the Application, and Your Questions" at 2 p.m. on Monday, November 7. No registration necessary. Connection information can be found on the CARLI Calendar.

Email if you have any questions.

CY23 E-Resources Selection System Open through November 11

The CARLI E-Resources Selection System is open through November 11 for calendar year 2023 selections.  

CARLI is working on contracts with AAAS and MIT Press. We are unable to guarantee subscriptions from these vendors until we come to an agreement. We will be making announcements about MIT Press' Direct to Open in the coming days.

As JSTOR is offering expanded access to their collections, please reach out to us if you are interested in adding new JSTOR collections this year.

If you have any questions, please email .

Ebook Program

FY23 Consortial Ebook Purchases

Thank you to CARLI members that purchased perpetual consortial access to ebooks from Oxford University Press and Wiley. This year CARLI and members were able to add perpetual access to 2,471 titles. As a consortium, all members now have perpetual access to 6,200 ebooks from Wiley, Oxford, and Oxford's Partner Presses.

Through June 30, 2023, CARLI members have access to:

  • approximately 2,800 ebook titles published from 2018 through March 2023 from Oxford University Press in nine subject collections. Those nine subject collections are: Biology, History, Law, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Social Work, and Sociology.
  • approximately 3,250 ebook titles in all subjects published from 2018 through June 2023 from Wiley.

These title counts are in addition to the titles that members already have perpetual access.

At the end of the consortium's access period, CARLI will again select titles for perpetual access based up on member usage. All members will have the opportunity to review their own usage and purchase perpetual access for the consortium.

CARLI is working on the consortium and member purchased perpetual access lists of the 6,200 titles. The most up-to-date lists are available via the CARLI Ebook Program web site

MARC Access for Perpetual Access Content and Our FY23 Access Collection

I-Share Members: CARLI staff have added records for all consortial content and purchased perpetual access to the Network Zone for access in Primo VE. I-Share members do not need to do anything to add the MARC records for this content. The titles appear in your institutional zone and to your patrons via your instance of Primo.

For non-I-Share libraries: CARLI staff have shared new collections with members through OCLC Collection Manager. Specific KB collection name are listed on the CARLI Ebook Program web site

FY24 CARLI Ebook Program

CARLI will be sharing information soon about the continuation of the CARLI Ebook Program. CARLI will be using the E-Resources Selection System for the FY24 Program.

Informal Chat: Archival Practices within the CARLI Membership

Join members of the CARLI Collection Management Committee (CMC) and your CARLI colleagues to discuss archival practices within the CARLI membership.

The CMC is interested in learning more about member's resources and challenges related to their institutional archives. The CMC invites all interested to an open conversation to discuss their current practices and needs regarding archives and archival collections. Please join us on November 17 at 2 p.m. so the CMC can better understand the questions, frustrations, and needs of the CARLI community. We would appreciate hearing from those starting from the beginning, wondering about best practices, and anyone looking for answers only someone who has "been there" can answer.  

Our hope for this discussion is to hear voices from all types of institutions so the CMC can plan beneficial events and resources for members.

Please join the conversation by attending and sharing your experiences, needs, and questions. Please register for this event. This event will not be recorded to encourage conversation.

CARLI Offering Registration Support for OEN's Certificate in OER Librarianship Program

Interested in a deeper dive around Open Educational Resources (OER) or need support in implementing an OER program at your institution from experts? In support of CARLI member libraries' OER efforts, the CARLI”s Open Educational Resources Committee is pleased to announce that funding is available for up to five CARLI member librarians to attend the Open Education Network's Certificate in OER Librarianship Program.

The certificate program includes online content, mentor-led cohort meetings, and program development support. A culminating final project helps participants put what they have learned into action. Librarians who successfully complete the eight-month program will receive a Certificate in OER Librarianship from the Open Education Network. A recorded overview of the program is available.

For questions about available scholarships or other questions about the OEN Certificate in OER Librarianship, please see OEN's Frequently Asked Questions.  

For detailed information about how to receive CARLI support for this program, visit the program web page or send an email to .


OER Office Hours

Please join the CARLI OER Committee for informal discussions this semester.

OER Office Hours are intended as a space for CARLI members to have a conversation, to share their current experiences, and to learn from each other. They will not be recorded; however, discussion points will be shared after each session.

Registration for each session is required. If you have any questions, please send an email to .

Virtual Course: Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources

CARLI is pleased to offer this 3-week synchronous and asynchronous course on open educational resources. Two options for attending this workshop will be offered in December 2022. This program is offered multiple times throughout the year.

  • Option 1: Live Sessions on Thursdays, December 1, 8, and 15, 12:30 – 2 p.m. 
  • Option 2: Live Sessions on Mondays, December 5, 12, and 19, 11 a.m.– 12:30 p.m.  

This virtual course is designed to help the novice person learning about open educational resources to apply the information from this program to build their own local programs and workshops. The program is open to all CARLI members.

The virtual program will contain both synchronous (three live 90-minute Zoom sessions) and asynchronous (readings, videos, etc.) to be completed before each live session. The live sessions will include presentations, but the aim of the program planners is that these will incorporate a flipped classroom model to build community among participants as all share and discuss the topics.

Attendees should plan to attend each live session for either Option 1 or Option 2. The content of each option will be the same; those interested should register for one option only. 

Registration is available until November 28 or until the courses are full. Course materials will be sent to registrants on November 18. Please contact , if you have questions.

Creative Commons Certificate Program - Member Feedback Requested

CARLI would like feedback via Survey Monkey on member interest in the Creative Commons Certificate Program. Creative Commons offers an in-depth course for librarians about the Creative Commons licenses, open practices, and the ethos of the Commons. CARLI is interested in learning if there is member interest in this program and to what extent members are able and willing to support the cost of the program.

Please share your feedback by November 1.

CARLI-OER Email List

CARLI has established an email list for CARLI members to discuss and learn more about Open Educational Resources. Any person from a CARLI institution may subscribe to the email list.

Professional Development Alliance Events

The following programs from the Professional Development Alliance are currently on the calendar. Programs are offered on a wide variety of subjects. Check out everything the alliance is making available to our libraries!

October 27  Getting Started with Project Outcome for Academic Libraries
October 27  Incorporating Accessibility into Library OER Programs & Initiatives
October 27  Accessibility Series: Social Media Accessibility Basics
October 27  FL-OER-ishment Webinar Series: Teaching Jacksonville History at FSCJ: Strategies for an 
Affordable and Rigorous Course

November E-Resources Learning Series
    November 1 The Link Didn't Work, Now What? Troubleshooting Patron Reports of E-Resources 
Linking Problems
    November 10 Addressing Accessibility in E-Resources Licensing
    November 10 Vendor Relations: More Than Invoices and Sales Calls!
    November 14 No E-Resources Librarian Is an Island
    November 16 The Use of Python to Support Technical Services Work in Academic Libraries
    November 17  The Tribulations of Quantification: An Airing of Grievances on Usage Statistics

November 4  NC LIVE's Leadership in Public Libraries Series (registration is for the series)
    We Need to Talk: The Leader's Guide to Managing Difficult Conversations
    Working Toward a Bias-Free Hiring Process
    Leaders at Every Level

November 9  FLVC Virtual Conference Alma & Primo
Product Roadmaps for Alma and Primo VE
Using Alma & Primo to Improve Digital Delivery Services
SUSHI Harvesting in Alma
Using API Functionality to Check Place Order of Shelved Items
Useful Primo Customizations
Connecting Knowledge Dots in an AI-Enabled Primo Platform (Yewno)
FLVC Library Services Discussion

November 10  Book Repair for Circulating and General Collections
November 14  Learnabout Google Meet

December 12  Watch Party: Open Illinois: Advancing Statewide OER Efforts
December 12  Learnabout Google Secrets

To register, visit the CARLI Event Calendar. Recordings of past CARLI-sponsored PDA events are available when permitted by the presenter. 

If you have a topic you would like to see as a continuing education program, send your idea to .

Accessibility Series: Social Media Accessibility Basics
October 27, 1–2:30 p.m.

Join Mark McCarthy in this first of a two-part accessibility series and learn more about several facets of social media accessibility, including learning a little about disability itself, a brief overview of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, why social media access matters, and more! 

Mark McCarthy is a Senior Accessibility Engineer at the University of Illinois System Office's Administrative Information Technology Services. He is primarily responsible for ensuring the accessibility of university applications and services, providing assistance and guidance where necessary. In addition, he also works directly with several campus units to assist in accessibility testing and remediation work, provides training to other departments and units, serves on the advisory committee for the IT Accessibility Liaison program, and is an instructor for UIUC's Information Accessibility Design and Policy certification program.

He is an Illinois-certified professional in Information Accessibility Design and Policy (IADP), a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA) from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) and is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) ARIA Authoring Practices and Working Groups, working with colleagues internationally to promote accessibility, equity, and inclusion. His areas of interest include gaming accessibility; social justice and inclusion and advocacy; user-centered design; and the intersections of identity, gender and sexuality, and disability.

Please register for this event.

E-Resources Learning Series: The Link Didn't Work, Now What? Troubleshooting Patron Reports of E-Resources Linking Problems
November 1, 1–2:30 p.m.

Whether from the link resolver, the library catalog/discovery platform, or a vendor's interface, our patrons will find links to articles that don't work. How can librarians investigate these reports? This presentation will cover basics of investigating, solving and (hopefully) reducing such errors in today's academic research library. Some examples will focus on Alma/PrimoVE, however the general troubleshooting principles apply to all library systems and interfaces. 

Denise D. Green has worked for CARLI since October 2014. She's had a long career in reference, instruction, e-resources & link resolver management and staff training in Ohio and Illinois academic libraries. She advocates for public services librarians learning more about e-resources, authentication and troubleshooting to better support our students, faculty and all patrons.

Please register for this event.

E-Resources Learning Series: Addressing Accessibility in E-Resources Licensing
November 10, 10–11 a.m.

How do you make sure accessibility is addressed in your e-resources offerings?  You write it into your library's license agreements!  But licensing can be very complicated and vague, which is why many libraries don't know what to include or to ask for.  We'll talk briefly about why accessibility is important, but mostly will focus on what we should be expecting from vendors to make our e-resources accessible and keep vendors accountable.

Jenny Taylor is CARLI's associate director of e-resources and manages the consortium's brokering program.  Accessibility has long been an important issue for her, as disability has affected many people in her life.  She has worked with various stakeholders to make sure CARLI's e-resources contracts have strong accessibility language and helps libraries understand what they can do to help patrons access resources based on varying needs.

Please register for this event.

Watch Party: Open Illinois: Advancing Statewide OER Efforts
December 12, 1–2 p.m.

Nicole Swanson, Elizabeth Clarage, and Michele Leigh are pleased to invite you to a Watch Party of their recorded session "Open Illinois: Advancing Statewide OER Efforts" in which they provide strategies and methods utilized by the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) to advance OER efforts across diverse academic institutions. Shared is CARLI's approach to building a statewide OER community by providing centralized support that can serve as a model to others growing their own programs. Learn about CARLI's focus on building expertise and cross-institutional collaborations through continuing education opportunities, a central repository Open Illinois on OER Commons, and Illinois SCOERs (Support for the Creation of Open Educational Resources) Grant, funded by the Open Textbooks Pilot Grant received from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) at the U.S. Department of Education.

By attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand ways to support diverse institutions in a statewide OER program
  • Identify how to build statewide expertise for program sustainability
  • Adapt approaches to nurture a statewide OER community
  • Identify tactics to encourage inter-institutional collaboration

At the conclusion of the Watch Party, Nicole Swanson, Elizabeth Clarage, and Michele Leigh will hold a discussion session during which you are welcome to share any questions you have, suggest new initiatives, and elaborate on what initiatives you are undertaking at your institution/consortia.

Please register for this event.


CARLI member libraries using OpenAthens are invited to join EBSCO's Jaime Barrilleaux, eLearning Experience Designer, for a one-hour session on how to administer OpenAthens.  The session will include creating and managing user accounts, allocating resources, creating permission sets, and using reports and statistics. There will be two sessions to choose from with identical content:

  • Wednesday, November 9, 10-11 a.m.
  • Tuesday, November 29, 2-3 p.m.

Registration is required and available through EBSCO's Zoom registration site, and you can also enter any Questions you may have about using OpenAthens when you register.

As a reminder, CARLI has a webpage of information and resources on OpenAthens for CARLI member libraries. And if your institution hasn't yet named an OpenAthens Contact, please send a note to with that person's name and email address so that CARLI can be sure to notify the right individuals at your institution about OpenAthens topics! If you aren't sure if an OpenAthens Contact has been named yet, check your institution's entry in the CARLI Participating Libraries list.

Training Opportunity: OCLC Connexion Client Q&A Sessions

The CARLI Technical Services Committee (TSC) is hosting a series of Q&A sessions to supplement the recorded OCLC Connexion Client training that is available on OCLC's website. These Q&A's are designed to follow viewing of modules that occurs at an individual's own time and pace. Members of the CARLI TSC will lead the discussion. More information and links to registration for the sessions can be found on the program web page

October I-Share Updates

November 2022 – Feature Release Update in Alma and Primo VE

Alma and Primo VE will have a feature release in November. The release will be available in Sandboxes as of October 23, and in production November 6. Visit Ex Libris for a sneak preview of upcoming updates.

ELUNA Learns 2022 – CARLI Block Sold out!

Our block of 400 registrations for I-Share member institutions staff to attend ELUNA Learns sessions sold out in record time! We are pleased to be able to share the opportunity, and hope everyone finds the sessions useful.

Ex Libris "Request to Join Resource Sharing Directory in Alma" – Update

Last month, Ex Libris sent all Alma customers an email encouraging them to join the Resource Sharing Directory in Alma. 

CARLI has learned that the Data Sharing Profile in Alma Configuration should remain set to 'No' for all I-Share libraries. The directory as described is used by the add-on Ex Libris product Rapido, which I-Share libraries are not using.

Let's Talk About Fulfillment (I Mean Alma, Not Life's Purpose)

If you'd like to talk with CARLI staff and your CARLI library colleagues about Alma Fulfillment and Automated Fulfillment Network workflows, known issues, and Q & A, join us online every other Friday at 2 p.m. for fall sessions of "Let's talk about Fulfillment (I mean Alma, not life's purpose)".

This fall, we are planning to begin each session with a presentation on a planned topic, followed by open Q & A with attendees as time allows. The initial presentation will be recorded for posting to the CARLI website. Attendees will be able to unmute their microphones and/or utilize the chat for participation.

Please register for the sessions you would like to attend: 

October 28: Lost and Missing Items
November 11: Options: Reviewing bursar and digitization functionality
December 9: Course reserves: Semester transitions for reserves

Send any questions to .

Preservation Tip

Archival Preservation 101: Preservation Through Archival Practice
Heidi Marshall, Head of Archives & Special Collections, Columbia College Chicago

Archival records, by their very definition, mirror their home institution. Special collections and manuscripts reflect disciplines taught, the scholarly or artistic work of faculty, staff, students, or alumni, and organizational papers collected in support of the institutional mission. Truly, archival materials separate one institution from another because of its held collections. Archival materials found within each CARLI institution showcase history, creativity, and scholarship in Illinois through the materials each retains.

However, archival collections can pose inherent and unique preservation challenges. These primary materials, largely unpublished, hold intellectual property and copyright concerns. Physical materials require temperature and relative humidity control, and preserving digital materials require local server space and duplicative copies in off-site data centers. Some institutions may question – are collecting archival materials worth it? 

The answer is a resounding 'yes'. Archivists know how to limit materials in institutional records and consider optimal numbers of manuscript collections to acquire based on institutional mission, archival collection policies, and digital and physical space. 

However, if an institution does not employ an archivist, there are a few guiding principles of which to be aware for anyone maintaining archival materials: original order and provenance. These two concepts govern archival work and preserve the integrity of the records themselves.

To learn more, please read the full article.

To read all Archival Preservation 101 articles in this series, please visit the project web page.

Other Library News

Try-It! Illinois Open Now

Try-It! Illinois, the annual statewide electronic database trial, offers the over 5,000 ILLINET member libraries, their staffs and patrons, an excellent opportunity to evaluate a wide variety of electronic resources. There is no charge for accessing these during Try-It! Illinois. To obtain the login and password, visit Try-It! Illinois. This database trial is available now through November 30, 2022.

The list of vendors participating in Try-It! Illinois can be found here.

Upcoming CARLI Events and Meetings

Important Dates

November 6          Alma Monthly Release
November 8          CARLI Office Closed: Election Day
November 13        Alma Release Update
November 24-25   CARLI Office Closed: Thanksgiving 

December 4                   Alma Monthly Release
December 23-January 2  CARLI Office Closed


November 1    OER Committee
November 4    Governing Directors Meeting
November 4    CARLI Annual Meeting
November 9    Public Services Committee
November 9    Discovery Primo VE Committee
November 10  Commercial Products Committee
November 15  Instruction Committee
November 17  E-Resources Management Committee
November 30  Executive Committee

December 6     OER Committee
December 8     Commercial Products Committee
December 9     CARLI Board of Directors Meeting
December 14    Public Services Committee
December 14    Discovery Primo VE Committee
December 15    E-Resources Management Committee
December 20    Instruction Committee
December 22    Resource Sharing Committee

Webinars, Forums, Workshops and Training

November 1      E-Resources Learning Series: The Link Didn't Work, Now What? Troubleshooting Patron Reports of E-Resources Linking Problems
November 2      CARLI Counts Alumni Check-in Session
November 9      EBSCO OpenAthens Administration for CARLI Libraries
November 9      Connexion Client Training Q&A Series, Session 2
November 10    E-Resources Learning Series: Addressing Accessibility in E-Resources Licensing
November 10    Alma Primo VE Open Office Hours
November 10    Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
November 11    Let's Talk About Fulfillment (I Mean Alma, Not Life's Purpose)
November 16    Technical Services Q&A
November 17    Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
November 18    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 1
November 18    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 2
November 29    EBSCO OpenAthens Administration for CARLI Libraries

December 1      Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 1 Session 1
December 1      Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
December 5      Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 2 Session 1
December 7      CARLI Counts Alumni Check-in Session
December 7      CARLI OER Office Hour: Moving from Cheerleading to Change
December 8      Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 1 Session 2
December 8      Alma Primo VE Open Office Hours
December 8      Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
December 9      Let's Talk About Fulfillment (I Mean Alma, Not Life's Purpose)
December 12    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 2 Session 2
December 12    Watch Party: Open Illinois: Advancing Statewide OER Efforts
December 13    Primo VE Usability Testing Webinar
December 14    Connexion Client Training Q&A Series, Session 3
December 15    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 1 Session 3
December 15    Weekly Illinois SCOERs Office Hours
December 19    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 2 Session 3

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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