CARLI News, October 25, 2023

CARLI Annual Meeting & Directors Meeting

Please join us for the 2023 CARLI Annual Meeting to be held Thursday, November 16, at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign. We are excited about our keynote speaker, Elaina Norlin from the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL). You can view the agenda for the day on the registration page. Staff at all CARLI member libraries are encouraged to attend.

A meeting of the CARLI Governing Directors will precede the Annual Meeting. Directors should also register for this meeting if they are planning to attend. A separate registration is required for each meeting. 

Space is limited. Registration for both meetings is open through Tuesday, November 7.

CARLI is working with the I Hotel to offer a streaming option for the Annual Meeting. Details and registration for this option will be announced no later than November 1.

CARLI Counts Cohort 5

Applications are now available for the next session of the extremely popular CARLI Counts: Analytics and Advocacy for Service Development program. Yes, we are having a Cohort 5 in 2024! Institutions with both program newcomers and alumni are encouraged to apply.
Program details, including the Cohort 5 Library Application Form and a sample Individual Information Form can be found on the program web page. The deadline for the library application is December 1. If your application is approved an Individual Information Form will need to be completed and submitted by January 5, 2024. The first in-person meeting will be held February 27–29, 2024.

Broadband Equity, Access, and Development (BEAD) Program

CARLI, the Illinois Heartland Library System, and the Reaching Across Illinois Library System have partnered to submit a response to the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program in support of a cohesive statewide library voice related to role of libraries in digital equity and broadband funding. 

CARLI staff have gathered the information regarding this program in one place so that you can read the letter, find out more about how you and your library can respond and about funding for digital equity. 

Register Now for the GLAM Virtual Career Jam

CARLI will once again partner with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign iSchool to support member participation in the GLAM Virtual Career Jam, being held on February 23, 2024. CARLI will pay the Early Bird rate for registrations submitted by November 28. Libraries registering after November 28 must pay their own registration fee. We will send an email to the Announce and Governing Directors emails lists when the registration link is available. 

A GLAM information session is planned on November 7 for libraries that have not previously participated in an online job fair or would like a refresher. 


A Reminder About Paper Labels

ILDS libraries should be using the online label system to create labels when sending items to other ILDS locations. The online paper label should only be used when sending items to non-ILDS locations. When items are sent to non-ILDS locations, continue to create a label in the online system in addition to the paper label and then approve the manifest so that the shipment will be included as part of your library statistics.

Holiday Delivery Schedule for ILDS

During the upcoming holiday season, these are the dates that ILDS will not be providing delivery service.

  • November 23–24, Thanksgiving Holiday
  • December 22, Christmas Eve Observed
  • December 25, Christmas Day
  • January 1, 2024, New Year’s Day

If you have any questions about delivery, please contact .

E-Resources News

Calendar Year 2024 Selection System is Open

The CARLI E-Resources Selection System is now open. Make your calendar year 2024 selections through November 10. 

Current Contract Negotiations

CARLI staff are working on renewal contracts with JSTOR/Ithaka and Wiley. Announcements about these contracts will be made available as we have more information. Make sure your contact information for e-resources is up to date! Send any changes to your contacts to .

JSTOR has introduced a new model for subscriptions. Starting with 2024 subscriptions two-year colleges can only subscribe to the entire archive. Four-year schools can either continue their current subscriptions with no increase or subscribe to the entire archive with a small annual increase. 

Illinois Course Materials Survey: Student Perspective

CARLI needs your help! It is critical that we have broad participation in the "Illinois Course Materials Survey: Student Perspective," first shared with our membership in April 2023, so that we can document the need for Open Educational Resources. Please distribute this important survey on your campus this fall. 
The survey was developed by CARLI and its Open Educational Resources Committee to help identify Illinois students' needs regarding affordable course materials and interest in Open Educational Resources. To date, we have almost 3,000 student responses from 24 public universities, private colleges and universities, and community colleges in Illinois. Florida had about 13,000 for their similar survey. In short, Illinois needs many more responses! 
The survey has been approved by the University of Illinois Office for the Protection of Research Subjects. It can be distributed throughout 2023 and can be shared during more than one academic term. Learn more about this survey, view two possible student outreach messages for distributing the survey to students, and view a review version of the survey questions without completing the live survey on the project website
CARLI staff are happy to help you complete any campus permission forms you may need to share the survey at your institution. 

CARLI members distributing the survey have found a multi-pronged approach to be very successful in reaching students. A combination of direct emails to students, sharing the survey via the campus learning management system, emails to faculty and deans notifying them about the survey, and reaching out to other campus and student groups are all great ways to invite students to participate. Sending a reminder email to students is also very helpful. If you are sharing the survey in other creative ways, we'd love to hear your methods.

Please email any questions or comments to

OER Updates

Open Pedagogy Workshop for Librarians

The CARLI OER Committee invites all CARLI member librarians and staff who support their institutional OER or affordable initiatives to attend an online workshop on November 2, 9:30–11:00 a.m., to learn about open pedagogy. Open pedagogy invites students to be part of the teaching process and participate in the co-creation of knowledge.

This workshop includes the definition and context of open pedagogy and innovative examples being applied in a variety of subjects and formats. Attendees will consider how faculty can incorporate open pedagogy assignments into their classes. Learn how you can incorporate information on open pedagogy and its benefits to students into your local open educational resources conversations and presentations.

Space is limited and registration is required.

OER Community Chat  

Please join the CARLI OER Committee for these upcoming Community Chats.

Intended as a space for Illinois libraries to have a conversation, to share their current experiences, and to learn from each other, the community chats will not be recorded; however, discussion points will be shared after each session.

Registration for each session is required.

Virtual Course: Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources

CARLI is pleased to offer another session of our popular 3-week synchronous and asynchronous course on open educational resources. 

The December sessions will be held December 4, 11, and 18 from 11:30 a.m. –1:00 p.m. Attendees should plan to attend each live session.

This virtual course is designed to help the novice person learning about open educational resources to apply the information from this program to build their own local programs and workshops. The program is open to all CARLI members.

The virtual program will contain both synchronous (three live 90-minute Zoom sessions) and asynchronous (readings, videos, etc.) to be completed before each live session. The live sessions will include presentations, but the aim of the program planners is that these will incorporate a flipped classroom model to build community among participants as all share and discuss the topics.
Registration is available until December 1 or until the course is full. Course materials will be sent to registrants on November 27. 

CARLI-OER Email List

CARLI has established an email list for CARLI members to discuss and learn more about Open Educational Resources. Anyone from a CARLI institution may subscribe to the email list.

Illinois SCOERs Workshop Series

CARLI and the Illinois SCOERs Team are pleased to announce the final round of workshops designed to help librarians and faculty with the creation of Open Educational Resources. Please feel free to share widely; everyone is welcome to attend.

Illinois SCOERs: Copyright Basics and Creative Commons Licensing
Nov 28, 2:00 p.m. 
Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign will take you through learning how copyright is formed and licensed, and how to find copyright free or openly licensed images and articles. 

Illinois SCOERs: Permissions and Fair Use
Dec 5, 2:00 p.m.  

Sara Benson will take you through her second course on copyright regarding permissions and fair use. In creating Open Educational Resources you might find that you need to use an article or image that has traditional copyright. If you must use a copyright protected item, learn about how to conduct a fair use analysis and, in the alternative, how to ask for permission to use a copyright protected item in your work. 

Registration Link:  

Professional Development Alliance Events

The following programs from the Professional Development Alliance are currently on the calendar. Programs are offered on a wide variety of subjects. Check out everything the alliance is making available to our libraries!

  • October 26: After ChatGPT and GPT-4, What Does the Future for Scientific Researchers Look Like?
  • October 31: The FIERCEST Framework
  • November 1: Learning with LOUIS: The Digital Divide in Your Community: Research Tools to Identify Populations Who Face Digital Equity Barriers
  • November 1: Why Do I Stay in Librarianship? III  - The DEI Perspective
  • November DEIA Learning Series 2023
  • November 1: Accessible Library Experiences
  • November 2: Amplifying Voices: Research on Black & African American Student Experiences In The Academic Library
  • November 6: Transformative Representation: Strategies for Improving Recruitment and Retention of BIPOC Library Workers
  • November 7: Accessibility and Disability in Special Collections
  • November 8: Trans Inclusive Libraries
  • November 14: Radicalizing LIS: Equity vs. Equality
  • November 13: Metronet Learnabout: Google Productivity
  • November 15: Spell it Out: E-Resource Licensing Lunch and Learn Series: Interlibrary Loan
  • December 4: Trans and Gender Diverse Voices in Libraries
  • December 5: A Gentle Introduction to ChatGPT
  • December 6: Spell it Out: E-Resource Licensing Lunch and Learn Series: Course Materials
  • December 6: Embedding AI Tools Into the Research Process
  • December 11: Metronet Learnabout: Google Secrets

To register, visit the CARLI Event Calendar. Recordings of past CARLI-sponsored PDA events are available on the Professional Development Alliance website when permitted by the presenter. 
Are you interested in presenting on a topic for CARLI members and the Professional Development Alliance? Or, would you like to moderate a follow up discussion for an upcoming program? l us to become more involved in CARLI's continuing education efforts!

The FIERCEST Framework
October 31 10:00–11:00 a.m.

Presented by Erin Tarr, Confidence Coach for Teens, CEO of Be the Benchmark, LLC, Author of "Your FIERCE Life - 6 simple steps to daily confidence for teens," and Founder of the FIERCE Moms Monthly Membership.

Anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and fear of the future are all on the rise in our post-covid world. There are a million fads to try and keep us from the downward spiral (some of which even work!) – but when it comes to lasting change and lifelong happiness – is that even possible? 
Luckily the answer is yes! The FIERCEST framework brings together the best of psychology and personal development and gives you the tools to create a life you wake up EXCITED to live each day of your life! Be your happiest/healthiest self in order to help your patrons be their happiest healthiest selves.

A Gentle Introduction to ChatGPT 
December 5, 12:30–2:00 p.m. 

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way that we write, research, and create. But how do tools like ChatGPT work? And how does this affect the text it generates? Join Mary Ton for a technobabble-free introduction to generative AI. As we discuss what's happening behind-the-scenes, we'll identify common issues when working with GPT-generated text, including hallucinated citations, and consider the current state of copyright for AI-generated works. We'll also play with prompts for generating library programming ideas, developing creative projects, and copyediting. The final 40 minutes of the workshop will be devoted to Q&A and hands-on activities, so bring your curiosity and questions!

Dr. Mary Borgo Ton is an Assistant Professor and Digital Humanities Librarian at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She delights in helping librarians, researchers, and artists imagine new possibilities for their work through thoughtful engagement with digital tools. Her approach to AI is informed by her experience as a composition instructor and digital publishing specialist. In her research, she uses machine learning to study the global history of projection.

Alma Named User Reduction Project

CARLI's contract for Alma/Primo VE with Ex Libris includes a capped number of "named users," (Ex Libris' term for staff logins to Alma); our consortium currently exceeds this cap. CARLI staff is providing informational sessions for I-Share Directors, Liaisons, and staff to discuss the named user reduction project and to answer your questions. The sessions will be identical, so I-Share participants need only attend one. The sessions will not be recorded since we are discussing financial/contractual concerns.

CARLI strongly recommends that at least one person from your organization attend one of these sessions.

Let's Talk About Fulfillment

After a brief hiatus, LTAF is back for fall 2023/spring 2024 with the theme: "Alma Configuration: Whose Are These Settings, and What Do They Do?"

Every other Tuesday from 2:00–3:30 p.m. we will discuss a portion of fulfillment-related Alma Configuration, including an explanation of any consortial recommendations or requirements. There will be time each session for Q&A, and as always, the opportunity for libraries to schedule meetings with CARLI staff for individual institution follow-ups. The sessions will be recorded and posted to the CARLI website.

Upcoming discussions: 

Please visit the event page(s) on the CARLI Calendar to register for the session(s) you would like to attend. The Zoom connection information will be sent on the Monday before each meeting. 

Alma Digital for the Digital Fulfillment Workflow

Ex Libris and CARLI have negotiated pricing for I-Share libraries for the full Alma Digital service and separate pricing for Alma Digital for Controlled Digital Lending service. Please see CARLI's Alma Digital for I-Share Libraries information page and contact CARLI Support for pricing.

Please join us on November 1 from 11:15 a.m. –12:00 p.m. when Ex Libris staff present an informational webinar for CARLI I-Share libraries on Alma Digital for the Digital Fulfillment Workflow (Controlled Digital Lending).

For more Information about Alma-D, see: Digital library Resource Management : Alma - Ex Libris 

Registration is not required for this event. Meeting URL: 

From Ex Libris: "Using Alma Digital reduces the number of tools you need to learn and maintain, and familiar workflows simplify the process of managing and storing your digital assets in the cloud. You'll manage your digital resources' metadata and files in Alma, and report on digital inventory and usage via Alma Analytics. Alma Digital supports digital fulfillment workflows (DFW), including limiting the number of users and waitlist management."

If you have specific questions about using Alma-D for Controlled Digital Lending, please forward them to before October 27 and we will share them with the presenter.

Preservation Tip

Preservation Tip: Disaster Planning 101: Project Introduction
Jade Kastel, Assistant Professor, Music Librarian, and Library Diversity Officer, Western Illinois University

When one thinks of disaster funding, a first thought that may come to mind is the cost associated with replacement or salvage of collections and building repairs that are needed after a disaster. This article focuses on the preparations before a disaster, funding disaster preparedness, and steps institutions can establish beforehand to help manage and mitigate in the event of a disaster, from a leaky roof to the rare occurrence of a collection-wide incident.

To learn more about this topic, please read the full article.

Other Library News

Mentorship Program for Cataloging Professionals Survey

Are you interested in professional growth and learning in cataloging? Are you enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge and experiences or seeking guidance from experienced cataloging professionals? If so, you are invited to participate in our Mentorship Program Interest Survey.

RAILS and Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) are exploring the creation of a cataloging-focused mentorship program for all levels of cataloging staff in Illinois. This survey is meant to gauge interest in program development and the structure of a mentorship program. Staff from all library types and affiliations are welcome to participate in the survey, which will be open from October 16 through November 10. For questions, please contact , , or .

Choreo Insights: Shaping the Future of Collection Management and Analytics

OCLC invites CARLI members to join a 45-minute webinar "Choreo Insights: Shaping the Future of Collection Management and Analytics" on November 2, 1:00–1:45 p.m.

Choreo Insights is a new collection analysis tool that allows to you comprehensively compare your collections to other libraries and groups. Using Choreo Insights, librarians contribute tangible advancements for institution-level diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts by identifying collection issues as a starting point for targeted collection development.

Learn about these use cases:

  • Collaborative Collection Development and Gap Analysis
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives - to preserve or enhance inclusion in the collection
  • Academic Program Alignment - how well your library supports key academic programs on campus

The FAST subject headings are proving to be a powerful tool for DEI analysis. Many of these titles are multi-disciplinary in nature and do not lend themselves to a specific LC query. Both SCELC and UCLA have done research using this feature in Choreo Insights.

Please register to attend.

Upcoming CARLI Events and Meetings

Important Dates

November 5          Alma Quarterly Feature Release 
November 12        Alma Release Update 
November 15        CARLI Staff Retreat
November 23-24   CARLI Office Closed for Thanksgiving

December 3                    Alma Monthly Release
December 22-January 1 CARLI Office Closed for the Holidays  


November 1     Discovery Primo VE Committee
November 1     Public Services Committee
November 6     Archives Task Force 
November 8     Technical Services Committee
November 9     OER Committee
November 9     Resource Sharing Committee
November 13   Preservation Committee
November 14   Commercial Products Committee
November 16   CARLI Annual Meeting
November 16   CARLI Annual Governing Directors Meeting
November 29   Executive Committee 

December 4      Archives Task Force 
December 6      Discovery Primo VE Committee
December 6      Public Services Committee
December 8      Governance Board Meeting
December 11    Preservation Committee
December 12    Commercial Products Committee
December 13    Technical Services Committee
December 14    OER Committee
December 14    Resource Sharing Committee

Webinars, Forums, Workshops and Training

November 1   Ex Libris Informational Webinar on Alma Digital for Controlled Digital Lending 
November 2   Open Pedagogy Workshop for Librarians
November 2   Choreo Insights: Shaping the Future of Collection Management and Analytics
November 3   CARLI I-Share Alma Named User Reduction    
November 7   Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Patron Blocks, Limits, and Staff Overrides
November 7   GLAM Career Jam Information Session
November 8    Primo VE Usability Webinar Brown Bag
November 8    CARLI I-Share Alma Named User Reduction
November 9    Alma Primo VE Open Office Hours
November 13   OER Community Chat: Sustainability and Burnout
November 21   Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration – Alma Fulfillment Jobs and Their Related Letters
November 28   Illinois SCOERs Copyright Basics and Creative Commons Licensing

December 4      Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources #1
December 5      Illinois SCOERs: Permissions and Fair Use 
December 5      Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Customizing Patron-facing Letters
December 11    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources #2
December 12     Primo VE Usability Webinar
December 13     OER Community Chat: Local Programming
December 14     Ama Primo VE Open Office Hours 
December 18     Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources #3
December 19     Let's Talk About Fulfillment: Alma Configuration-Alma’s Fulfillment Calendars& Circ Desk Settings

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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