CARLI News May 29, 2015

Final Results from the 2015 Board of Directors Election

The election and appointment process for new members of the CARLI Board of Directors has been completed. Directors elected to 3-year terms beginning July 1, 2015 are: Dennis Krieb (Lewis and Clark Community College), John Wilkin (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) and David Stern (Saint Xavier University). 
Directors appointed to one-year terms are: Jim Cubit (Lake Forest College), Lydia Morrow Ruetten (Governors State University) and Cate Kaufman (Illinois Central College). 
Please join us in welcoming these new members of the CARLI Board.

CARLI Committee Appointments Complete for 2015

CARLI has completed the annual appointment process for CARLI committees. Staff from 50 member libraries will serve on CARLI Committees in 2015-2016. As in previous years, we will keep the volunteer list on file for any additional openings that may occur this year. We offer our sincere thanks to all those who volunteered to serve on CARLI committees.

CARLI Instruction Showcase

Register now to attend the third CARLI Instruction Showcase, June 18 at North Central College in Naperville. Sponsored by the CARLI Instruction Committee, this full-day event will feature innovative elements in library instruction and assessment. Presenters will demonstrate instruction techniques and tools that are designed to enhance library instruction, including introducing students to different ways of considering authority, evaluating primary sources and websites, and examining how format impacts source credibility. 

This year's showcase also focuses on establishing outreach relationships with different campus and community partners. Keynote speaker will be Karen Hogenboom, Associate Professor of Library Administration, Numeric and Spatial Data Librarian, and Co-Coordinator of the Scholarly Commons at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

For more information or to register, please visit the event page

Burn Simulation and Recovery Workshop

Do you have a plan if your library has a fire? How do you recover? Does your institution have a disaster plan? Has it been updated in the past year? Where do you start?
If you have these questions and more, then the date you need to remember is July 16, 2015.  Please save this date for the Illinois Fire Services Institute Burn Simulation and Recovery Workshop sponsored by the CARLI Preservation Committee.
The hands-on workshop will be held at the Illinois Fire Services Institute facility in Champaign. This workshop will train participants in planning for and response to a library fire disaster and hopefully answer the questions raised above.
Registration will open June 1, 2015. There will be a limited number of spots. Please watch for a registration announcement. If you have questions, please send them to

Usage Statistics Webinars

The Commercial Products Committee will be hosting a series of webinars on usage statistics presented by the major vendors offering products to our members. These will begin in early June with presentations by Alexander Street Press. The first webinar will show users how to get the most out of the Alexander Street Press statistics portal, and the second webinar will cover measuring return on investment for video products. Watch for announcements about dates and times.

CONTENTdm Software Upgrade

At 5pm on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, CARLI will begin upgrading the server software running CARLI Digital Collections from CONTENTdm version 5.4 to version 6.10.  We expect the process to be completed no later than Sunday, June 28, 2015.

This upgrade will provide new features to the public interface of CONTENTdm, but Project Clients and most staff procedures for adding materials will remain the same.

During the upgrade, a read-only copy of CARLI Digital Collections will be available for users to view and search.

CARLI has created an upgrade web page with information and links to release notes on CONTENTdm. This will be updated over time to include future announcements, information, and instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the .

CARLI Last Copy Project

The CARLI Last Copy Project seeks to preserve the last copy of monographs within the Illinois academic and research library community. This project allows any CARLI library that seeks to withdraw a last copy of a monograph to donate it to another CARLI library that will retain the title for resource sharing in Illinois.

If you are planning a review of your collection this summer and have items that are unique to Illinois but are no longer needed locally or no longer fit within your collection, consider participating in the CARLI Last Copy Project.  Completing a simple web form with the bibliographic information starts the process to donate your materials to another CARLI library. 

CARLI Accepting Student Yearbooks For Digitization through June 30, 2015

CARLI is still accepting submissions for the Yearbook Digitization Project. Yearbook project submissions will be accepted and items will be digitized on a first-come-first-served basis. All submission forms must be received by CARLI, and all items and metadata must be shipped to the scanning site, no later than the end of this fiscal year June 30, 2015.
Digitization of student newspaper, previously announced as a part of this project, is on hold pending final FY16 budget information.

I-Share Next Update

The I-Share Next Task Force and its four Specification Teams have been meeting more frequently over the past month as they continue to make progress on documenting the functionality that is desired in a system that will ultimately replace Voyager. Two Spec Teams submitted first drafts of their work to the ISNTF in May, and the ISNTF has reviewed their work and returned comments and questions for the Teams to address in their final drafts. Two more teams will have their first drafts to the ISNTF in June. Final drafts from the Teams will include priority rankings that will specify whether each item is essential, or desirable, and whether each desirable item is of low, medium or high priority.  

Summer will see the ISNTF and CARLI staff doing the final editing on the RFP and creating the evaluation and pricing worksheets. Work is still on schedule to have the Teams finish their work by the end of June 2015, and for the Task Force to submit a draft Request for Proposal to the CARLI Board for their September 2015 meeting.

Following the CARLI Board’s acceptance of the RFP, University of Illinois Purchasing and State Purchasing Officers will review it to ensure that it complies with all State policies. This formal review process can take several months or longer and we have allowed a year for this in the project timeline. On that schedule, the RFP would be released in 2016, a system selected in 2017 and implementation in 2018. All dates are of course subject to change.


Voyager 9.1.1 Upgrade, June 12-14: Is Your Library Ready?

I-Share library staff should be aware that the CARLI staff will be upgrading the Voyager software over the weekend of June 12-14 and that the VuFind catalogs will be offline during that weekend. We have recently been presenting a series of detailed webinars on changes coming in the new software, and we have a web page where you will find links to the webinar recordings and other information about the upgrade and the tasks, such as PC client updates, that it will require of I-Share library staff.  

As we have shared a lot of information with you regarding the upgrade, you may be concerned about whether everyone at your library have received all the upgrade information that they need, and if you have your proverbial “ducks in a row” for this event. To help you assess your library’s readiness, we’ve prepared an optional readiness survey, that you may either take online, or that you may print, and use as a checklist. Even if you feel your library is well prepared, the survey can be useful as it includes, in one document, links to many of the upgrade-related materials on the CARLI website. Please note that the survey is intended for you to use as a checklist, it is not a place to submit questions. As always, send any questions to .

During the upgrade period of 5 pm Friday, June 12, until 8 am Monday, June 14, people trying to search I-Share’s local or union catalogs via VuFind will see this message, “The catalog will be unavailable until approximately 8 am on Monday, June 15, 2015, while we upgrade I-Share system software.”

When the upgrade is complete, or in the event of any delay in bringing the system back online on Monday, CARLI will update the System Status information on the CARLI website and will also send broadcast email to the I-Share library liaisons and directors and the I-Share announce list. Please check the System Status “traffic light” on the CARLI website main page as your first step to confirming the status of the upgrade. 

Harrington College of Design Closing in August 2015

The Harrington College of Design, a Chicago-based CARLI member and I-Share participant since 2008, has announced that the college and its library will be closing. Harrington has reached an agreement with Columbia College Chicago, another CARLI I-Share member, regarding its academic programs and library. Pending creditor approval, this agreement affords Harrington’s Bachelor’s degree students the opportunity to transfer and complete their programs as students of Columbia, while Master’s and Associate degree students will continue their enrollment with Harrington, but within the Columbia College environment. The plan would become effective following Harrington’s summer term which will end August 22, 2015. The Harrington College Library collection will be transferred to Columbia College at the beginning of September 2015.
To prepare for the transfer of Harrington’s collection to Columbia, CARLI will be suspending any new I-Share Universal Borrowing requests for Harrington materials in early June 2015. Please continue to honor UB requests for your materials from Harrington students and faculty until further notice; we will disable this capability when the Harrington students and faculty have finished or moved to Columbia College. Please continue to return Harrington materials to them via ILDS until further notice as well.

Harrington and Columbia library staff will be working with CARLI over the summer to plan for the migration of the Harrington bib records to the Columbia database and other work associated with this project. Please watch for more detailed information on this project on the I-Share email lists this summer.

Research Subsidy Program: Projects Funded in FY2015

CARLI is pleased to announce the funding of five projects for the 2015 CARLI Research Subsidy Program.  

  • Assessment of International Students: Their University and Library Experiences; Melissa Burel and Sarah Park, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Assessment of Rural High School Students’ Information Literacy Skills: Does One Time Instruction Influence Post Test Scores; Daneen Richardson, Western Illinois University
  • Practical Management for Librarians: The RISWS Approach for Effective Library Team Management; Rana Hutchinson Salzmann, Meadville Lombard Theological School
  • Scholarship Policies and Attitudes at CCCU Colleges and Universities; Craighton Hippenhammer, Olivet Nazarene University
  • Unlocking Chicago’s History: A Guide to Conducting Research in Chicago City Government Records;  Dave Green, Northeastern Illinois University

More information about the program and these funded projects is available on the CARLI website.

CARLI Pricing Available for Reprints Desk A-Z Academic Document Delivery Service

CARLI member libraries can save on Document Delivery charges by using Reprints Desk’s A-Z Academic Document Delivery Service. To find out more about Article Galaxy's collection of journal articles with special copyright royalty rates, and to see how the platform can streamline article acquisition workflows directly and through integrations with systems such as ILLiad, Odyssey and RapidILL, visit the Reprints Desk web site.
The webinar hosted for CARLI member libraries on April 23 was not recorded due to significant audio issues, however, a recorded webcast of Reprints Desk 2015 Academic Town Hall is available at the Vimeo web site (Password: Happiness) . 
For additional information about Reprints Desk, please contact Tony Landolt, Reprints Desk Sales Executive, or via phone at 510.303.3231.

Preservation Tip:  An Annotated Guide to Recent CARLI Newsletter Preservation Tips

Beth McGowan, Northern Illinois University Libraries

In the last year and a half, CARLI’s Preservation Committee has published fourteen preservation tips in the CARLI Newsletter. Each tip contains useful information to both preservation specialists as well as non-specialists. This month’s preservation tip provides an overview of recent topics that have been addressed and the issue of CARLI’s newsletter in which you can find them. 

The preservation tips have addressed five basic topics: 1.) preservation of specific types of materials 2.) emergency preparedness 3.) Preservation Week 4.) storage issues and 5.) privacy. 

Area One: Preservation of Specific Types of Materials

In some ways, as preservation of materials is the bread and butter of conservation and preservation, it is hardly surprising that this area is our number one category. Two of our tips focused on special materials that need preservation.  In October of 2014, the CARLI Newsletter published Greg MacAyeal’s wittily titled tip “Keeping Score: Handling Musical Scores for a Longer Shelf Life.” In this piece, Greg outlines the hazards of circulating scores, including the hard use of scores in the hands of performers and the tendency for marking the material either by writing upon it or earmarking it. To maximize life, Greg suggests careful shelf preparation, careful examination that a complete score is returned during check in, and good erasers. He also argues for aggressive weeding. In another tip on special collection preservation need, Jennifer Ho addresses “Silver Tarnish Removal” in her November 2014 tip. She outlines the causes of tarnishing, methods of removal, and additional resources.

While traditional materials continue to need preservation, the area that is a growing concern these days is care of non-paper and new technologies. Thus, audio-visual materials were addressed twice in the last year and a half, most recently in March 2015 by Greg MacAyeal in his tip “Media 911” and in September 2013 in a tip titled “The Challenge of AV Preservation and Access” by Lorraine Olley. MacAyeal points to Mike Casey’s article “Why Media Preservation Can’t Wait: The Gathering Storm” as an essential reading and provides links to useful resources. In Olley’s piece, she discusses the complexity of preserving AV materials and then presents three basic steps for their preservation: creation and maintenance of optimal storage environment, protection of media during playback, and finally, plans to digitize. But as we all know by now, digital materials present their own preservation challenges. Those challenges are complex, but Sandra Fritz in her tip “Digital Preservation”, published in June of 2014, provides a reminder of the series of webinars created by CARLI members on the topic. She also provides a list of CARLI members trained in digital preservation.

Area Two: Emergency Preparedness

The next area most frequently addressed is preparing for an emergency. In January of 2014, David Bell wrote a tip, “Emergency Supply Cart”. This tip suggested that disaster planning is needed for both the big and the little disasters in libraries. For both of these kinds of disasters, he lists the contents of a preservation first aid kit kept on the emergency supply cart. Preparedness for the larger order disasters in the form of relationships with first responders is the topic of tip “Disaster Preparedness and Developing Relationships with Local Emergency Responders” published in December 2013. This tip provides resources to create the appropriate networks for your institution’s needs in the face of serious disasters. In her tip, “Creating a Disaster Plan: How to Get Started Using the dPlan,” published in October of 2013, Bonnie Parr explores the free, open source online tool to do disaster planning called dPlan. Everyone knows the need for disaster planning, but the doing is the problem. dPlan, Parr suggests, makes it easier. She describes the software, its use, and its retrieval. In our final disaster planning tip for the year, “Disaster Recovery Vendors & Pre-Need Contracts” Ross Griffith explains that part of disaster planning is having established relationships with vendors before a disaster strikes so that your institution can access appropriate and quality help for reasonable prices in the aftermath of disaster.

Area Three: Celebrating Preservation Week

Both of these excellent tips provide a wealth of resources and ideas for celebrating preservation week at your institution to raise preservation awareness!

Area Four: Storage issues

Cason Snow’s tip, “Shelving Commandments” published in July 2013 provides six (not ten) shelving commandments and useful links on shelving issues. 

In “Problems with Space,” published January of 2105, Anne Thomason argues that if you want space, those who control money must know why your collection matters. If they know why your collection matters and how it serves the community, only then do they care about a collection’s needs. 

Area Five: Privacy

Dunbar in her “Privacy and the Archive” outlines privacy obligations to donors and to users of archival collections. To protect these rights, she lists steps to take to protect privacy in your archives and resources to understand privacy issues.

Important Dates

June 12–15    Voyager 9.1.1 Upgrade
June 23–28    CONTENTdm Upgrade

Forums, Workshops and Training

June 2               Voyager 9.1.1 Upgrade Webinar #7: Access Reports
June 18             Instruction Committee Showcase @ North Central College, Naperville
July 16              Illinois Fire Service Institute Burn Simulation and Recovery Workshop


June 2              Preservation Committee
June 4              Collection Management Committee
June 4              I-Share Next Task Force Meeting
June 5              CARLI Board of Directors Meeting
June 10            SFX System Committee
June 11            Public Services Committee
June 11            Commercial Products Committee
June 12            Technical Services Committee
June 18            Resource Sharing Committee
June 19            Instruction Committee
June 19            I-Share Next Task Force
June 23            Created Content Committee
Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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