CARLI News June 30, 2021

University of Illinois System/CARLI Awarded $1 Million Open Textbook Pilot Grant

The University of Illinois System/CARLI has been awarded a 3-year $1.08 million from the U.S. Department of Education's Open Textbooks Pilot Program – a competitive grant program based on US Senate Majority Whip and Illinois Senator Richard Durbin's Affordable College Textbook Act The grant will fund Illinois SCOERs (Support for Creation of Open Educational Resources), a program that will provide access to open textbooks and personalized learning tools for entry-level courses in high-demand health care and human development career paths. 

"Illinois SCOERs is a true statewide enterprise that will fundamentally change the open educational resources landscape in Illinois by providing a new holistic support model that will promote student success through OER awareness, implementation, growth, and adoption," said Anne Craig, senior director of CARLI.

CARLI staff will be working with grant partners to initiate planning for the project. The grant period is three years, 9/1/21–8/30/24. 

The full press release is available from Senator Durbin's website.

Save the Date: CARLI Annual Meeting and Director's Meeting

The 2021 CARLI Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 10 via Zoom. Staff at any CARLI member library is invited to attend. 

A Zoom meeting of the CARLI Governing Directors will be held on Thursday, November 4. 

Registration will be available soon for both of these events.

CARLI Committees Annual Reports Available Online

We encourage you to take time to review the committee annual reports for FY2021.

CARLI's committees play a vital role in the ongoing success of the organization, and the service of all of our volunteers maintains the tradition of commitment to developing and maintaining quality programs and services that enhance CARLI's reputation in Illinois and beyond.

The efforts of CARLI committee members provide a critical service to the organization and to all Illinois libraries, and we offer our thanks and deep appreciation for their service.

CARLI Counts Cohort 3 Application Period Open through July 15

We are pleased to announce that as a result of shutdowns related to COVID-19, The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has granted CARLI a one-year, no-cost extension to the CARLI Counts award. This extension means that CARLI can offer an additional cohort (the program was originally slated to include two cohorts). Cohort 3 will meet exclusively via Zoom, with team presentations at the 2022 CARLI Annual Meeting (tentatively planned as an in-person event).

CARLI Counts is a continuing education library leadership immersion program that prepares librarians to make effective use of research findings on the impact of academic libraries on student success for the twin purposes of service development and library advocacy. Program participants will learn how to use local library data analytics in alignment with institutional data, goals, and strategic priorities to improve their services and demonstrate their value. CARLI Counts deliverables will include a portfolio of local case studies, an evaluation of the collective statewide impact of those cases, and a replicable state/regional training model for equipping librarians to be campus leaders in assessing library impact on student learning and success, all of which will be made openly available on the CARLI website. 

Please visit the program page for more information including the application form or contact  with any further questions.

Library application forms will be accepted through July 15.

CARLI OER Faculty Workshop: Supporting Academic Success: Open Educational Resources and Affordable Course Materials (July 2021)

The CARLI OER Committee invites members to share this opportunity to attend a workshop about open educational resources including open textbooks with their teaching faculty. Members of the CARLI OER Committee and CARLI Staff will present this virtual workshop on July 15 with primary content presented from 10:00–11:30 a.m. and time for additional consultation from 11:30–Noon.

After attending, teaching faculty will be invited to write a short review of an open textbook in the Open Textbook Library. If your institution/library plans to promote these workshops to your faculty and offer an incentive (money or other) for faculty to complete a review of an open textbook, please send a note to

The workshop will include:

  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • What are open textbooks?
  • What can we do?

Registration for this program is open now from the CARLI event page.

Library Instruction Adaptations and Support During and Beyond COVID-19

Calling all library employees at CARLI Institutions who provide library instruction:

The CARLI Instruction Committee seeks input from library employees at CARLI member institutions who provide instruction for a research study. The purpose of this study is to explore the degree to which library employees have altered their approach to instruction throughout and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent events, as well as instructional support offered during this time. Feedback provided will inform future programming offered through the CARLI Instruction Committee. The survey will remain open until Friday, August 13,  2021. 

The research is being conducted via a Qualtrics survey which should take 10-15 minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate in the study, you are free to withdraw any time while you are taking the survey. Please note that If you complete the anonymous survey and then submit it, we will be unable to extract the anonymous data should you wish it to be withdrawn. No personally identifiable information will be requested. Confidentiality will be maintained to the degree permitted by the technology used. Your participation in this online survey involves risks similar to a person’s everyday use of the Internet. Only the Principal Investigator will have access to the raw data collected from this survey via Qualtrics. She will remove any personally identifiable information from the data before it is shared with the research team (members of the CARLI Instruction Committee). There are no foreseeable risks in participating in this survey. Information you provide will not compromise your standing at your institution, other CARLI institutions, or the CARLI consortium. Responses will be used for research purposes, and will benefit the CARLI community by informing future programming and support offered through CARLI. If you would like to participate in the study, please visit

Please contact Principal Investigator, Annie Armstrong, with any questions about this research. 

Annie Armstrong, Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Liaison Librarian
University of Illinois Chicago

The UIC Exempt Research Protocol Number is 2021-0579

Revision of CARLI's ACRL Framework Toolkit  

In February 2015, ACRL released their Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education—envisioning it as a "cluster of interconnected core concepts, with flexible options for implementation, rather than on a set of standards or learning outcomes, or any prescriptive enumeration of skills." In 2016–2017, the CARLI Instruction Committee developed a Toolkit to map those instructional activities taught at the CARLI Instruction Showcase to the Framework, with the hopes that instruction librarians could use these presentations as resources for creating and/or re-imagining their own library instruction to accord with the Frames. 

During 2020–2021, the CARLI Instruction Committee revised the Bibliography section of the Toolkit to reflect how the Framework has been utilized and critiqued since its inception. 

Recording Available of Barbara Fister Event

The CARLI Instruction Committee is happy to present the recording and chat notes of "A Virtual Chat with Barbara Fister, " nationally known author and information literacy expert, with moderator David Ward, Director of Teaching and Learning at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that was held on Tuesday, May 18.

Let's Talk About Fulfillment (I Mean Alma, Not Life's Purpose)

If you would like to talk with CARLI staff and your CARLI library colleagues about Alma Fulfillment and Automated Fulfillment Network workflows and known issues, join us every other week, alternating between Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. and Fridays at 2:00 p.m. for the summer sessions of "Let's Talk about Fulfillment (I Mean Alma, Not Life's Purpose)."

CARLI Office Staff will be online for each session to work with your questions and to facilitate the discussion. Attendees will be able to unmute their microphones and/or utilize the chat for participation. We will take turns sharing screens as appropriate.

Sessions will be recorded only for CARLI staff use; since Fulfillment involves patron data, the CARLI office will evaluate if it is fitting and valuable to post segments of the sessions for later review.

The next session will be held at 2 p.m. on Friday, July 2. Please visit the CARLI calendar to register for the sessions that you are able to attend. 

Professional Development Alliance

The following programs from the Professional Development Alliance are currently on the calendar. Programs are offered on a wide variety of subjects. Check out everything the alliance is making available to our libraries in July!

  • July 8: Welcoming Students & Families Back to the Library
  • July 14: Comfortable Access to Library Buildings by Users and Staff with Disabilities: Going Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act Minimums 
  • July 15: CARLI OER Faculty Workshop 
  • July 20: Comfortable Access to Library Buildings by Users and Staff with Disabilities: Going Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act Minimums (section 2)
  • July 20: Getting Started with MarcEdit
  • July 22: "What Do You Mean?": A Conversation About User Centered Reference for Academic Health Information

To register visit the CARLI Event Calendar. Recordings of past CARLI-sponsored PDA events are available  where permitted by the presenter.

We want to hear from you! If you have a topic you would like to see as a continuing education program, send your idea to .

CARLI Ebook Program

Member Access to Wiley Online Books

CARLI Governing Members now have access to 23,000+ Wiley Online Books that include all subjects as well as all years available within the Wiley Online Library. All titles have unlimited access for CARLI members through June 30, 2022 and may be used as course materials or for course reserves. Direct links may be embedded into course management systems; however, materials may not be used to fulfill interlibrary loan requests until after titles have been purchased for perpetual access after the end of the access period.
I-Share libraries do not need to do anything to add the MARC records for this content. CARLI has shared MARC records for these titles in the Network Zone for access in Primo VE.
For Non-I-Share libraries that have loaded the shared OCLC Knowledgebase Collection, CARLI staff have shared a new collection with these members through OCLC Collection Manager. There is a document that explains the process to deselect the FY21 Wiley Collection and to select the FY22 Wiley collection.

Usage data for Wiley Online Books will be shared with members in July.

Oxford Ebook Purchases

This week, CARLI shared with members their institutional usage for Oxford Scholarship Online and University Press Scholarship Online and a preliminary list of titles that CARLI will purchase for perpetual access. This information was sent to library directors. Members have until July 28 to make purchase decisions.
CARLI Staff will hold four Q & A Sessions about Ebook Purchases:

  • June 30: 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.
  • July 13: 2:00 – 2:30 p.m.
  • July 15: 1:00 – 1:30 p.m.
  • July 19: 1:00 – 1:30 p.m.

If you have questions or would like the connection information, please send an email to .

Oxford University Press: Oxford Scholarship Online Access Extended

Oxford has extended access to the FY21 Oxford Scholarship Online content through July 15, 2021. CARLI staff is working with Oxford to determine if that date may be extended further.

For FY22, CARLI Governing members will have access to titles in nine subject areas for the publisher Oxford University Press: Biology, History, Law, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Social Work, and Sociology with publication dates of 2018– June 2022.

All titles have unlimited access for CARLI members through June 30, 2022 and may be used as course materials or for course reserves. Direct links may be embedded into course management systems; however only minimal, insubstantial amounts may be used to fulfill interlibrary loan requests.

CARLI is waiting for additional information from Oxford before we can take the next steps in sharing MARC records with I-Share and non-I-Share members.

I-Share libraries will not need to do anything to add the MARC records for this content. CARLI will share MARC records for these titles in the Network Zone for access via Primo VE.

CARLI will share MARC records with non-I-Share members in the best way possible as soon as we learn more from Oxford. 

University Press Scholarship Online Access Extended

Oxford has extended access to their Partner Presses content on the University Press Scholarship Online platform through July 15, 2021. CARLI staff is working with Oxford to determine if that date may be extended. However, after the extension period ends, CARLI members will no longer have access to the content from the 18 Partner Presses on the University Press Scholarship Online platform. CARLI Governing Members will have access to titles purchased for perpetual access from the FY21 (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) Ebook Program.

I-Share libararies will not need to do anything to remove or activate the MARC records for this content. CARLI will turn off these collections in the Network Zone to remove access and share records with perpetual access in Primo VE.

CARLI is waiting for information from Oxford on the best way to share the MARC records with perpetual access and remove access for records you no longer will have access. 

Alma Primo VE Update

At their June 11, 2021 meeting, the CARLI Board of Directors approved an updated version of the I-Share Resource Sharing Code, the CARLI document that covers the policies and practices pertaining to using I-Share for resource sharing. The revised Code is effective July 1, 2021. 

Section I of the Code documents the history of revisions made to the Code since it was first enacted in 1981. That section now includes the following summary of the updates in this new version:

The I-Share participant institutions migrated from the Ex Libris' Voyager library management system to Ex Libris' Alma library services platform in June 2020. This 2021 revision of the Code removes Voyager-specific terminology and adds clarifications about I-Share institutions' collections housed outside Illinois and shipping materials to remote users. This version also adds the requirements for I-Share libraries to publicly post their facility hours and access policies, and to keep their user records in I-Share as current as possible. Also, as of 2021, CARLI has discontinued the I-Share direct borrowing service for ILLINET libraries, so all references to "Institutional Borrowers" have been deleted. Finally, this revision includes references to the January 2021 elimination of fines for overdue materials and processing fees for I-Share participant institutions.

While this revision requires no immediate action on part of I-Share member institutions,  we would like to encourage you to take time this summer to review your library website to make sure that your facility access hours and policies are easy to find and up to date, that any references or links on your website relating to I-Share services are also up to date, and that your institution's information in CARLI’s online membership directory is also current. In particular, as I-Share lost material policies going into effect on July 1, please make sure that any information you have posted about lost billings and payments for lost items is accurate.
If you are interested in implementing Alma acquisitions, or even just curious about it, you may be interested in the series of webinars that Ex Libris will be hosting on five consecutive Wednesday's beginning July 21. Following each of these five sessions CARLI Staff will be hosting an informal follow-up discussion via Zoom. Connection information will be available on the CARLI Calendar.    

CARLI staff are working on preparations for running a package of annual fiscal year stats on July 1. While the differences between Voyager and Alma data will introduce some differences this year, they will be as comparable to to the Voyager reports as possible. Please watch for announcements about their availability in early to mid-July.

June 24, 2021 marked our one-year anniversary from going live on Alma and Primo VE. Our first year on the new system was unlike anything we could have predicted when we began our plans to replace Voyager. On behalf of the CARLI staff, we thank you all for your tenacity, patience, and flexibility as we navigated this challenging year.  

Preservation Tips

Preservation Snapshot at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Tonia Grafakos, Marie A. Quinlan Director of Preservation at Northwestern University

For 2020–2021, the CARLI Preservation Committee is gathering snapshots from the diverse range of perspectives of CARLI member institutions to explore various responses to the pandemic. With specific institutional action, impacts on preservation practices, and keeping up with developing information, we hope that these snapshots will provide the broadest range of responses to shed some light on how our work can continue as well as to provide a record of how libraries responded during this unprecedented time.

This month, Bonnie Parr, Historical Documents Conservator at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, discusses how the Presidential Library responded to Covid-19 and how the pandemic affected operations and patron interactions. 
Read the full interview here

Read additional interviews from the Preservation Committee’s Project Webpage

2020-2021 Project Wrap-Up
Becky Koch, Conservation and Preservation Specialist, Milner Library, Illinois State University 

To say this has been an unusual year would be an understatement. Along with the personal stressors of living through a pandemic, our jobs rapidly and unexpectedly transformed. This year's CARLI Preservation Committee wanted to capture our experiences and share them with our colleagues in the hopes that we could learn from one another.

Several common themes showed through in this year's interviews. First, flexibility. In March of 2020 we were told to pivot to work-from-home with little notice. To achieve this, our everyday work responsibilities had to change, and we needed to find new ways to provide our patrons with services. Our work became more digital-focused; many highlighted efforts to find digital surrogates or to create them if none existed. Digital reference services were enhanced and expanded. We all learned more about copyright and what we could digitize for our patrons and what we could not. 

Not only did we provide access to materials through digital means, we also developed low or no contact ways of distributing physical materials. Several of you mentioned pulling requested books for patrons and leaving them on a self-serve hold shelf. Others mentioned placing requested books in lockers. No matter how we managed it, we all got materials to our patrons when they were needed. 

We also relied on communicating with our colleagues and peers to exchange new information, and we did it in completely new ways. A few of you mentioned attending digital conferences, and we have all become expert Zoom users. While I think we all miss the informal nature of water-cooler chats, some mentioned the benefits of having planned, regular meetings with colleagues. Perhaps we will bring the flexibility, communication techniques, and creative problem solving skills we learned during this time into post-COVID life, although I will be grateful to have those informal conversations back as well. 

As for specific preservation work, digital projects got a lot of love over the past year. Metadata was mentioned more than once as was digitization of materials. You also spent time researching and learning new techniques, something we do not often have time for in our regular work days. Some of you even performed work on physical items at home, but most are eager to get back in to the lab. 

For a snapshot of the library preservation activities over the course of the past year, read all the interviews from the Preservation Committee's Project Webpage

Other Library News

REFORMA Seeks Latino and Spanish Speaking Survey Participants 

REFORMA, the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking, is currently seeking survey particpants as part of the project entitled "Telling Our Stories: Community Building and Leadership, Recruit and Retain Latinx to the Library Profession." Funded by an IMLS grant (RE-00-17-0130-17), this study aims to identify challenges and highlight the experiences of librarians of color, particularly as it relates to retention and promotion. Our focus is to capture data to strengthen support for current and prospective Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) throughout the library field.

Adults who have completed an MLIS and identify as a person of color are invited to participate in this study. The survey is expected to take 20 minutes to complete. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary.  All data collected will remain anonymous and confidential. Participants will have the option to contribute to a 30-minute follow-up study for which there is an incentive.
You can find this survey on employment and job seeking experiences of BIPOC librarians at Please fill out the form by July 14.

Upcoming CARLI Events and Meetings

Important Dates

The CARLI Office Staff will remain in remote work status until further notice.

July 5       CARLI Office Closed for Independence Day                

July 4       Alma Monthly Release
July 11     Alma Release Update

August 1    Alma Monthly Release
August 8    Alma Release Update


July 14    CARLI All Committees Meeting
July 23    Preservation Committee

Webinars, Forums, Workshops and Training

July 1      CARLI Discussion for Ex Libris Knowledge Days: Fundamental of Sets and Jobs
July 2      Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Option 2
July 2      Let’s Talk About Fulfillment
July 7      Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources
July 8      CARLI Alma & Primo VE Open Office Hours
July 8      PDA Event: Welcoming Students & Families Back to the Library
July 12    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Live Session #1
July 13    Let’s Talk About Fulfillment
July 14    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Live Session #1
July 14    PDA Event: Comfortable Access to Library Buildings  by Users and Staff with Disabilities: Going Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act Minimums
July 15    CARLI OER Faculty Workshop
July 15    Governing Directors Check-In
July 19    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Live Session #2
July 20    PDA Event: Comfortable Access to Library Buildings by Users and Staff with Disabilities: Going Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act Minimums
July 20    PDA Event: Getting Started with MarcEdit
July 21    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Live Session #2
July 22    PDA Event: "What Do You Mean?": A Conversation About User Centered Reference for Academic Health Information
July 22    CARLI Alma & Primo VE Open Office Hours
July 26    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Live Session #3
July 28    Understanding and Promoting Open Educational Resources Live Session #3
July 30    Let’s Talk About Fulfillment   

August 3      PDA Event: Fostering Community and Students' Creativity with Online Programming
August 10    Let's Talk About Fulfillment
August 12    CARLI Alma & Primo VE Open Office Hours
August 26    CARLI Alma & Primo VE Open Office Hours

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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