CARLI News June 30, 2015

CARLI Budget Reduction Beginning July 1, 2015

While there is no final information available about the state budget at this time, CARLI was directed to model a 20% permanent budget reduction in operating expenses beginning July 1, 2015. CARLI is committed to protecting Governing member access to EBSCO Academic Search Complete, and I-Share. Rather than make cuts to our most critical programs, we are instead limiting initial reductions to current programs and services that will have a less severe effect on the patrons of member libraries in FY16. Beginning July 1, 2016 (FY17), libraries that choose to continue using partially subsidized products (Chronicle of Higher Education, Oxford English Dictionary, and SFX) will be required to pay a greater portion of the cost. Libraries will assume the full cost of the products July 1, 2017 (FY18.)

The budget cut will also result in other reductions. CARLI will not proceed with the digitization of student newspapers as previously announced, the Research Subsidy Program, which funded 5 proposals in 2015, will not continue, and the e-book pilot that ended in January 2015 will not continue as an ongoing project. 

In the unlikely event that budget reductions are smaller than anticipated, CARLI will reconsider the planned reductions. As always, please send any questions or comments to

Committee Annual Reports

We encourage you to take time to review the committee annual reports and projects for FY2015 on the CARLI web site. In addition to the committee's annual reports, the committee projects for FY15 were:

Revision of the E-Resources Licensing Principles
A Survey of the Use of CARLI Digital Collections
Instruction Toolkit
Preservation Survey
Personal And Collaborative Knowledge Management: Projects And Tools For Librarians
Recommended Resource Sharing Workflows
Addressing the Information Needs of SFX Administrators
Exploring Shelf-Ready Services

CARLI's committees play a vital role in the ongoing success of the organization, and the service of all of our volunteers maintains the tradition of commitment to developing and maintaining quality programs and services that enhance CARLI’s reputation in Illinois and beyond.

The efforts of CARLI committee members provide a critical service to the organization and to all Illinois libraries, and we offer our thanks and deep appreciation for their service.

CONTENTdm Upgrade Completed

The CARLI Digital Collections server upgrade to CONTENTdm software version 6.10 was successfully completed on June 26. All library staff user account access has been re-enabled. Library staff may once again use the Project Client and Web Administration after completing the required items listed under the "Library Tasks After the Upgrade" section of the Upgrade web page.

If you experience any problems or have any questions using CARLI Digital Collections,  please  

IFSI Burn Simulation and Recovery Workshop

Do you have a plan if your library has a fire? How do you recover? Does your institution have a disaster plan? Has it been updated in the past year? Where do you start?

The hands-on Burn Simulation and Recovery Workshop will be held on July 16 at the Illinois Fire Services Institute facility in Champaign. This workshop will train participants in planning for and response to a library fire disaster and hopefully answer the questions raised above.

Registration for this workshop is now open to more than one attendee per institution. Previously, registration was only open to one attendee per institution due to the limited space available for this hands-on workshop

Please register by July 2. 

SFX Upgrade Introduces New Localization Manager

CARLI has upgraded to version 4.8, which introduces a new Localization Manager for administrators. The Localization Manager allows you to report on and/or remove any localizations you’ve made in the knowledge base. A typical use case would be to remove local date coverage that now matches corrected global coverage. Launch the Localization Manager from the lower half of the SFXAdmin main page, under Additional KBTools. Send questions to .

I-Share Next Update

The I-Share Next Task Force four Specification Teams are on target to have their draft chapters done close to their June 30 target date. Once the Teams are finished, the Task Force will do final edits on the draft chapters and assemble the evaluation scoring and cost worksheets. The Task Force will again meet with purchasing representatives from the UI and State of Illinois in July to make sure the Task Force evaluation plans comply with all regulations.

The ISNTF has planned two, two-day working meetings in July and August and reserved dates for a third two-day session if needed. Work is still on schedule for the Task Force to submit a draft Request for Proposal to the CARLI Board for their September 2015 meeting.

Following the CARLI Board's acceptance of the RFP, University of Illinois Purchasing and State Purchasing Officers will review it to ensure that it complies with all State policies. This formal review process can take several months or longer and we have allowed a year for this in the project timeline. On that schedule, the RFP would be released in 2016, a system selected in 2017 and implementation in 2018. All dates are subject to change.

I-Share Voyager 9.1.1 Upgrade Update

The upgrade to Voyager 9.1.1 was completed on June 15, as anticipated.

CARLI Staff have documented workarounds to several widespread issues reported to us since the Voyager upgrade. Please see the Voyager Upgrade Page under Library Tasks after the Upgrade:

Workarounds available:

  • Persistent "Invalid Login" errors, when the login should be valid
  • Voyager Reporter Login "Hanging" and timing out 
  • Call Slip client unable to print, prints too much, and/or generates a "Run time error 6"
  • Voyager Reporter Client not generating Circulation Notices 
  • We continue to investigate these issues. As we discover new information we will share it with I-Share Liaisons and appropriate topical email lists (such as resshare-ig), as well as on our webpages.

Please continue to with any issues.

Preservation Tip: Summary of the 2015 Preservation Survey

Beth McGowan, Northern Illinois University

The CARLI Preservation Committee decided that to better serve the preservation and conservation needs of the CARLI membership, the committee had to understand member needs more fully. To this end, the Committee surveyed governing members in March 2015 on several preservation and conservation issues including collections and material types and the most common forms of damage to these collections; perceived needs of institutions; levels of institutional support for the preservation/conservation of materials and preservation/conservation activities undertaken internally and externally, including grant writing.

Our group tried to assess the needs of CARLI members in several ways. The survey first asked institutions to identify their preservation needs. Institutions were also asked to identify how their materials are damaged. Finally, the survey presented a range of preservation/conservation activities and asked institutions to identify whether their institution engaged in those activities. Using these multiple indicators, the Preservation Committee identified five main areas to concentrate its efforts to best serve the needs of CARLI members:

  • disaster planning
  • preservation planning and assessments
  • digital preservation
  • preservation of audio-visual materials
  • staff training

The Committee has addressed many of these areas with past programs that trained staff through free in-person workshops, webinars, videos and online resources that would otherwise be unattainable to some of its members. This survey verified that this type of continuing education programming should continue.

In addition to actual preservation issues, another need area for CARLI members was identified regarding budgetary constraints. Future programming may address working with your library administration to address preservation and conservation funding concerns both with identified budget lines and by looking at what might be accomplished with grant writing.

Upcoming CARLI Meetings and Events

Forums, Workshops and Training

July 3              Office Closed for Independence Day holiday
July 16            Illinois Fire Service Institute Burn Simulation and Recovery Workshop


July 17            Preservation Committee
July 27            Public Services Committee
July 29            Technical Services Committee
July 29–30       I-Share Next Task Force

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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