Alma I-Share Reminder: How to transit material that expires on the hold shelf

Please check that your colleagues who work with your library's hold shelf are aware of the workflow discussed in this post.
This reminder was also sent via email to the I-Share Liaisions, Resource Sharing interest group, and Public Services interest group on 8/23/2021.

What is the task?: When an item expires on your library’s hold shelf, or, the requesting patron states they no longer want an item they had requested before it expires, library staff must follow the transit workflow in Alma to return the item to its owning library.

Why is this important?: If the item is not put into transit following the workflow Alma anticipates, the item becomes stuck in transit in Alma. The item will end up ping-pong routing, back and forth between the item’s home library and the patron’s pick-up location.

How do we do the workflow?: Please have all library staff who work with on hold materials in Alma review the “Best Practices: Alma Hold Shelf Maintenance” section on this webpage:

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