Alma and Primo VE Project updates: Week of 5/27/2019

For a collated list, please review the Weekly highlights of the Alma and Primo VE project page.

  • CARLI Office Staff:
    • Were reviewing and testing the Network Zone records in both Alma and Primo VE.
    • Published a new webpage to assist CARLI's SFX libraries in preparing to migrate their SFX data to Alma. This webpage is linked from both the CARLI Alma FAQ and the main Alma/Primo VE webpage.
  • Vanguard Libraries:
    • Received their test Primo VE environments from Ex Libris this week.
    • Are are busy testing their data migration and settings. They will report any issues they find using the CARLI-documented workflow.
  • Your library:
    • Work with your Alma/Primo VE contact to determine how you will map your library's Voyager locations into Alma locations. The final location spreadsheet is due back to CARLI on July 23.
    • Watch the "I-Share Alma and Primo VE Test Migration Project Launch Webinar" listed on the CARLI Alma & Primo VE website under the "Alma & Primo VE Resources" section.
    • Review the dates and deadlines we now have for the migration.
      • Prepare to watch upcoming webinars and review the associated documentation.

As always, you can contact with any comments or questions.