Alma and SFX: Getting ready for migration

Link Resolver Data Migration: Preparing Your Data (YouTube Video)

Posted 6/13/2019

Intro & SFX: 0:00-3:40
360 Link: 3:44-4:50
EBSCO and other: 4:51-end
Slides for the "Link Resolver Data Migration: Preparing Your Data" video

The SFX Committee studied Alma/PrimoVE and developed procedures and instructions on how to get ready for the Alma/PrimoVE implementation. These tasks and guidelines will help all 38 SFX I-Share libraries.

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First do these:    

Introduction to Alma

Navigating & Searching in Alma (two lessons)

 In Resource Management section (Cataloging, Metadata Editing, other)

Electronic Resource Conceptual Background (15 minutes)
Handout for “Electronic Resource Conceptual Background”

Migration to Alma

General overview SFX to Alma: Web Page and video (8:24 minutes)  versions.

Overview from non-ExLibris link resolvers to Alma - including EBSCO 

Activation of E-Resources' Collections/Packages-

In Acquisitions training section :Activation Workflows: how to activate, test access and move to discovery any electronic collections/packages, services (full text or selected full text) and/or individual titles/portfolios using Activation task list or Wizard feature. (13 minutes.)

Display Logic for "View it" menus

FL-04 additional fulfillment configuration, includes section on Display Logic in Primo menus. (If X resources available , don’t show Y or Z.)

Fulfillment 16: Discovery- Display Logic Rules (12 mins.)

In Primo training section: Overall Concepts for A-Z list of ejournals. (11 minutes)
 NOTE: CARLI will be using Primo VE so any exact “how to set up” steps in plain Primo training may be different in Primo VE version.

DirectLinking & General Electronic Services

Fulfillment 14: Discovery- Direct Linking (6 mins.)

Fulfillment 17: Discovery- General Electronic Services (18 mins.) - setting up asking-a-question or ILL related features

Link Resolver data to Alma/Primo VE Webinar

Link Resolver Data Migration: Preparing Your Data (YouTube Video)

Posted 6/13/2019

Slides for the "Link Resolver Data Migration: Preparing Your Data" video

Check as needed

Alma Glossary – Definitions and de facto index to documentation. (Can download as PDF)

Note: Most of these tutorials are from the “Alma Essentials - English” menu.

CARLI staff will follow the SFX Systems Committee recommendation to run a report for each SFX library in June 2020 to yield last three years data for:


2 -Number of SFX requests and clickthroughs per source The number of times users clicked the SFX button in any particular source (rec$sourceId) and the number of clickthroughs; output is sorted by source name. (Top Fifty sources only.)

7 -Number of clickthroughs per target The number of times specific targets were selected in the SFX menu. (Top Fifty targets only.)  

12 -Journals requested but have no fulltext The top journals for which SFX requests resulted in no full‐text services in the SFX menu.  (Top Fifty titles only.)

19 -Most popular journals The number of times the most frequently requested full‐text journals were shown and selected in the SFX menu. (Top Fifty titles only.)

CARLI staff will include notes about factors affecting data such as changes in VuFind catalogs, the A-Z lists and other SFX services.