Alma and Primo VE Project updates: Week of 3/11/2019

For a collated list of past weeks, please review the Weekly highlights of the Alma and Primo VE project page.

Highlights: Week of 3/11/2019

  • CARLI Office staff:
    • Met with Ex Libris project managers and the Vanguard Libraries. Ex Libris provided some more detail on the timeframe for some major project milestones. A full timeline is still forthcoming.
    • Reflected on the Vanguard kick-off meeting so that we can appropriately scale and tailor the presented information for the future TBD kick-off for all 91 I-Share libraries.
    • Drafted Alma/Primo VE "sandbox best practices" for the Vanguard Libraries, so that they can begin do hands-on training exercises in the sandboxes next week. At this time the sandboxes contain generic, training data provided by Ex Libris, not real data from any of the Vanguard Libraries.
    • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions with more Q & A.
  • Vanguard Libraries:
    • Attended their "kick-off" meeting with the Ex Libris project management staff for a broader overview of how the Vanguard project fits into the overall migration timeline and workflows.
    • Filled out the Ex Libris "library landscape" survey.
  • Your library can:

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