Connexion Client Training Q&A Series, Session 5

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Gather with CARLI staff and your technical services colleagues to discuss Alma technical services topics, from acquisitions and cataloging workflows for physical resources to electronic resources management. Each session will include how-to presentations, discussion of consortial practices, and opportunities for questions and answers from CARLI and colleagues alike.

CARLI’s Technical Services Committee has identified a need to provide increased opportunities for cataloging training that meets different levels of staff and combines expert training with discussion. OCLC’s existing nine-module Connexion client training is a recognized source of quality training. The Committee will supplement these training modules with live discussion sessions in the Collection Client Training Q&A Series, giving those that view the training modules a venue to answer questions they may have about content covered in each module.

OCLC’s recorded modules are hosted in OCLC's Support site. To view each session, click the “View a recorded session” link, then “register” to view the recording. After completing your registration, the session recording will begin playing in a WebEx media player.

If you’re interested in participating in OCLC Connexion training, please watch the modules on your own and be ready to debrief them at the Connexion Client Training Q&A sessions. Session 5, scheduled as the February 22nd CARLI Technical Services Q & A, will cover Module 9, Authority Control. Discussion will be led by Brent Eckert, Rock Valley College.

Please note these modules cover Connexion client, not Connexion browser. Whereas some of the information may be applicable to both, this training is specifically focused on Connexion client. Note also that the Q&A sessions are not watch sessions. Q&A attendees should view the training modules in advance.

Anyone wishing to participate should register at the link above. We also encourage participants to submit questions beforehand by emailing Adrienne Radzvickas at

  • Module 9: Authority Control includes a recording  (105 minutes) and a learner guide. Discussion led by Brent Eckert, Rock Valley College.

Before viewing the recording, you will be prompted to register with OCLC for the use of the WebEx recording. Registration details include first and last name, email address, institution name, and institution location (state, country, zip code). Click the Register button to proceed, then WebEx will prepare the video player and download the content.

This session will be recorded. Previous sessions are archived as part of the CARLI Technical Services Q&A Webinar Series.