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Alma Title Count Reduction Project: NZ Bib Records without Inventory

November 10, 2021

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The I-Share Network Zone (NZ) contains bibliographic records that have no inventory. The NZ does not have "inventory" like the Institution Zones (IZ), but rather bib records in the NZ contain "Held At" information for each IZ that uses the shared central record.  Bib records without inventory that are not needed should be deleted from Alma in order to reduce our overall title count, and because when such bib records are unsuppressed from Discovery, the bib is returned in Primo VE search results of the IZ or NZ, respectively, which can frustrate users. 

CARLI has contracted with the Illinois Heartland Library System’s Catalog Maintenance Center (IHLS-CMC) to engage a team of their professional catalogers to work on Alma record deduplication and cleanup under the supervision of CARLI Office staff.  The IHLS-CMC team will be performing all of the bib record deletions from the Network Zone. There is no work for I-Share libraries to perform for this task.

Work Plan

Step 1: CARLI staff will write reports to find all bibliographic records in the NZ that have no inventory.

Step 2: The IHLS-CMC team will delete bibliographic records in the NZ that have no inventory.

Current Status

Step 2 began on October 14, 2021. 

As of November 10, 2021: 1,805,474 bibliographic records have been deleted from the NZ.