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Getting Started with Interface Customizations in Primo VE Webinar

Webinar held on July 19, 2022

The CARLI Discovery Primo VE Committee held a webinar panel discussion about interface customizations in Primo VE. Panelists demonstrated the basics, such as updating color schemes and labels, then jumped into local environments and JavaScript customizations. Panelists included: Allan Berry from University of Illinois Chicago, Christine McClure from DePaul University, Lindsey Skaggs from Illinois State University, and Aimee Walker from Joliet Junior College.


Recording length: 1 hour and 22 minutes

Presentation Slides and Other Materials

Presenter slides

Branding in Primo VE by Aimee Walker, Joliet Junior College

Updating Labels, Facets, & Search Targets in Primo VE by Lindsey Skaggs, Illinois State University

Setting Up a Local Environment for Testing by Christine McClure, DePaul University

Primo VE Customization with JavaScript Bundles by Allan Berry, University of Illinois Chicago

Chat Transcript, Websites Discussed, Images

Chat Transcript

List of Websites Linked to in Presentations and Chat

"What am I Searching?" Image used by Joliet Junior College (part of Aimee Walker's presentation)

Joliet homepage image

Text Joliet Junior College uses on their Primo VE home page cards with "What am I Searching?" Image:

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