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CARLI Recommendations on Local Resource Types in Primo VE for I-Share

Created: March 25, 2021

CARLI's Current Recommendation on Local Resource Types

I-Share institutions should not create any Local Resources Types in their IZs until more is known about how these work in our consortial network environment.

If your institution would like to recommend a Local Resource Type that can be established at the consortial level for all I-Share institutions to use, please contact .

CARLI's Future Plans for Local Resource Types

With the help of a future working group or task force, we will study how Local Resource Types behave in our consortial network environment and provide best practices to I-Share institutions on how to use them safely.

What is the Resource Type in Primo VE?

The Resource Type in Primo VE comes from an item's bibliographic record. The Resource Type displays in small, gray text at the top of the Brief Record display, as in these examples:


It also display as one of the default Facets in Primo VE, as in this example:


The Resource Type field is constructed based on existing bibliographic fields such as the LDR and 008 for MARC records, and the discovery:resourceType, dcterms:type, and dc:type fields for Dublin Core records.

Ex Libris documentation on Primo VE Resource Type Mapping describes the out-of-the-box resource types that are available and will display in Primo VE on bibliographic record results from your Institution Zone (IZ) and the Network Zone (NZ).

Ex Libris documentation on Resource Types in CDI describes which resource types will display in Primo VE on results from the Central Discovery Index (CDI).

Local Resource Types allow you to create resource types that are configured locally and are not included using the out-of-the-box rules cited above. However, Ex Libris documentation on Configuring Local Resource Types in Primo VE states:

"For consortia, local resource types must be defined in both the IZ and NZ when IZ records are linked to the NZ."

Therefore, CARLI will need to investigate how best to use them in our shared network environment. Please contact if you have any questions.