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Yearbook Digitization Project - Completed

In 2013, the CARLI Board of Directors approved funding for the digitization of the student yearbooks OR the student newspaper for all CARLI Governing members. The following information is for those institutions that have chosen to have yearbooks digitized. Institutions may choose to digitize yearbooks OR newspapers, but not both. The newspaper portion of the project is on hold pending the FY16 budget.

For this project, CARLI is working with the Internet Archive, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The Internet Archive has already digitized over 9,700 books, serials, and pamphlets for CARLI since 2008. These materials are freely available to CARLI libraries and the world, through the Internet Archive

Through their extensive experience digitizing thousands of college and university yearbooks, the Internet Archive has  identified four areas where the physical design, size, binding or paper type might not yield optimal digitization results. Please review the following Internet Archive Policy Statement about yearbook digitization in order to determine if any items in your collection may be problematic.

Yearbook project concluded on June 30, 2015.

Digitization of student newspaper, previously announced as a part of this project, is on hold pending final FY16 budget information.