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Illinois SCOERs Round One Awardees

CARLI is pleased to announce Round 1 awards for the “Illinois SCOERs: Support for the Creation of Open Educational Resources” Subgrants, funded by the Open Textbooks Pilot Grant received from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) and the U.S. Department of Education.

CARLI received excellent proposals to create Open Education textbooks and ancillary materials in the focus area, “The Human Condition: Care, Development, and Lifespan.” Open textbooks are free to students and free to be remixed and reused by others. Books created by awardees will utilize 3d printing as a pedagogical tool and will be available for use in Summer 2023. The Open Educational Resources (OER) textbooks created through the subgrants will save Illinois college students the cost of the textbooks.

Thanks to the generous grant funding CARLI received from the U.S. Department of Education CARLI is able to fund nine innovative projects representing thirteen institutions across the state. Among the institutions are community colleges, state universities, and private colleges and universities. Two of the nine grants represent multi-institutional collaborations.

The nine Round One Illinois SCOERs Subgrant Awards totaling $493,902.55 are:

  1. City Colleges of Chicago, Olive-Harvey College, “Institutional Strategies for Increasing Student Success: Equity and Open Educational Resources,” $59,984.70.
  2. Illinois Central College, “Nurse Assistant Training OER,” $59,572.80.
  3. Morton College, “Diverse Approach to Language Development,” $23,220
  4. National Louis University, “Cultural Humility in Public Administration,” $58,922.23
  5. Roosevelt University, DePaul University, and Harper College, “Development and Implementation of Open-Access Problems and Activities for Health-Focused Chemistry Courses,” $59,961.60
  6. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health Professions,” $59,254.20
  7. University of Illinois Chicago, “Advancing Open Educational ReSources and Visual Pedagogy for DIverRse StudEnts: ASPIRE,” $59,999.40
  8. University of Illinois Springfield, “The Psychology of Exceptional Children,”$52,982.64
  9. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Carle Illinois College of Medicine) and Knox College, “The Female Reproductive System and Women’s Health Through a Multidisciplinary Lens,” $59,989.68

Please join CARLI in congratulating the awardees for their successful proposals and stay tuned for more news about the projects and upcoming workshops related to OER creation and publications.

For more information about these OER, read the project abstracts.

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