CARLI Instruction Committee discussion: "Re-examining Instruction Practice: New Year’s Instructional Resolutions"

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Friday, January 27, 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Registration now open!

We hope you’ve all had a restful and rejuvenating holiday! As we flip our calendars to the new year, the CARLI Instruction Committee would like to invite you to our January event, Re-examining Instruction Practice: New Year’s Instructional Resolutions. This event will provide a virtual space for you to reflect upon and share some elements of your instruction practice that went well this past year, and to identify areas in which you could try something new. Please join our casual conversation to hear what your peers have learned over the past year, offer your own insights, and hopefully be inspired by new ideas and practices!

Please note that this event will _not_ be recorded and will use a Google Doc to facilitate discussions.

  • Preparing to discuss:
    • Is there something that went especially well with your instruction recently, or conversely something you’d like to do differently? How will that shape your practice in the coming months?
    • Is there an instructional technology or tool that you’re excited to try out, or use more effectively or frequently (e.g.. polling tool, video capture, etc.)
    • Will you approach your conversations and collaborations with instructional faculty differently this year?
    • What are some steps that you can take to protect your well-being? Are there areas in which you can gain agency or greater control over your instruction?