I-Share Next Request for Proposal Posted

The Request for Proposal (RFP) that seeks a new library services platform to ultimately replace Voyager (the software that supports I-Share), was publicly posted on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin for Public Institutions of Higher Education. We encourage you to view the document.
As outlined in Section 1.3 of the RFP (posted as a solicitation), Vendors are instructed to not discuss the solicitation, directly or indirectly, with any University employee other than the Solicitation Contact listed in the RFP.  All Vendor questions and concerns regarding the solicitation must be in written form and submitted to the Solicitation Contact within a specific timeframe.
In addition, the University instructs anyone associated with the solicitation (the CARLI staff, the I-Share Next Task Force and the Board) to maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding the solicitation process. 
Although it is impossible to accurately predict, we estimate that we have approximately two years of work ahead in the selection and implementation process.
We will update the membership when we am able to do so about the progress of the I-Share Next project. We appreciate your support!