I-Share Due Date Extension to February 1, 2021

CARLI staff have finished adjusting the Alma fulfillment configuration pertaining to the consortial 2/1/2021 term loan for all I-Share libraries, for both local patron settings (including library-submitted exceptions) and I-Share patron settings.

The bulk due date changes for each library's eligible loans to I-Share patrons have also been completed.

The bulk due date updates for local patrons are finished for the majority of I-Share libraries; CARLI staff have contacted those libraries where we still have outstanding work to complete for their local patrons' due dates.

Over the next few weeks, CARLI staff will provide each library with some reports for reviewing specific patron records or transactions. 

We will also be in touch as we work on re-enabling the Overdue notices in Alma; until then, no Overdue notices will be sent to patrons.

Please send any questions to .