SFX System Committee, August 13, 2014


Members Present

Xiaotian Chen, Denise Green (Minutes taker), Andrea Imre (Chair), Stacey Knight-Davis, Joanna Kolendo, Andrew Meyer, Jim Millhorn, Steve Oberg

Members Absent

Jeffrey Matlak

Staff Present

Mary Burkee, Paige Weston


  1. Updates

    1. from Paige:

      • Migration of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIU) SFX to CARLI hosted server is in progress. UIU aiming to have available to their users August 19. The additional traffic load will be closely watched to minimize disruption to current CARLI SFX instances.

      • Also related, after UIU moved the test server will be refreshed and Paige will alert SFX administrators to copy anything they want to save from test server before its wiped and redone.

      • CARLI staff will experiment with solid state storage/servers to see if having no moving discs increases response time and improves retrieval of data.  SFX will be a test case for this some time in next few months.

      • The EBL project is continuing. Paige is updating the EBL target as needed to show books added, publishers pulling content, etc.

      • Paige recommended all committee members go to the CARLI web site's user page and make him/herself an account.  Paige and other CARLI staff will approve the accounts and assign privileges to access the SFX committee space. CARLI will use Drupal groups to (eventually) replace the wiki as a group space for committees to design web pages together or share documents in progress, etc. The training webinars subgroup is using the Drupal groups space to share scripts’ drafts and lists already.


      from Andrea:

    • CARLI committee chairs meeting on July 21 included sharing all CARLI committee reports and white papers. In 2014-15 instead of “white papers” the board will ask for a “deliverable(s)” from committees. (See last year’s reports/white papers.) Andrea, Paige, Mary and others commented on the wide range of documents that were “white papers” and future plans to ask committees to focus on what document or product is valuable to their members. Committees can ask for feedback in November by officially telling the Board that “X “is going to be our deliverable. The SFX committee had discussed having the results of the user survey as our deliverable and/or a pathfinder to the SFX web lessons.

    • Andrea asked if the I-Share Next taskforce was forming a subgroup to look at link resolvers. Paige thought it was too early to tell in the taskforce’s work.

    • SFX update 4.6.1 feedback sent to SFX PWG. Andrea found the green dots feature useful in one case.


  2. Discussion items

    1. Training webinars planning team

      1. Several videos are ready for public use. One replacement is in process since the video lesson had pink static in it. One video on targets is nearly done. Scripts for several other training videos are in various stages of drafting. A status report and list with links to them is on the CARLI shared Drupal groups web page. Andy has volunteered to do several that Anita was going to write. Other volunteers and ideas for more scripts to write are welcome. Paige and Mary used one of the completed videos to help answer a question to CARLI support recently and got much positive feedback from the end user.

      2. Paige and all briefly discussed her map/diagram of the Training webinars. The committee may look at this during the Sept. meeting via CARLI’s virtual classroom. Any such diagram is complicated given the multilayered nature of SFX administration and the “Chicken or the egg” first dilemma of explaining such concepts as target, source, objects, etc.

      3. Andrea and Steve suggested changes to the CARLI SFX web site to make training docs more visible.

    2. Member survey planning team

      1. Please send in any comments on the latest draft by Friday. If no further changes needed, Paige will then run the survey by Margaret Chambers, CARLI communications director. The group’s goal is to have the survey up in September.

    3. FREE/Open Access targets review

      1. This subgroup is going through the free/open source targets to come up with a list of top tier, second tier and foreign language titles. Denise will post this spreadsheet soon to the Drupal Groups space. In order to be top tier the target needs to be reliable in connection to article level, have quality content and be in English. Some targets are natural for top designation like the publisher or platform free content that is on same systems as commercial content. These lists and the rationale for choosing the targets could become a committee deliverable.

    4. Open conference calls for SFX administrators

      1. All discussed when and how to have such open calls for CARLI SFX admins. The consensus was to use the survey results to help pick topics or themes for each call (or at least the start of each call in time.) Three or four could be held before June 2015.

  3. Other items

    1. HathiTrust- Paige is exploring if a HathiTrust target solution reported from Marjorie Tibbitts on sfx-discuss-l may help with our efforts to put a HathiTrust target on the CARLI shared instance.

    2. Jim Millhorn and Andrea discussed the DOAJ errors with multiURLs. ExLibris SFX has fixed this issue.

    3. Steve Oberg asked for feedback on SFX changes at Wheaton College. Use their links on CARLI's comparison page to see redesigned “simplified” menus and A to Z list. Using the simplified menus templates could be a topic for an open conference call in the future.

Next Meeting: September 10, 2014