SFX System Committee, Training Video Subcommittee, March 26, 2014


Members Present

Anita Foster, (Illinois State University); Steve Oberg (Wheaton College)

Members Absent

Denise Green (Millikin University)

Staff Present

Paige Weston


  • Do not number lessons. Title lessons as questions new administrators might ask: not "How do I activate a target?" but "How do I tell SFX what we subscribe to?"
  • Emphasize uses of the test server.
  • Point to existing docdel webinar for now; redo eventually to mention CCC_GET_IT_NOW
  • Postpone work on OPAC lesson: rely on existing documentation for now
  • Do lesson on shared instance after all. Describe how it works. Mention early in it who-all participates, so non-participants can bail on the lesson. Mention shared instance in other localizing-the-KB lessons, too, as reminder that libs that use shared instance don't need to activate shared targets.
  • Add Alexander Street Press examples to lesson on activating aggregator targets.
  • Five minutes is not necessarily too long for a single-topic lesson.
  • Make the pathfinder doc to these lessons be next year's white paper.
  • Aim to finish two lessons/month; release first set during the summer.



  • Clarify with Denise what she meant to cover in her suggested lesson #16.
  • Draft slides, speaker notes and full script for:
    • How Do I Connect to SFXAdmin?
    • How Do I Search the Knowledge Base?
    • What Are My Duties When CARLI Applies a KB Update?
    • How Do I Customize the Look and Feel of SFX?
    • How Do I Control Which Links Users See on Our SFX Menu [collaborate with Steve]:
      • DisplayLogic
      • Target ranking
      • Basic/collapsed menu
    • How Do I Tell SFX What We Subscribe To? eBooks, Videos and More


  • Draft slides, speaker notes and full script for:
    • How Do I Tell SFX What We Subscribe To? Using the DataLoader
    • How Do I Tell SFX What We Subscribe To? Representing Library Coverage in Thresholds
    • How Can My Users Report a Problem?
      • LOCAL_FEEDBACK target
      • Report Broken Link feature
      • Report a Problem link on DirectLink banner
    • How Do I Choose the Right Target?


Denise's assignments tentative, since she wasn't present to defend herself or express a preference

  • Draft slides, speaker notes and full script for:
    • How Do I Tell SFX What We Subscribe To? Aggregator Subscriptions
    • How Do I Tell SFX What We Subscribe To? Direct Subscriptions
    • What Do I Do When My Users Report a Problem? General troubleshooting tips and techniques
    • How Do I Use SFX to Assess My Collections?


  • Record all the lessons and get them posted to the web.
  • Draft slides, speaker notes and full script for:
    • What is SFX? An Introduction
    • What is an OpenURL?
    • What are SFX Sources and Targets?
    • How Does SFX Link from Sources to Targets?
    • How Do My Users Get Access? SFX Proxy Settings
    • What Do I Need To Know about SFX Target Parsers and Parse Params?
    • Where's the Documentation? Navigating through the Ex Libris DocPortal

Postponed/Unassigned for now

  • How Does SFX Know What We Subscribe To? CARLI's Shared Instance
  • Localizing the KB: getDocumentDelivery services. Rely on existing webinar recording for now.
  • Localizing the KB: Your Library's OPAC As Source and/or Target. Rely on existing CARLI documentation for now.
  • Maintaining the KB: Resources for Learning More and Asking Questions
  • What can CARLI do for you? Lesson to cover troubleshooting help, special queries, KB extracts for third parties, etc. Rely on existing documentation for now.
  • Stats/Reports/Queries. Rely on existing recordings for now.