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SFX Administration in the CARLI Environment

This document is intended for individuals who take over administration of an SFX instance on the CARLI server, after experience with SFX in another environment. It is intended as a brief orientation for CARLI library staff, and contains a non-exhaustive list of differences between SFX administration in the CARLI environment and SFX administration elsewhere.

Whom to contact?

As you would elsewhere (and whether or not CARLI brokers your contract with them), contact Source system vendors directly to report inaccurate or inadequate incoming OpenURLs; contact Target system vendors directly to report data errors or target-linking errors you believe are theirs to fix.

Ex Libris maintains the global KB.

  • To report a global KB data error related to a target you have active in your local instance, click “KnowledgeBase Change Requests” on the SFXAdmin main menu, or “Send to Ex Libris” on the Edit Object Portfolio window. You will see your institution's name in the dropdown list for “Contact name” in the “Creating SI via CRM” window. Ex Libris' replies (including the automatic confirmation email) will be sent to an email distribution list, specific for your library, that CARLI maintains. If you do not receive a copy of the confirmation email, please contact .

    • CARLI Office staff monitor all KB error reports that CARLI libraries submit via SFXAdmin, so if you report a problem with a target that you activate in your local instance and that CARLI also activates in the consortium's shared instance, CARLI will make the correction consortially, in anticipation of the correction Ex Libris will make globally.

  • To suggest a new target, contact NERS (your institution must be an ELUNA or an IGeLU member in its own right; consortial membership does not confer voting rights in NERS).

CARLI maintains the consortium' shared instance of SFX.

  • To report a KB data error related to a shared target, contact .

CARLI does your second-line troubleshooting. Contact :

  • For help with troubleshooting SFX functionality or look-and-feel

  • With questions about routine server-side processes such as KB update applications, Google Scholar extracts, A-Z regens, etc. CARLI staff will open an incident with Ex Libris if we cannot help you resolve the problem.


  • Each library with an instance on CARLI’s SFX server should designate one or more SFX contact persons, to whom CARLI will send announcements or questions about your SFX instance. To see who is currently named as an SFX contact person, check CARLI’s directory entry for your library.

  • Any individual may submit questions or problem reports about SFX to , whether or not the individual is named in the CARLI directory as an SFX contact person.

  • Anyone with any administrative responsibilities in SFX in the CARLI environment should be subscribed to the sfx-ig email distribution list. CARLI encourages its SFX administrators to subscribe to "sfx-discuss-l" as well.

  • Anyone who will submit problem reports directly to Ex Libris (such as global KB error reports) should be subscribed to the exlsupport-*** email distribution list that CARLI maintains (where *** is the three-letter code for your library). To verify subscriptions, contact 


CARLI Shared Instance

  • CARLI maintains a shared instance of SFX, to which all local instances on the CARLI SFX server are linked. We use “consortium model 2,” as described in Using SFX in a Consortium Environment, available via the Ex Libris DocPortal.

  • Targets activated in the shared instance.

  • If you are unfamiliar with consortium model 2 and the use of a shared instance, please review CARLI's 11-minute video, then contact with any questions.


  • All connections to SFXAdmin on CARLI’s production SFX server require a secure (https) URL. (Note that the base URL for public access to SFX is not secure; Source vendors should be informed that the base URL is***, where *** is CARLI’s three-letter code for your particular library.)

  • CARLI has modified the SFXAdmin main menu (or “lobby”), to include links to documentation, and to distinguish the links for contacting Ex Libris from the links for contacting CARLI.

  • CARLI Office staff need access to every SFX instance on CARLI’s SFX server. Please do not tamper with the user privileges for the “carli” account.

  • SFXAdmin is unavailable while KB updates are being applied, which, in the CARLI environment, is usually for about an hour on Friday, starting at about 5:30PM.

KB Updates

  • CARLI applies all KB updates received from Ex Libris, typically on the Friday that follows the Tuesday release, starting at about 5:30PM. CARLI staff announce via the sfx-ig email distribution list, usually on Monday morning, when an update (or “revision”) has been applied.
  • It is each library’s responsibility to follow up on each KB update, to identify any problems and to make any necessary manual corrections. Recommended viewing: What Are My Duties When CARLI Applies a KB Update? (23-minute video).
  • At a library’s request, CARLI Office staff will activate all object portfolios associated with free getFullTxt target services, automatically, after each week’s KB update.

Google Scholar

  • At a library’s request, CARLI Office staff will refresh the library’s Google Scholar extract, automatically, after each week’s KB update.

  • Logs show that Google typically crawls the CARLI server each Monday to harvest these extracts.

A-Z Lists

  • CARLI Office staff regenerate each library’s ejournal and ebook A-Z lists after each KB update, and also, automatically and overnight, after any manual changes to an SFX KB.

  • URL for access to the A-Z lists (where *** is the three-letter code for your library):

    •***/az   (old version)

    •***/journalsearch (new version)

SFX Usage Queries

  • CARLI Office staff run the “online2offline” batch job every night, to copy each day’s SFX usage data to the reporting environment.

  • Because usage data are exported every night, “canned” queries that run with a relative date of “today” will always return a null set.

  • Usage data are generally available for the current fiscal year to date, plus the whole of the prior fiscal year (July-June).

  • CARLI libraries are allowed to run any of the “canned” queries at any time. Through SFXAdmin, queries may also be scheduled to run in the future, either once or on a recurring basis. It is good practice to run queries in “off” hours, during low-usage times.

  • Some queries generate reports that are too long to be delivered via the SFXAdmin web interface. CARLI Office staff can run these reports on request: send email to .

  • SFX administrators who need an extract or SFX usage report that cannot be specified via the SFXAdmin web interface may submit the request to CARLI staff, via email to or via the “Other” option at


  • CARLI requires that every instance on the CARLI SFX server activate the LOCAL_FEEDBACK target.

  • In September 2012 Ex Libris introduced the “Report broken link” feature, on each line of the SFX Menu, if the library uses the simplified templates. CARLI libraries may opt out of this new feature, if they feel the LOCAL_FEEDBACK target is sufficient. See the SFX General User’s Guide for more information. If libraries leave the "Report broken link" feature enabled, CARLI's SFX System Committee recommends that best practice is to configure it to send problem reports to a local email address as well as to Ex Libris.

Test Server

CARLI is fortunate to have an SFX test server, which is a working copy of its production server. The test server is primarily for CARLI Office staff to use, when testing SFX software upgrades or local development work, but can be available for CARLI library staff to use in testing SFX configuration or customization options. The data on the test server will usually be stale; the test server is refreshed from production at irregular intervals. For questions about the availability or status of the test server, contact .