Public Services Committee Meeting: April 20, 2022

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Caitlin Archer-Helke (Saint Xavier University), Jessica Bastian (Illinois Central College), Krista Bowers Sharpe (Western Illinois University), Chad Kahl, co-chair (Illinois State University), Cynthia Kremer, co-chair (Joliet Junior College), Ashley McMullin (DePaul University), Arlie Sims (Columbia College Chicago), Lesley Wolfgang (Saint John's College of Nursing)

Member absent: Nestor Osorio (Northern Illinois University)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green


  • Minutes from March 16, 2022 meeting finalized, no changes suggested.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Lesley Wolfgang.
  • Lesley and Arlie agreed to take note for the Controlled Digital Lending: A Discussion program.
  • Elizabeth will send a CARLI program first slide to Chad to include in his slides.
  • Elizabeth and Denise will create an evaluation for the program based on the standard one that CARLI uses.
  • Chad and Cynthia will work on the Committee’s Annual Report.


  • Member Announcements:
    • Ashley McMullin (DePaul University): IDEA coordinator interviews ongoing; more hiring and recruitment for library positions taking place now that hiring freeze has been lifted.
    • Cynthia Kremer (Joliet Junior College): JJC will have a new president, Clynne G.H. Namuo, starting in September. The library has hired a new adjunct librarian, so they are fully staffed again and are able to extend hours to 8:00 p.m.
    • Krista Bowers Sharpe (Western Illinois University): The library has a new Dean and several new initiatives, including diversity fellowships across campus, including up to 4 positions in the library.
    • Chad Kahl (Illinois State University): Associate Dean position filled (Chad’s former position); also hiring for two additional library positions. Library has also been asked to do a program review self-study.
    • Arlie Sims (Columbia College Chicago): A new manuscript archivist hired; interviewing for access services coordinator.
    • Caitlin Archer-Helke (Saint Xavier University): New provost announced to start in August; no library director search until after that time. Library still working with a skeleton staff, and her contract as interim library director has been extended.
    • Jessica Bastian (Illinois Central College): Academic Services has been restructured and includes the library and three other departments; library director will now be the Dean of Faculty Development & Learning Innovation but still has oversight of the library. There are two open manager positions. The library has also applied for the CARLI Illinois SCOERs grant as well as plans to apply for an AAC&U Institute on Open Educational Resources grant.
    • Lesley Wolfgang (St. John’s College of Nursing): No library hiring; masks still required because of the healthcare setting. First DNP cohort to enroll for Fall 2022 semester.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • Upcoming Professional Development Alliance webinars available on the CARLI calendar; Directors Institute Series open to all.
    • May 20: CARLI Instruction Committee’s 10th Annual Instruction Showcase
    • May 12: Alma Primo VE Office Hours will be lab reports, which are CARLI members sharing their local experience/expertise.  
    • There is a call for CARLI committee volunteers.
    • Next OER Course begins May 17th and runs for 3 weeks.
    • Recordings of the Commercial Products Committee’s 2022 Accessibility in Libraries Forum now available on the CARLI website.


  • Finalized the Controlled Digital Lending virtual program for the following day (April 21, 2022).
  • Chad and Cynthia will co-moderate; Chad will present an introduction, welcome, program overview, names of panelists, their institutions and job descriptions.
  • Chad will create a brief set of PowerPoint slides providing background of CDL project; he will build those on the CARLI virtual program “placeholder” slide.
  • Cynthia will present list of questions to panelists.
  • Ashley and Caitlin will monitor the chat, which will be the only method for submitting audience questions.
  • Cynthia will email panelists to ask to display their contact information at the end of the program in case attendees have questions.
  • The idea of having a notetaker was brought up; there are 135 (!) people registered for the program and Ashley and Caitlin may have their hands full with the chat. Arlie and Lesley volunteered to take notes during the program.
  • Caitlin and Ashley will simultaneously run the chat questions in a Google Doc so as not to miss questions.
  • The panelists and all committee members will be Zoom co-hosts.
  • Denise and Elizabeth will send a CARLI assessment email to participants following the program.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next Public Services Committee will be held on May 18th, 2022 from 12:30-2:00pm. Potentially the last meeting of the year, but that will be determined during the meeting.

Committee meetings:
June 15, 2022

Deadlines: Annual report due at the end of May; Cynthia and Chad will work on putting together a draft of the report before the May meeting.