Preservation Committee Meeting: September 20, 2021

Conference Call / Zoom

Members attending:

  • Melina Avery, University of Chicago
  • Sarah Cain, Northern Illinois University
  • Rob DeLand, VanderCook College of Music, co-chair
  • Theresa Embrey, Pritzker Military Library and Museum
  • Nora Gabor, DePaul University
  • Jade Kastel, Western Illinois University
  • Becky Koch, Illinois State University
  • William Schlaack, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Member absent:

  • Tonia Grafakos, Northwestern University, co-chair

CARLI Staff attending:

  • Elizabeth Clarage
  • Nicole Swanson

Board Liaisons:

  • Pattie Piotrowski, University of Illinois Springfield

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Melina Avery.  
  • Nicole and Elizabeth will look into Fire Institute for possible virtual programming this year.
  • Nora will look at the Disaster Planning section of the website for discussion next month
  • Jade will look for virtual tours from libraries and cultural organizations in Illinois to see what is available.
  • Rob will contact the Newberry Library and the Chicago History Museum about virtual tours.
  • Will will put together a pre-recorded presentation on last year’s annual project for the CARLI annual meeting, and Jade and Rob will help review and edit.


  • Decisions about the newsletter and annual project were deferred to next month.



  • CARLI Annual Meeting – discussion of whether and how we would present our project from 2020-21.
    • It should be under eight minutes and pre-recorded is preferable.
    • Will is able to present only if it can be pre-recorded, which Elizabeth confirmed is preferable to presenting live.
    • Jade volunteered to help. Jade and Rob will help Will by looking over the presentation and helping edit as needed.
  • Annual project – we had discussed a lot of ideas in the July meeting. We had not come to consensus, and we are not obligated to take on a new project.
    • Rob likes the idea of hosting an open house in the spring, at the Newberry like the canceled tour in 2020. Will be reopened?
    • The plan had been to direct people from Newberry to CHM on public transit which might be not doable this spring. Would virtual be preferable? Rob will ask the Newberry about reopening, in-person or virtual tour.
    • Pullman Historic Site is another possibility (Rob).
    • Elizabeth - Illinois Fire Service Institute visit has been a tradition in the group, including talking about disaster plans. Could do an online program on disaster planning since we haven’t done that topic in a while. Those who have attended described the program - seeing how the collection materials were affected, the water recovery, seeing how the fire moves through the building etc.
    • The fee for the whole Fire Institute program was $500-$1000 but what about just the presentation part?
    • Discussion over the years has changed from mostly wooden-based materials to petroleum-based materials in the building, so that newer material is very interesting.
    • Nora and Teri both expressed support for Fire Institute virtual program.
    • Nicole - CHM has virtual field trips on their website, both fee-based and free. Could combine that with Newberry virtual tour.
    • Elizabeth – we could put together a series, not all on one thing. Fire Institute, also tours and Q&A. How to combine with Preservation Tips for the newsletter? Those are of interest to membership.
    • Rob - we could find other disaster plan resources online. Tonia has that part of the website. Rob suggests we plan on looking over our sections on the website this month for update discussions next month.
    • Elizabeth and Nicole will contact the Fire Institute for info about virtual programming.
    • Rob - another possibility is we all look at the Disaster Plan section of the website for ideas of updating it, and we come back next month for further discussion.
    • The last time we did a disaster planning series was the Midwestern Disaster Series in 2015-2016:
    • Fire Institute often needs 10 month lead time for a program so if we’re approaching them now, we may not get on their calendar anytime soon.
  • Newsletter contributions - Elizabeth says that our newsletter contributions have been well-received in the past. Rob suggests we discuss what we could do for the newsletter during the meeting next month.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next Preservation Committee meeting will be October 18, 2021 (moved from October 11) 10:30-Noon

Future Committee Meeting Dates:

October 18, 2021 (moved from October 11), minutes taker: Becky
November 8, 2021, minutes taker: Sarah
December 13, 2021, minutes taker: Tonia
January 10, 2022, minutes taker: Teri
February 14, 2022, minutes taker: Nora
March 21, 2022 (moved from March 14), minutes taker: Will
April 11, 2022, minutes taker: Rob
May 9, 2022, minutes taker: Jade
June 13, 2022, minutes taker: Nora

Deadlines: Have presentation ready for the CARLI Annual Meeting on 11/10/21.