EBSCO Experience Manager, New EBSCOHost interface and EBSCO Admin

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Host: Lisa Jones, EBSCO Trainer (ljones@ebsco.com)

Learn about EBSCO Experience Manager and EBSCOadmin Recording
These two administrative tools manage interface and searching customizations, profile creation, authentication, reporting and more for most of your EBSCO resources. Learn how to access and navigate these sites along with the key areas of control within each area to include new EBSCOhost customizations.


Additional information:
Need your new EBSCOhost user interface preview link? Ask EBSCO's support team by opening a case in EBSCO Connect call (800) 758-5995.

New EBSCOhost Interface Transition Center Information

EBSCO Experience Manager account creation and FAQ

Check your Preferred Authentication settings in EBSCOadmin to ensure the new user interfaces use your authentication method(s).

Review additional help documents, videos and new UI roadmap information on https://connect.ebsco.com