EBL eBook PDA Pilot Project

The CARLI EBL eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions Pilot Project is now live for all CARLI Governing Member institutions.
You have two ways of discovering and accessing these eBooks: a) by going directly to an EBL website for the project, or b) from MARC records in your catalog.
All CARLI Governing Members may use the following URL to access the 29,000+ titles currently available in the CARLI eBook PDA Pilot Project: http://carli.eblib.com/. You may use this URL on your website or other electronic resources list that you maintain.

For Governing Members that participate in I-Share, CARLI has now made these records available through the I-Share union catalog.  These titles will also display in your local VuFind catalog.

For Governing Members that are not I-Share participants, you may either connect to the EBL eBooks from the URL or you may load the MARC records into your online catalog. If you wish to load the records into your catalog, please email support@carli.illinois.edu and indicate whether you wish to have the records as received from EBL or as enhanced by CARLI staff, with information added for the 856 field and RDA compliance.

If your institution has setup authentication for the Pilot Project, your patrons will be prompted to login through your campus authentication and will then be able to access the titles that are available. If your institution has still not set up authentication with EBL, please do so ASAP. If you have questions about this process, email them to .

The EBL eBooks are viewable with Adobe Digital Editions. This free software can be downloaded from within the EBL eBook system, or from Adobe.

More information on this project, including background, publishers included, and a link to an EBL-created LibGuide on using their system

If you have questions that this documentation does not answer, please send them to