Digital Preservation Webinar: Manage & Provide

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

The CARLI Digital Preservation Trainers are holding a four-webinar series on digital preservation. The webinars will cover the six digital preservation “modules” created by the Library of Congress’ Department of Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE). For more information about the DPOE curriculum, please visit:

This webinar will cover how to manage your digital items and providing access to them.

Manage: The fifth step in sustainable digital preservation practice is to decide how to manage your digital content over time.  The main question asked in this module is, what provisions are needed for long-term management? Effective long-term management will address three issues:

  • Looking at organizational requirements and objectives
  • Technological opportunities and change
  • Resources, such as staff, funding and equipment

Provide: The sixth step for planning and implementing a sustainable digital preservation program for your organization is three-fold:

  • Understand what the meaning of long- and short-term access of digital assets truly is and the rationale behind each scenario relative to users and technologies
  • Assure that the life cycle management of collections meets the breath of legal issues associated with digital preservation
  • Provide the adequate content benefits from the range of skills associated with roles and responsibilities for digital preservation.

Audience: Librarians and IT staff involved in acquiring and creating digital materials, and those who are beginning to think about acquiring digital materials.  No previous experience in digital preservation is needed.

Registration information: This registration page is for the Manage and Provide webinar ONLY. Please click on the "Register" tab above to register. Registration for this webinar closes at 5:00pm on Tuesday, April 29.  

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