CARLI Support Ticketing System Down

RESOLVED 7:00pm, Monday, July 27

From 2:53pm until 6:10pm on Monday July 27, the CARLI Support Ticketing System was malfunctioning.  Most new emails to were rejected and those that were accepted by the system arrived without any content.  Any emails in reply to an existing ticket sent by library staff to were received as "Correspondence added", and any emails that CARLI staff tried to send from the system were sent only with the text "Correspondence added".  CARLI staff will reach out on any tickets that have been affected by this outage to request additional information as needed; however, if you sent an email to CARLI Support on Monday afternoon and did not receive an automatic message reply with a ticket number [CARLI Support #116nnn], please submit your ticket again to .  Thank you!

Original posting:

As of approximately 3pm, the CARLI Support Ticketing System is down.  New emails being sent to are currently being rejected, CARLI staff are unable to reply to existing tickets, and responses from libraries to existing tickets are not being received.  We are investigating the problem.  Thank you for your patience!