CARLI Preservation Committee 2017-18 Annual Project: Communicating the Value of Preservation

Melanie Schoenborn, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

If you’ve followed along for the past three years, the CARLI Preservation Committee’s motto could be considered ″Slow and steady wins the Preservation Race″! In response to the results from the 2015 CARLI Preservation Survey, the Preservation Committee has focused its resources on the explicit needs of CARLI members with annual projects about Audiovisual Preservation and Disaster Planning. This year, the Committee will focus our efforts on Communicating the Value of Preservation.

Starting in October, members of the Preservation Committee will be sharing preservation articles on communication, training and/or funding for the following topics: environmental monitoring, disaster preparedness, library staff, student workers, users, facilities personnel, library administrators, other institutions, finances for preservation, and the CARLI Last Copy Program. These individual articles will be added to the following webpage throughout the year as a single point of reference.