CARLI News October 14, 2014

E-Resources: Calendar Year 2015 Database Selection Period

The Database Selection Period for new subscriptions and renewals for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2015 will run through mid-November. CARLI staff will send a detailed announcement and instructions to the E-Resources Contacts and CCG email lists when the password-protected CARLI selection database is available. For additional information contact with the subject line: CY15 Database Brokering.

If this will be your first time using the selection system or if you would like a refresher please review the podcast, "Selection System 101: Everything you need to know to work with the CARLI selection system".

Register for the 2014 CARLI Annual Meeting

Register by October 22 to attend the CARLI Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 30, 10:30–3:00 pm, at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign. The meeting will feature research findings from CARLI libraries, as well as reports of annual projects from CARLI committees.

Sessions topics will include:

  • An Early look at the Survey of International Students at CARLI Institutions
  • Open Access Articles Reaching 50% but Retrieval is Lagging
  • Big Data in Academia: Ethical Use or Equivocation
  • Weeding, Collection Management Committee
  • Streaming Video in Academic Libraries, Commercial Products Committee
  • Creating Podcasts to Reach a Larger Audience, Created Content Committee
  • Assessing Using Evidence—CARLI Voyager Reports, Public Services Committee
  • E-Books and Resource Sharing, Resource Sharing Committee

The registration form is available at on the CARLI web site.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the .

EBL eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions Pilot Project

The CARLI EBL eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions Pilot Project went live for all CARLI Governing Member institutions in May 2014. As of October 1, patrons at 104 Governing Members have had patrons borrow a book.

In early October CARLI staff emailed usage statistics for the period May-September 2014 to the library director at each library where patrons accessed ebooks through the pilot project. These institutional usage statistics will now be available on a monthly basis.

In order to ensure that the pilot project can continue through December 31, 2014, the CARLI Board of Directors has allocated additional funds. If any of the allocated total funds are not exhausted by December 31, 2014, the remaining funds will be used to purchase consortial eBooks from the EBL program. The results of this pilot project, funded by the Board of Directors, will be used to assess the feasibility of a consortial eBook program.

As always, please contact if you have any questions.

Short Videos about Library Spaces

The CARLI Public Services Committee has created a web page for CARLI libraries to discover how peer institutions have created “successful spaces.”

We are seeking additional videos for inclusion on the webpage and we invite all CARLI institutions who have either created a new space, renovated an existing space, or have rearranged or repurposed an existing area, to participate in the project. Even if an existing space in your library has not been physically changed, but is now being utilized by patrons differently than it has in the past, we would like to hear from you! We’re interested in hearing both your successes and also words of caution.
The overall goal for this project is to provide a way for CARLI libraries to simultaneously share and be inspired by what other member libraries have done with their space without the need to travel to see the spaces in person.
To see the videos that have already been submitted as well as directions for submitting your own video, please visit the Library Spaces web page. :

Preservation Tip: Keeping Score – Handling Musical Scores for a Longer Shelf Life

Greg MacAyeal, Assistant Head, Northwestern University Music Library

Music materials typically present challenges for many academic libraries.  Printed music can be the most visibly worn type of material we keep, especially materials intended to be used in performance. Musicians put scores and parts through a demanding physical routine, and actively use them in a variety of settings.  Printed music can indicate the signs of active use – pencil markings showing cuts, cues and bowings, torn or about to tear corners from many page turns, translations or phonetic indictors written in vocal parts - to name a few. Added steps at the circulation desk can go a long way toward keeping a printed music collection in good order.

Shelf prep–This is a key element in keeping printed music in good shape. Materials used in performance will need to be bound to open as flat as possible. Musicians will take the score or part, place it on a stand and press it to make it flat. Since most printed music used in performance is a single signature, a sewn binding is ideal. If this cannot be achieved, try to allow for as much margin in the gutter as possible. Keep the parts together in a Tyvek pocket, and make sure to mark each part with not only a property stamp, but a call number as well.

Check for all parts–Many times, a patron will check out a set of parts and distribute them to musicians in a performing group such as a string quartet. The patron checking out the score will then tell all the musicians to turn in the parts on their own. Bad idea. From the library’s perspective, he or she will be accountable for all parts until they are returned. Also, it may be hard for circulation staff to find room for or to keep track of parts that are returned separately. Tell those checking out scores that they are responsible for all parts, and that scores will not be discharged until all the parts are together.

Get a good eraser–As mentioned above, printed music used in performance is likely to be marked in pencil. If you have the staff and time (a reliable student desk attendant works well), check scores and parts for pencil markings.  If there are enough markings, you can erase them using a high quality, vinyl eraser.  However, some materials are so copiously marked that it is worthwhile to consider buying a replacement.

When in doubt, throw it out–Keep in mind, when you return printed music to the shelf, you are sending it back to the battlefield of active use.  It will receive hurried, sloppy damaging page turns, it will get marked up again, the viola player will forget to return it (sorry viola buddies!) etc. Hold your printed music to a high physical standard. Make sure any given item is able to withstand active use, and simply replace those that have lived past their shelf life.

The Music Library Association Preservation Committee has an excellent web site that address these and similar concerns.

Other Library News

Gary Strawn Receives Lifetime Achievement Award, 2014

Gary Strawn, Northwestern University Library, was chosen as the recipient of a unique Lifetime Achievement award, alongside the main Azriel Morag Award for Innovation. This unique award celebrates his unparalleled commitment to the Voyager community.

Gary has developed more than 25 programs that are widely used by the Voyager community to view, edit, and delete bibliographic data, holdings and items. The available programs are applicable across many areas of the Cataloging module, and are accessible to staff who have minimal technical skills or do not have server access.

The CARLI Office supports several of the Strawn utilities for I-Share participating libraries:

  • Cataloger’s Toolkit for Voyager (general purpose “client”)
  • Correction Review (used for reviewing batch changes to headings in bibs)
  • Correction Receiver (used to submit batch changes to headings in bibs)
  • Spine Label Printing (used for printing spine labels from item records)
  • Location Changer (conceptually similar to Voyager’s Pick and Scan, but with more functionality)

With each new Voyager version release, Mr. Strawn updates the underlying .dll files for his programs so that they work with the new Voyager version. Mr. Strawn's involvement expanded beyond the development of programs to troubleshoot for people who have any problems using his utilities and he assists with new versions as required.

Read the full news release at the Ex Libris web site.

Second Annual NIU Open Access Symposium

NIU will be hosting its second annual open access symposium featuring speakers from around the state and country from October 20-23, 2014. This year’s event will focus on engaging faculty and increasing faculty understanding and participation in open access. Highlights of this year’s program include a panel discussion of “big data”, a presentation on open educational resources, and a panel discussion of state university library directors explaining their current plans with regards to the Open Access to Research Articles Act. State Senator Daniel Biss will be joining the library directors for this discussion.

For further information including a detailed schedule and speaker bios please visit the NIU web site.

Customer Service Workshop in Kankakee

The Kankakee Area Library Association (KALA) is excited and honored to announce an outstanding customer service workshop opportunity hosted by the Kankakee Public Library on November 5 and 6. Cost of this program is $10 per person and includes either breakfast or dinner, depending on the session attended. This program is made possible through a RAILS professional development grant with additional sponsorship by Children’s Plus, Inc.
Dawn Mushill, an energizing and engaging motivational speaker and last year’s ILA keynote speaker, will present practical and insightful tips on improving patron service that will benefit all staff members and will positively impact your library. Two identical sessions are being offered, making it a great staff development opportunity:
Wednesday, November 5th from 5-8 p.m.
Thursday, November 6th from 9 am-Noon
For information, visit the KALA blog.

Call for Proposals: Great Lakes Resource Sharing Conference

The Conference Program Committee invites you to submit a proposal for the Great Lakes Resource Sharing Conference. The event will be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Radisson on Friday, June 5, 2015.

This conference is an opportunity for individuals working in resource sharing to gather information and communicate with other colleagues.

Accepted program proposal submissions should be 45 minutes in length including time for questions.  

  • Proposals might focus on any of the following areas:
  • Resource Sharing Best Practices
  • Marketing Services
  • Electronic Resources and Resource Sharing
  • Workflow improvements
  • Cooperative collection development
  • Consortial or Group Purchasing
  • Purchase on Demand
  • Reciprocal Borrowing
  • Shared Staffing and Training
  • Shared Discover Layers
  • E-Books

Please submit a 150-200 word proposal for your presentation via the GLRSC web site. Proposals are due by January 16, 2015. The program committee will review all program proposals. Presenters who are selected will be notified by February 13, 2015.

Please direct any questions to .

For current news and updates on the Great Lakes Resource Sharing Conference, visit the conference page on Facebook or the conference web site.

Upcoming CARLI Meetings and Events

Important Dates

November 27-28    CARLI Office Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

Forums, Workshops and Training

October 24 Voyager Circulation Client Training, CARLI Office, Champaign
October 30 Governing Directors' Meeting, I-Hotel Conference Center, Champaign
October 30 CARLI Annual Meeting, I-Hotel Conference Center, Champaign
November 6 Voyager Cataloging Training, Day 1, CARLI Office, Champaign
November 7 Voyager Cataloging Training, Day 2, CARLI Office, Champaign


October 15 Resource Sharing Committee
October 17 Commercial Products Committee
October 17 Instruction Committee
October 17 I-Share Next Task Force
October 28 Created Content Committee

November 4 Preservation Committee
November 11 Technical Services Committee
November 12 SFX System Committee
November 13 Public Services Committee
November 14 Collection Management Committee
November 20 Resource Sharing Committee
November 21 Commercial Products Committee
November 21 Instruction Committee
November 24 Executive Committee
November 25 Created Content Committee

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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