CARLI News January 31, 2014

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CARLI Research Subsidy Program Intent to Apply Deadline Feb 3

CARLI seeks proposals for the FY2014 Research Subsidy Program. Funded by the CARLI Board of Directors, the research awards will support research projects in Governing member libraries. Projects should have the potential to affect libraries and the library profession positively, have the potential to provide a useful addition to the existing literature, and be of interest or use to CARLI libraries. Total funding for FY2014 is $25,000. The maximum amount funded for any proposal will be $4,999.

CARLI will accept from both individual researchers and those working collaboratively, and will accept proposals for multi-year projects.

Interested applicants must submit a "Statement of Intent to Apply" by February 3, 2014, and must attend an application webinar on February 10, 2014.

Submissions must include the following:

  • a detailed proposal outlining the proposed research project including methodology, scope and timetable;
  • a statement describing how this project fits into the existing literature;
  • projected outcomes;
  • a statement outlining how this research will benefit the Illinois library community and the broader profession; and
  • a plan for how the results of the research will be shared with the Illinois library community.
  • CARLI will announce the FY2014 funded projects on May 1, 2014.

Detailed information, including the FY2014 Research Awards Proposal Cover Sheet is available on the program page.

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Attend the "Assessment in a Day" IACRL Preconference

Please join CARLI for a daylong IACRL preconference on library assessment. March 20, 10 am–3:45 pm at the Chicago Marriott in Oak Brook. Attendees will begin the day with an overview of the types of assessment that happen within academic libraries, and then continue with sessions on web analytics and assessment of technical services. After lunch, attendees will select one of two tracks, either collection assessment or instruction/public services assessment. More information and full agenda may be found on the event page.

Preconference Registration and Fees: There is no fee to register for this preconference, but registration is required.

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CARLI Seeks Academic Library Teams for 2014 ILEAD U Deadline: Feb 14

CARLI seeks teams of academic library staff members for ILEAD U. The CARLI academic teams will provide a structured opportunity to develop and enhance inter-institutional collaboration, technological innovation, and leadership skills among staff at CARLI member libraries. CARLI academic teams will work within ILEAD U: Illinois Libraries Explore, Apply and Discover, The 21st Century Technology Tools Institute for Illinois Library Staff which is hosted by the Illinois State Library. The program will be held at the University of Illinois Springfield on March 24-27, June 23-26 and October 27-30, 2014.

In addition to the traditional technology project focus of ILEAD U, CARLI academic teams are encouraged to focus on replicable projects specific to the academic community and of value to the consortium, including but not limited to assessment projects and research projects intended for conference dissemination or publication in a journal.

CARLI academic library teams will be submit their applications to the Illinois State Library, and where an academic subcommittee. will review them. Reviewers will look for teams that represent several CARLI libraries. A limited number of academic team applications will be accepted. Once the review committee selects teams, CARLI will solicit additional mentors and instructors that meet the specific needs of the selected academic teams.

Applications are available until February 14. Teams that applied by the original due date will know the status of their applications by January 31, 2014.

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Launching the Search for I-Share Next

CARLI is beginning the first phase of the lengthy formal process of selecting and implementing the system that will ultimately replace Voyager as the software platform for I-Share. We do not plan to rename I-Share, but for clarity while we are still running Voyager and planning for its replacement, we will be using the phrase "I-Share Next" to refer to our future system. As CARLI is a unit of the University of Illinois, we are required to operate under the Illinois public procurement policies, including seeking bids through a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process, and respecting the State’s requirements relating to communicating with and about RFP bidders and their proposals. We will elaborate more on those communication policies as the process moves forward, but throughout this process, which is expected to continue through mid-2017, members of the CARLI staff, the Board of Directors, and the (yet to be formed) I-Share Next Task Force will strive to keep the process as transparent as possible, and CARLI members involved and well informed.

Following the Board of Directors meeting in March 2014, CARLI will begin to solicit applications for those interested in serving on the I-Share Next Task Force. The ISN Task Force will help CARLI staff craft functional specifications, evaluate RFP responses, and ultimately make the final recommendation to the CARLI Board on the software that will eventually replace Voyager. Any staff from a CARLI Governing library is eligible to apply to serve on the ISN Task Force. Applications will be screened and members will be selected by the CARLI Board of Directors to ensure an appropriate mix of expertise and representation. The ISN Task Force will represent a diverse array of stakeholders in I-Share, ideally including three members each from public universities, private institutions, and community colleges. Members are expected to have considerable experience with shared library systems, and must have their library administration’s support to make the necessary, and significant time commitment to this project over the next three years.

Over the next few months, CARLI will provide various opportunities for you to learn more about the "next generation systems" that are currently available. We anticipate offering webinars, links to product websites, many opportunities for you to send us questions and comments, and perhaps some in-person events. For details visit the A web page, "Frequently Asked Questions About I-Share Next". We will continue to expand and update this FAQ as new information becomes available.

Additionally, CARLI Staff and I-Share Next Task Force members will post regular news updates following team meetings, product demonstrations, and the completion of other significant tasks. These updates will be published on the CARLI web site. The articles will be open to comments from registered users of the CARLI web site. To request an account, site visitors are asked to submit the online form. Users will receive an email confirmation when their account has been approved.

We appreciate your support as we begin what is sure to be an exciting and challenging process. 

Register for the CARLI Digital Preservation Webinars

Registration is now open for the final three webinars in a series of presentations on digital preservation issues. Sponsored by the CARLI Digital Preservation Trainers, the webinars will cover the six digital preservation "modules" created by the Library of Congress' Department of Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE).

Identify and Select, March 4, 10 am–Noon

Identification is the initial step in digital preservation and informs a library about the categories and types of files it may need or want to preserve. This webinar will introduce librarians to basic steps and techniques for preparing an inventory of digital content. Attendees will also learn how to apply selection criteria to your content to determine what should be preserved. Only by knowing the potential scope of a digital preservation project can one move on to reducing it through selection.

Store and Protect, April 8, 10 am–Noon

Consider issues for the long-term storage of your digital content, including number of copies, repository solutions, and storage management. Examine potential threats to digital content, and gain an understanding of the various levels of protection necessary for long-term preservation.

Manage and Provide, May 6, 10 am–Noon

Decide how to manage your digital content over time. Look at effective long-term management addressing organizational requirements and objectives, technological opportunities and change, and resources, such as staff, funding and equipment. Understand what the meaning of long- and short-term access of digital assets truly is and the rationale behind each scenario relative to users and technologies. Assure that the life cycle management of collections meets the breath of legal issues associated with digital preservation. Provide the adequate content benefits from the range of skills associated with roles and responsibilities for digital preservation.

These webinars are intended for librarians and IT staff involved in acquiring and creating digital materials, and for those who are beginning to think about acquiring digital materials. No previous experience in digital preservation is needed.

Attendees must register for each webinar separately. Registration for each webinar will close one week before the webinar. All webinars will be recorded and posted on the CARLI web site.

Preservation Tip: Emergency Supply Cart

An unfortunate fact in all libraries is that water leaks and other physical threats to our materials can never be fully prevented. Even in the most well-maintained building, it is nearly inevitable that one day a pipe will burst or the roof will begin to leak; more serious disasters such as fires, tornados, earthquakes, and the like are, thankfully, less common. Nevertheless, major damage to library collections can be done by a "minor" disaster such as a water leak.

The best way to minimize damage when one of these events occurs is to respond quickly. This is where Booth Library's emergency supply cart comes in. The emergency cart is stocked with the necessary materials to respond to a water leak or related situation. It is stored in a central location and all library staff members know (and are periodically reminded) where to find it. Supplies to be included on the cart can include:

  • pre-cut clear plastic sheets in sizes to fit bookstacks of different heights
  • spring-loaded clamps for attaching the plastic sheeting to the shelving
  • disposable rubber gloves
  • Tyvek painters coveralls
  • paper towels
  • box of wax paper
  • pad of lined writing paper
  • clipboard
  • waterproof pen or marker
  • rubber boots
  • dust mask
  • flashlight
  • small first aid kit

Depending on the layout and size of a given library, it may work better to have more than one such cart. At Booth, we have had this cart for several years now. It has proven very useful in getting supplies to the location of a water leak quickly–undoubtedly saving materials that otherwise would have been damaged or destroyed.

Other Library News

Annual Online Library System Certification Now Underway

The annual online certification process for libraries that are members of a regional library system began January 2, 2014. This is the second year of the annual certification process, which is required of all library system members—full or developmental—in order to qualify for system services and grants and programs from the State Library. The window for certification will close March 31, 2014.

The State Library's Annual Library Certification web site includes a link to the data and questions included in the certification form, a link to the online certification portal (accessible through March 31), and a timeline and Frequently Asked Questions document about the annual certification process.

NOTE: The certification portal requires the agency's Control Number and the main administrative branch number, as well as certain basic identifying information for each library system member. For more information, .

Call for Proposals: Critical Media Literacy Conference

The call for proposals for the Critical Media Literacy conference has been extended until February 14, 2014. This multidisciplinary conference is designed to aid current educational leaders, future teachers, youth, and other concerned citizens in their understanding of the mass media and its impact on the events that shape our daily lives. Promoting critical media literacy is essential to excavating social inequalities and fostering participatory democracy during the 21st century.

Conference strands include:

  • Library Science
  • Educational Foundations
  • School(s) of Communication
  • The Borg Center for Reading and Literacy

Paper proposals might address topics such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • What are specific ways in which the corporate and political elite uses the mass media to promulgate their ideologies and practices?
  • How does the mass media perpetuate divisions amongst social groups across the globe?
  • How can teacher educators prepare future teachers by using critical media studies in teacher preparation programs?
  • How can educators, youth, and concerned citizens provide more genuine representations of global citizens through their own media products?
  • How has media literacy successfully fostered K-20 students’ critical engagement with mass media?
  • How have various technologies employed by corporate conglomerates in the mass media been used to foster critical understanding and solidarity across the globe, rather than to promote conformity and corporatism?
  • How can various critical theories enrich our understanding of the mass media in the age of neoliberalism?
  • What are some ways in which media literacy can be applied to the new demands and concerns of today’s digitized culture?
  • How might library scientists go about training critical media librarians?

For more information and to submit a proposal, please visit the conference web site.

Upcoming CARLI Meetings and Events

Forums, Workshops and Training

February 4      Digital Preservation Webinar: Series Overview
February 4-5   Voyager Cataloging Training, CARLI Office
February 19    New Libraries Basic Access Training, CARLI Office

March 4         Digital Preservation Webinar: Identify & Select
March 18        Voyager Circulation Client Training, CARLI Office
March 20        Assessment in a Day: IACRL Preconference, Oak Brook
March 24        Resource Sharing Team Open House, University of Illinois, Urbana
March 31        Voyager Cataloging Training, Day 1


February 5      Preservation Committee
February 6      Resource Sharing Committee
February 10    Commercial Products Committee
February 11    Collection Management Committee
February 12    SFX System Committee
February 12    Technical Services Committee
February 17    I-Share Systems Committee
February 20    Public Services Committee
February 25    Created Content Committee
February 26    CARLI Executive Committee

March 6        Resource Sharing Committee
March 7        CARLI Board of Directors, CARLI Office
March 10       Commercial Products Committee
March 12       SFX System Committee
March 12       Technical Services Committee
March 13       Public Services Committee
March 17       I-Share Systems Committee
March 25       Created Content Committee

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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