CARLI News Feburary 26, 2015

Personal Knowledge Management Webinar

Please join us for the Personal Knowledge Management webinar on Tuesday, March 17, 10 am–11 am, sponsored by the CARLI Public Services Committee.

What is Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)? It involves a range of relatively simple and inexpensive techniques and tools that anyone can use to:

  • acquire, create and share knowledge
  • extend personal networks
  • collaborate with colleagues.

PKM is about moving beyond finding information to being able to organize and construct meaning from the vast amount of resources available. This webinar will cover why librarians should care about PKM, and present scenarios in which PKM is applied.

Please register on the CARLI web site. This webinar will be recorded. 
If you have any questions, please .


Open Application Period for I-Share Participation

CARLI is seeking interested, qualified CARLI governing member libraries to participate in I-Share, the shared Ex Libris Voyager integrated library system currently operated by CARLI and used by 85 CARLI libraries. Libraries joining in this implementation round would begin migration planning in fall 2015 and go “live” on Voyager and in the I-Share union catalog in early summer 2016. If you are interested, please review this brief summary of I-Share costs and benefits

CARLI Governing member libraries interested in receiving detailed I-Share cost estimates and planning information should email a letter of interest to CARLI no later than March 30, 2015. There is no obligation in requesting a cost estimate.

After reviewing cost estimates, libraries that are interested in applying to become an I-Share participant will be asked to complete an application by April 24. The CARLI Board of Directors will approve the final list of new I-Share libraries and libraries will be notified about the decision regarding their application in late April 2015.
At their December 4 meeting, the I-Share Next Task Force task extended the timeline to replace Voyager. Implementation of the library management system that will ultimately be selected to replace Voyager is tentatively slated to begin in summer 2017, a year later than originally estimated. As we will be staying on Voyager longer than previously planned, the CARLI Board has approved opening I-Share participation to additional libraries this year. 
To inquire about becoming a CARLI I-Share library, or for any additional information about I-Share, please .

I-Share Upgrade on June 12

CARLI will be upgrading I-Share Voyager from 7.2.5 to 9.1 beginning at 5 pm on Friday, June 12. During the upgrade process Voyager clients and any public facing services (VuFind, WebVoyage, any hooks to Voyager from services such as discovery layers, etc.) will be unavailable. At this time CARLI anticipates the upgrade will be completed by 8 am Monday, June 15. As always with a new version of Voyager, this upgrade will require new Voyager staff clients to be installed.  More information, including a webpage with documentation updates and details, will be available soon.
During the week of June 15, as part of the upgrade, we will be running index regens nightly. We do not expect this to cause any significant interruption in service. Library staff won’t be able to update or save new bib records while your library’s database is undergoing its index regen. But, since the regens will  run from 5:00 pm – 7:00 am, we hope disruptions to your staff will be minimal.
Please  with any questions or concerns

I-Share Next Webinars Now Available on the CARLI Web Site

If you were unable to view the recent webinars presented by prospective library system vendors to the CARLI members, all five are now online for you to view at your convenience. These are linked from the secure portion of the website, so if you are trying to connect to them from an IP address that is not originating from a CARLI governing member, you will be prompted to login.

The I-Share Next Task Force would like to have your comments on the webinars' content and any questions they may have raised for you. Please complete a survey for each webinar that you viewed. Your comments are invaluable to the I-Share Next Task Force.

Register for Resource Description Access (RDA) Webinars

Please join us for a three webinar series "Resource Description and Access (RDA) for the Rest of Us: An Introduction for Public Services Librarians (and anyone else feeling out of the loop on RDA)" presented by the Technical Services Committee in collaboration with the Public Services Committee. 

The primary goal of these webinars is to demystify RDA for public services librarians and any other library staff who may be struggling with RDA, conceptually or in practice.

You must register for each session individually. Each webinar will also be recorded and made available on the CARLI web site.

Webinar 1: You've Heard Catalogers Talk about RDA, But What Does It Mean for You?  March 6, 10 am–11 am.
In this webinar, Elizabeth Cribbs will dive into how we got to RDA, the benefits that RDA offers, and what we hope RDA will help us accomplish with the online catalogs of the future.

Please register by February 27. 

Webinar 2:  How Does RDA Change the Way Records Look in the Online Catalog? April 15, 10 am–11 am.
In this webinar, Lynnette Fields will show the effects of RDA on records in our online catalog. We will compare what RDA records look like and how they're different from AACR2 records. 

Please register by April 8. 

Webinar 3: How RDA Affects Searching and Display In VuFind: Searching, Facets, and Authorities. May 1, 10 am-11 am.
In the third webinar, Paige Weston will discuss how RDA improves precision in OPAC item descriptions, and requires keyword search strategies to maintain recall in OPAC search results. Additionally, she will briefly describe how CARLI has exposed RDA data elements as additional facet options and as more specific format icons (and how this sometimes leads to trouble). Michael Norman from UIUC will also discuss RDA-based changes in Preferred Names and Titles, and how public service professionals may have to deal with both the old and new forms of names.

Please register by April 24. 

with any questions.

Register for MarcEdit Webinars

CARLI is pleased to announce registration for an upcoming series of webinars on the free MARC utility "MarcEdit". Terry Reese, the developer of MarcEdit, will present five sessions for the CARLI community. CARLI staff have prepared a recorded presentation about the use of MarcEdit in the I-Share environment. We highly recommend viewing this presentation prior to watching any of the webinars presented by Mr. Reese.

All sessions will be recorded and hosted on the CARLI web site. CARLI and Mr. Reese recommend attending the first webinar, “Introduction to MarcEdit and Working with MARC Data,” before attending or viewing other sessions. Attendees must register for each webinar individually, using the links below.

Webinar 1: Introduction to MarcEdit and Working with MARC Data, Monday, March 16, 2 pm–3 pm.
MarcEdit functions: Breaking/Making, Processing in Batch, Handling Character Conversions, Dealing with Errors/Invalid Records. 

Please register for this event on the CARLI web site.

Webinar 2: Working with Non-MARC Data Data, Wednesday, April 1, 10 am–11 1am.
Topics include: Understanding MarcEdit's XML Framework, Adding New XML Functions, Dealing with Delimited Data. 

Please register for this event on the CARLI web site.

Webinar 3: MarcEdit and RDA, Monday, April 13, 10 am–11 am.
Understanding the RDA Helper/ 

Please register for this event on the CARLI web site.

Webinar 4: Automatic Record Editing in the MarcEditor Wednesday, May 6, 2 pm–3 pm.
Topics include: Macro Development, Task Automation, Advanced Editing, Global Editing Functions. 

Please register for this event on the CARLI web site.

Webinar 5: Scripting and MarcEdit, Friday, May 15, 10 am––11 am.
Topics include: Working with the Scriptmaker and Understanding the MarcEdit Object Model. 

Please register for this event on the CARLI web site.

Contact the at if you have any questions.

SFX Training Videos: Many Done, More on the Way

“I need to learn more about SFX. Where do I start?” To answer this question, CARLI’s SFX Committee has begun work on a series of brief recorded lessons about SFX, and has developed pathfinders among these recordings, for different audiences. We invite you to visit the CARLI web site to find the path that’s right for you. If you don’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to ask for help. 

CARLI Accepting Student Yearbooks for Digitization through June 30, 2015

CARLI is still accepting submissions for the yearbook and student newspaper digitization project. This project, supported by funds allocated by the CARLI Board of Directors, allows for CARLI Governing members to choose to have either yearbooks OR student newspapers digitized (or an alternative student-centered collection if there are no yearbooks or newspapers); institutions may not have both newspapers and yearbooks digitized through this program.
Yearbook project submissions will be accepted and items will be digitized on a first-come-first-served basis, but all submissions must be received by CARLI no later than the end of this fiscal year June 30, 2015. Go to the CARLI web page to begin the submission process. Information about the newspaper program will be announced at a later date.

Preservation Tip: Preservation Week

Miriam Centeno, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Would you like to have an opportunity to highlight the Preservation achievements or the needs existing in your institution? Are you looking for ways to reach out to your community about taking care of their family treasures? Join libraries nationwide in celebrating the 6th Annual Preservation Week April 26 through May 2.  Preservation Week is a chance to increase awareness for the need to take care of the cultural heritage that we have in our institutions and in our homes.

Preservation Week information can be found on two websites: one for library professionals and the other for the general public. For ideas on how to prepare for Preservation Week events, visit the Pass It On website. There, you can use the Event Map and Speaker Locator to look for activities in your area, explore the Event Toolkit to find ideas you can use for activities at your institution and templates to help you publicize them, and view many other Preservation resources.

The site offers ideas on how to set up an event, such as:

  • Host a showing of one of the ALCTS webinars
  • Host a speaker
  • Contact your local Preservation Professional, museum, archives, and/or other libraries to collaborate
  • Hold an event during the annual library book sale
  • Have a book making workshop
  • Make an exhibit on preservation issues/topics or how your institution has preserved a certain collection
  • Make bookmarks or a flyer on how to preserve collections”    

For more ideas, please visit:
Preservation Week Event Tool Kit
Easy, Low-Cost Ideas to Celebrate Preservation Week

The three webinars that will be held during the week are:

  • April 28    Moving Image Preservation 101 by Siobhan C. Hagan
  • April 30    Digital Preservation for Individuals and Small Groups by Mike Ashenfelder
  • May 1       Disaster Response Q&A by Nancy E. Kraft

Preservation @ Your Library, is the website for the general public. It has information for the public on how to preserve personal collections. There is the advice column, Dear Donia – where Preservation Specialist Donia Conn answers questions on how to take care of photographs, letters, and books. The site also has information for preparing and recovering from disasters, family activities to do at home or at the library, and a section with projects that kids can do to learn about preservation, libraries, and books.

For two years, in 2012-2013, I had the pleasure of being the chair & co-chair of Preservation Week.  I found that libraries, archives, museums and all different kinds of cultural institutions would participate in many different ways. You can start very small and gradually build up as your capabilities and your audience’s interest increase. At whatever the level that you can participate in, since preservation happens every day, it is good to take time to share all of the efforts and resources we invest in to make our collections safe.

Additional resources:

Other Library News

ACRL Announces 2015 Academic/Research Librarian of the Year

Robert A. Seal, dean of university libraries at Loyola University Chicago, is the 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Academic/Research Librarian of the Year. The award, sponsored by YBP Library Services, recognizes an outstanding member of the library profession who has made a significant national or international contribution to academic/research librarianship and library development. 

Seal will receive the award during the keynote session on Thursday, March 26 at the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Over the course of his career, Seal has demonstrated his commitment to developing the academic library in a variety of ways. From advocating international library cooperation, to focusing on developing human, along with physical, library resources, he has earned a reputation for re-envisioning the academic library. One of Seal’s major accomplishments is the planning and construction of the LEAF award-winning Loyola University Klarchek Information Commons. He was the driving force behind the development of the commons, which serves as a model of “green” library buildings and as a hub of student activity and learning on campus.

To read the full announcement, please visit the ALA web site

Upcoming CARLI Meetings and Events

Forums, Workshops and Training

March 6            Joint TSC/PSC Webinar: Understanding RDA - Part 1
March 9            Preservation Open House in Springfield
March 16          MarcEdit Webinar 1: Introduction to MarcEdit and Working with MARC Data
March 17          Webinar: You've Heard Catalogers Talk about RDA, But What Does It Mean for You?
March 19          Voyager Cataloging Training Day 1
March 20          Voyager Cataloging Training Day 2
March 24          Voyager Acquisitions and Serials Training Day 1
March 25          Voyager Acquisitions and Serials Training Day 2

April 1               MarcEdit Webinar 2: Working with Non-MARC Data
April 8               Resource Sharing Open House, University of Illinois Springfield and the Illinois State Library
April 13             MarcEdit Webinar 3: MarcEdit and RDA
April 14             Resource Sharing Open House, Kankakee Community College and Olivet Nazarene University 
April 15             Webinar: Understanding RDA – Part 2
April 17             Technical Services Committee Spring Forum
April 22             Voyager Circulation Training
April 24              Resource Sharing Open House, Trinity International University and Lake Forest College


March 3           Preservation Committee
March 4           CARLI Executive Committee Conference Call
March 5           Collection Management Committee
March 11         SFX System Committee
March 12         Public Services Committee
March 12         Commercial Products Committee
March 13         CARLI Board of Directors Meeting
March 13         Technical Services Committee
March 20          I-Share Next Task Force

April 2             Collection Management Committee 
April 7             Preservation Committee
April 8             SFX System Committee
April 9             Public Services Committee
April 9             Commercial Products Committee
April 10           Technical Services Committee
April 13           Collection Management Committee
April 16           Resource Sharing Committee
April 17           Instruction Committee
April 17           I-Share Next Task Force
April 28           Created Content Committee

Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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