CARLI News April 29, 2015

2015 Board of Directors Election

The CARLI Board of Directors election is now underway. All governing member directors should have received their ballot on Monday, April 20. If you did not receive a ballot, please . Your input is valuable to us, please remember to vote.


Springer End-of-Year Sale

Springer is offering an end of the fiscal year sale for their eBook collections. Updated sale pricing is now available in the selection system for several bundles of eBooks:

  • Copyright Year 2014: 6,326 titles
  • Copyright Year 2013: 5,835 titles
  • Copyright Year 2012: 4,725 titles
  • Copyright Year 2011: 4,090 titles
  • Copyright Years 2005–2010: 20,975 titles
  • Copyright Years 2005–2014: 41,951 titles

Pricing is for the complete collection and reflects credits for any collections you have already purchased, plus an additional discount for CARLI having purchased the Medicine collection for 2005–2010. The offer is available until June 30. No additional orders can be placed at these prices after June 30.

To see your pricing, log into the selection system and use the link for "Permanent Acquisitions by Library" and go to "View / Edit."

If you have any questions about the Springer offer please .

CARLI FY 2016 Selection System Open Through May 15

The CARLI database subscription selection system will be open until May 15 for you to select/renew subscriptions for the period July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016. Please be sure that your selections are finalized by that time.

If you have questions about database offerings or the use of the selection system please send a note to .

I-Share Next Update

The I-Share Next Task Force and its four Specification Teams are continuing work on compiling lists of required and desired functionality for a system that will ultimately be selected to replace I-Share’s Voyager software. A total of twenty-six volunteers, from twenty I-Share libraries comprise the rosters of the Task Force and its Teams. The members come from a diverse array of libraries: public, private and community colleges and the State Library; small and large institutions are represented, as are libraries very new to I-Share along with institutions that have been I-Share libraries since its inception. Specifications are being written to seek a state-of-the-art system that is flexible to a variety of library sizes and workflows and consortium-friendly. 

Work is still on schedule to have the Teams finish their work by the end of June 2015, and for the Task Force to submit a draft Request for Proposal to the CARLI Board for their September 2015 meeting. Following the CARLI Board’s acceptance of the RFP, University of Illinois Purchasing and State Purchasing Officers will review it to ensure that it complies with all State policies. This formal review process can take several months or longer and we have allowed a year for this in the project timeline. On that schedule, the RFP would be released in 2016, a system selected in 2017 and implementation in 2018. All dates are subject to change.


Voyager 9.1.1 Upgrade Web Page Now Available

CARLI staff will upgrade our Ex Libris Voyager software on June 12–15, 2015 to bring us up to date with the most current version, 9.1.1. To help I-Share libraries prepare for the change, the CARLI Office has gathered information and documentation on the CARLI web site
We will continue to update this web page throughout the weeks leading to the upgrade. Presently, the page contains links to all of the Ex Libris 9.1.1 documentation as well as information about PC system requirements for Voyager 9.1.1 and a link to Frequently Asked Questions. In the coming weeks, CARLI staff will provide details on library tasks before, during, and after the upgrade.. Please bookmark and review this page regularly.

with any questions or concerns.

Voyager 9.1.1 Webinar Schedule

CARLI staff have scheduled seven webinars about the upgrade to Voyager 9.1.1. The dates, times, and topics are listed below. Click on each topic to go to the registration page.

Quarterly Open Conference Call for SFX Administrators

At the end of its first open conference call, participants asked the SFX System Committee to hold similar open conference calls quarterly. Please mark your calendars for 10 am on Wednesday, May 20. The committee encourages SFX administrators to bring their comments, questions, or concerns about SFX, and will facilitate a discussion on any SFX-related topic that interests the participants on the day of the call. Because this will be an informal conversation, and because audio connections will be by phone, the committee will not record the meeting, so we hope you can join us in person. (Work continues on recorded lessons related to SFX administration.)

To join the conversation, dial one of the following phone numbers just before 10 on May 20:

+1 217 332 6338
+1 312 994 8410
+1 888 983 3631

When prompted, enter Conference ID: 9404938 (no PIN required).

Be prepared to see any demonstrations that happen in the course of the conversation, point your web browser to as Guest, then type your name(s) and institution.)

CARLI Seeking Presenters for the Annual Instruction Showcase

The CARLI Instruction Committee is seeking volunteers to demonstrate instructional activities at the 3rd Annual Instruction Showcase on Thursday, June 18, at North Central College, Naperville.

We are especially interested to receive proposals on an activity or method that demonstrates collaboration or partnerships between academic libraries and campus programs, campus organizations, or program/teaching faculty on information literacy.

The committee also welcomes proposals on an innovative element of an instruction session that demonstrates an opportunity for meaningful learning and active participation on the part of the students.

Your planned segment should be approximately 15 minutes. Past Showcase handouts are available on the CARLI Instruction webpage

We would really like to hear from you!  Interested participants should submit a proposal by Sunday, May 3. Submissions will be reviewed by the CARLI Instruction Committee and notifications will be sent during the week of May 18. 

Preservation Tip: Privacy and the Archive

Jenny Dunbar, Archivist, College of DuPage

Privacy is one of the most important and complicated issues that archivists face. Although there is no mention of privacy in the U.S. Constitution, laws have been enacted to provide measures of protection in various cases. Particular laws that potentially impact archives include:  

  • the Freedom of Information Act of 1966 – FOIA (5 U.S.C. § 552) 
  • the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. § 552a) 
  • the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – FERPA (20 U.S.C. § 1232g)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – HIPPA (P.L. 104-191; 42 U.S.C. § 1320d)
  • Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 – USA Patriot Act (P.L. 107-56; (115 U.S.C. § 272). 

For archivists, the challenge is to balance these legal considerations with providing the “widest possible accessibility of materials” as outlined in the Society of American Archivists Core Values Statement and Code of Ethics. The nature of privacy issues in the archive is two-fold: to protect the privacy of the donors, individuals, and groups whose material resides in the archive and the privacy of the researcher. Awareness is the first step. Things you can do to protect your archive: 

  • Have strong policies in place to maintain the confidentiality of the archive’s users.
  • Develop a formal donor agreement that outlines your privacy policy.
  • Create strong ingest and processing forms and procedures to catch possibly sensitive material at the point of entry. 
  • Know your collection. Is there sensitive material that needs to be restricted or closed? What tools do you have to identify this material?
  • Be aware of the law and be sure staff is trained in the proper responses to requests for information. Typically, requests for information should be referred to administrators.
  • Consider performing a privacy audit with this general privacy audit checklist.

Excellent documents to consult when considering the issue of privacy in your archive are:

Other Library News

ILA Seeking Nominations for Academic Librarian of the Year

Established in 1985, this award recognizes an Illinois librarian who is making an outstanding statewide contribution to academic or research librarianship and to library development. Any ILA member is eligible; the recipient must have distinguished himself/ herself in notable service to the forum and to the Illinois Library Association, and must have exhibited leadership and exemplary library service in an academic setting.

To assure equitability of representation of awardees among the various types of academic libraries and constituencies represented in the forum’s membership, the awards committee will give consideration, on a revolving basis, to these factors in the selection process. 

Individuals nominated should have demonstrated achievements in such areas as:

  • service to the organized profession through ILA, the IACRL Forum, and related organizations;
  • significant and influential academic or research library service; 
  • contributions to academic or research library development through research or publications; or 
  • planning or implementing a library program of exemplary quality. 

Nominees do not have to meet all the above criteria. The deadline for nominations is May 15, 2015. Please visit the  ILA web site to find out more and make a nomination.

Great Lakes Science Boot Camp

Held at Wayne State University in Detroit on June 3–5, this immersive 2 1/2 day conference offers academic librarians who provide services to science faculty and students an opportunity to learn about current research advancements in science. Three faculty-led sessions on genomics, Great Lakes aquatic ecosystems, and medical chemistry will provide overviews of emerging trends and research methodologies and in-depth descriptions of particular research projects. In addition to these education sessions, the Boot Camp will include lightning talks from attending librarians, a "Librarian's Night Out" for fun and networking, tours of research spaces, a Keynote speaker, and an all-conference reception and banquet dinner.  Attendees will have the option of earning 14 Medical Library Association continuing Education credits. For more information please visit the Great Lakes Science Boot Camp web site

Forums, Workshops and Training

May 1               Webinar: Understanding RDA–Part 3
May 6               MarcEdit Webinar 4
May 7               eBook Symposium, I-Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign
May 15             MarcEdit Webinar 5

June 18            Instruction Committee Showcase @ North Central College, Naperville

May 5              Preservation Committee 
May 8              Technical Services Committee
May 13            SFX System Committee
May 14            Public Services Committee
May 14            Commercial Products Committee
May 15            Instruction Committee
May 15            I-Share Next Task Force
May 20            SFX Interest Group Open Conference Call
May 21            Resource Sharing Committee
May 26            Created Content Committee

June 2             Preservation Committee
June 4             Collection Management Committee
June 5             CARLI Board of Directors Meeting
June 10           SFX System Committee
June 11           Public Services Committee
June 11           Commercial Products Committee
June 12           Technical Services Committee
June 18           Resource Sharing Committee
June 19           Instruction Committee
June 23           Created Content Committee
Consult the CARLI calendar for the most current list of meeting times and locations.

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