CARLI’s 89 I-Share Libraries Are Live on Alma Primo VE!

Today, June 24 at 1 p.m., the eighty-nine libraries in I-Share went live in Ex Libris’ Alma Primo VE. The successful migration of the I-Share libraries concludes a years-long process of selection, training, data review, testing, and configuration. We encourage everyone involved in this work to take a moment to pat themselves on the back, and to congratulate their colleagues. It is a job well-done.

We are tremendously grateful to the staff of our I-Share libraries, our Ex Libris project staff, and to the CARLI staff, who went above and beyond in completing the seemingly endless tasks involved in an implementation of this size and complexity. This is a major milestone--bringing 89 libraries all online together—and it would have been impossible without the collaborative work that continues to make CARLI a successful and thriving library consortium.

We know that the work continues. We are working with individual libraries to complete their cutover and to resolve the inevitable issues arising in a large project like this. We will be working hard to quickly respond to the support tickets, prioritizing the most urgent requests. Please continue to send any questions or issues to .

Thanks to our I-Share library staff for your patience and understanding, and for all the work that has gone into this enormous project.

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