Alma and Primo VE Project updates: Week of 4/29/2019

For a collated list, please review the Weekly highlights of the Alma and Primo VE project page.

  • CARLI Office Staff:
    • Several members of the CARLI Office staff attended the Ex Libris' 2019 ELUNA Conference. It was a busy week! We learned a lot, and are comparing our notes.
    • Selected consortial discovery content (e.g., articles and chapters) for inclusion in Primo VE via the Primo Central Index.
    • Have begun working on the Alma Administration Certification training process upon their completion of the Fundamentals and Essentials training series.
  • Vanguard Libraries:
  • Your library can:
    • Consult the Alma Resources Handout from Kris Hammerstrand's presentation at the "Change is Good: You Go First! Leading Others To and Through Change" forum, and continue your analysis of the documentation mentioned within.
    • Examine the Technical Requirements for Alma and Discovery Implementation materials and share them with your campus IT staff as needed.
      • Pay special attention to the sections on IP range access, Alma authentication, printers, and email.
    • Review the CARLI Alma & Primo VE webpage and Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Continue working on the Pre-Migration Database Maintenance page's prioritized data cleanup projects, starting with the "Critical" projects. All Critical projects must completed by the end of August 2019.
    • Look over the Patron Record Purge documentation, and contact CARLI support with any questions about the process and your library's data. Before migration, we strongly recommend purging expired patrons that have no current activity. Running multiple patron record purges would be ideal (as soon as possible to remove long-expired records, and again closer to migration to remove more-recently expired records).

As always, you can contact with any comments or questions.