Temporary Voyager Circ Freeze

Saturday, May 23, 2020 (All day) to Monday, May 25, 2020 (All day)

NEW EVENT! May 23-25: Temporary Voyager Circ Freeze

  • No Charging/Discharging
  • No adding/deleting/editing patron records, fines or fees, circ status, etc.

The Memorial Day Weekend Voyager Circ freeze allows for an additional test of the Alma fulfillment "top off" load data and procedure. CARLI staff will be extracting all Voyager circ data and providing it to Ex Libris to load into Alma now with the recently extracted bib data.

This circ extract and load happen again with final fulfillment "top off" for production/cutover starting June 19 after the Final Voyager Circ Freeze begins so that all of the most current data will be loaded into Alma for Go Live.