Vu Find 3 Available for Testing

CARLI staff are pleased to announce that we now have VuFind 3 available for I-Share library staff testing and review. Please see the information below on how to access VuFind 3 and how to send us feedback about it. We look forward to hearing from you!
VuFind 3 is significantly different from VuFind 0.6 that is currently in use for I-Share libraries, and should be considered a new system, rather than an upgrade to the version of VuFind now in use with I-Share.

Number of Copies Recommendation for I-Share

At its March 2011 meeting, the CARLI Board of Directors asked the Collections Working Group to study the current distribution of monographic titles in the I-Share database, and to determine whether an optimal number of monograph copies available for Universal Borrowing in I-Share can be reasonably established. The Collections Working Group reported its findings to the Board at the June 2011 meeting.