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University of Illinois Press (UIP) Electronic Journals

Beginning July 1, 2023, CARLI will begin a five-year pilot program to provide all University of Illinois Press (UIP) electronic journals to all CARLI members. The FY24-FY28 pilot is funded by the University of Illinois System as the result of a joint request from the UIP and CARLI in FY22.

The journals will be available at no cost to CARLI member libraries. CARLI will activate the UIP journal collection in the Network Zone for all I-Share members; no action is required. For non-I-Share CARLI libraries, the UIP collection will be available through OCLC Collection Manager for delivery of MARC records to their local system. As with other collections CARLI makes available, non-I-Share institutions will need to select the shared collection in OCLC; the collection will be available after July 1.

UIP was provided with the list of IP ranges on file for each CARLI member. Libraries using other methods of authentication need to take additional steps:


Some Open Athens I-Share libraries have found that the SPC did not accurately register all the relevant info for their institution. Therefore, libraries must send the SPC their library’s OpenAthens (OA) identification (Organisation ID and EntityID/Scope). The OA required identifiers are on this page -- use the filter on the screen to type your library’s name to prevent having to scroll endlessly through the list. 

More info on the collective and their contact info:

Scholarly Publishing Collective

Phone: (888) 651-0122  Email:


If your library uses EZproxy, then the stanza for the Scholarly Publishing Collective needs to be configured. Information on the stanza is here:

Included Titles

A list of the volumes/years covered for each journal can be found in the list below. In two cases please note that the journals were originally published under different names, as indicated in the “notes” column.

Journal Title Journal Title Notes
American Journal of Psychology, The Vol 118 (2005) through present  
American Journal of Theology & Philosophy Vol 29 (2008) through present  
American Literary Realism Vol 40 (2007) through present  
American Music Vol 24 (2006) through present  
American Philosophical Quarterly Vol 54 (2017) through present  
Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education Iss 178 (2008) through present  
Connecticut History Review Vol 1 (1967) through present  
Diasporic Italy: Journal of the Italian American Studies Association Vol 1 (2021) through present  
Ethnomusicology Vol 50 (2006) through present  
History of Philosophy Quarterly Vol 34 (2017) through present  
Illinois Classical Studies Vol 33-34 (2009) through present  
Italian American Review Vol 1 (2011) through present  
Italian Americana Vol 35 (2017) through present  
Italica Vol 96 (2019) through present  
Jazz and Culture Vol 1 (2018) through present Originally published as International Jazz Archives Journal. Includes Vol 1 (1993) - Vol 3 (2012)
Journal of Aesthetic Education Vol 40 (2006) through present  
Journal of American Ethnic History Vol 19 (1999) through present  
Journal of American Folklore Vol 112 (1999) through present  
Journal of Animal Ethics Vol 1 (2011) through present  
Journal of Appalachian Studies Vol 17 (2011) through present  
Journal of Civil and Human Rights Vol 1 (2015) through Vol 8 (2022) Journal ceased publication after 2022
Journal of English and Germanic Philology, The Vol 105 (2006) through present  
Journal of Film and Video Vol 59 (2007) through present  
Journal of Finnish Studies Vol 15 (2011) through present  
Journal of Mormon History Vol 36 (2010) through present  
Journal of Olympic Studies Vol 1 (2020) through present  
Journal of Sport History Vol 37 (2010) through present  
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society Vol 102 (2009) through present  
Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology Vol 40 (2015) through present  
Mormon Studies Review Vol 1 (2014) through present Originally published as Review of Books on the Book of Mormon. Includes Vol 1 (1989) - Vol 23 (2011)
Music and the Moving Image Vol 1 (2008) through present  
Pluralist, The Vol 1 (2006) through present  
Polish American Studies Vol 57 (2000) through present  
Polish Review, The Vol 55 (2010) through present  
Process Studies Vol 1 (1971) through present  
Public Affairs Quarterly Vol 31 (2017) through present  
Scandinavian Studies Vol 82 (2010) through present  
Utah Historical Quarterly Vol 1 (1928) through present  
Visual Arts Research Vol 34 (2008) through present  
Women, Gender, and Families of Color Vol 1 (2013) through present