PDA Series: Timely Talks with Library Leaders I

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

This ASERL Series will give registrants an opportunity to find out what different library leaders are thinking, planning and strategizing as we navigate through the pandemic.  
Registrants will also have an opportunity to ask direct questions to the library leaders during the Q&A period.  

A few topics that will be addressing on the panel:

Budgets --How are they advocating for additional money and resources in the middle of a pandemic?
Employee Retention/Morale --Do they have a plan to combat the Great Resignation/low morale and attracting new talent?
DEI/EDI - How do you maintain a commitment to EDI/DEI in today's political climate?
Stakeholders - What strategies do you use to exceed stakeholder expectations while being empathetic to work life balance?
Connection/Communication - How do you maintain connected to your staff in a Zoom/webinar work environment?

Twanna Hodge, Diversity and Inclusion Librarian, University of Florida

Library Leaders:
Jennifer Vinopal - Associate Dean for Distinctive Collections and Digital Programs, The Ohio State University Libraries
Felton Thomas Jr.  - Executive Director, CEO, Cleveland Public Library
Carrie L. Cooper - Dean of University Libraries, William & Mary

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